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Double Date!

11. “It’s not a double dat. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

Double Date!

Watching Natasha apply mascara was aesthetically pleasing. The red head was just so graceful, it mesmerized the brown headed gal.

“I still don’t understand Natasha.” The elfin girl murmured, as she ran her slim fingers through her locks. Her brown gaze had fallen on her friends choice of dress. Shaking her head when her gaze had faltered to the high thigh cut in her black number.

“What isn’t there to understand (Y/N)?” Natalia begun, as she screwed her mascara in place. Her blood scarlet nails danced to her eyeshadow pallet. “Steve and I have a date,” She started again, her tone of voice drained as if she had explained this the nth time. “And his friend Bucky is forced to tag along.” She grabbed the dark brown shade and smeared it across her lids. “So Steve kindly asked if I knew someone single to mingle with Barnes.” The young lady finished her second eye before standing away from her beauty desk. “His friend just got back from Brooklyn as a surprise so Steve didn’t want to rain check our date, or stand up his friend.” Natalia went in her closet to grab her black heels, before re entering her shared room. “You’d be doing me a favor.” Her voice changed. Latching the ‘friends do everything for each other’ tone.

“I don’t have anything to wear.” (Y/N) grumbled, she was always a sucker when it came for helping her one and only sister out. Her hands crossed over her chest, while watching the said lady smirk deviously.

“Don’t you even worry.” Natasha commented.

Before (Y/N) even had the chance to protest. She was already being hurled around from one place to the other. Her brown locks being pulled and shoved in various places, while her cloths came off in a jiffy, makeup plastered like a pro on her face.

“Remember, heel, then toes.” Natasha commented, opening the door to the restaurant letting her friend enter first.

She watched as her friend clutched her purse every time one of her foot had left the ground. Her dress hugged each and every curve in her body. Her breasts pushed up by Natalia’s push up bra. While her hair styled to make sure she would be very comfortable.

“Nat,” Steve stated, standing up from his chair to greet his girl. He moved past his friend, who sat in his chair ignoring his date.

“Hey Stevie boy,” Natalia’s sexy voice danced to her mans ears. He kissed her cheek then greeted the girl trailing behind Natasha.

“I’m Steve,” He ran a hand behind his girlfriends waist and shook her friends hand. “This is Bucky.”  Steve motioned to his sulking friend who sat mumbling dark words.

“Nice to meet you.” (Y/N) smiled warmly while she shook his hand in approval.

“Me and Natasha have to go get a few things from the register, we’ll be back.” Like that the couple had walked away, (Y/N)'a gaze traveled her friend to make sure she wasn’t ditching her with Bucky. Once she was sure Natasha wasn’t leaving, her gaze had fallen to Bucky.


“It’s not a double date. We’re just third and fourth wheeling.” His reply came in. He didn’t even have much of a facial expression. Just glaring her way.


“Exactly, so shut your damn ass and sit here let’s just get this over with.”

(Y/N) wasn’t much of a fighter, she just sat where Bucky had pointed to and didn’t revert her gaze from the menu. It’s obvious the man beside her didn’t exactly like her, so she wasn’t going to make this date any harder then it had to be. Ignoring him wasn’t that hard, she had a brother who use to annoy her to no end. Ignoring people was now a special talent.

The couple came back after a few minutes, receipts in hand. They sat across from each other, hands still entwined under the sheets.

“So-” Steve begun, ushering his hands over to Bucky and his 'date’.

“I couldn’t get enough of her,” Bucky grinned, slinging an arm around the girl. Sarcasm dripping from each letter that left his lips.

The said girl stiffened beside him, not liking how strong his grip was.

“Fucking annoying.” Bucky grumbled, letting the girl go while he slouched down in his seat.

Natasha and Steve exchanged worried looks, (Y/N) still had her gaze locked on the menu, while Bucky was winking at a blond waiter, lips between his teeth.

Once their drinks were ordered, a blond male came handing them out to the two couples. His lingering looks never leaving the Beauty with her head hung low.

“-And to the most magnificent looking lady this earth has yet to see-” With that said all four heads turned to the waiter. “A water, to patch her thirsty throat.” He winked sarcastically, earning a corrupted string of giggles. He bowed, then threw an imaginary kiss her way, waving bye before placing the trey between his arms.

Her cheeks were tinted pink, while her fingers laced with the straw.

“Well…” Natasha begun, eyeing Bucky, then Steve. “That was interesting.”

“Sure was,” Steve continued. “What are you guys ordering?” He sensed the awkward atmosphere around the three bodies, having enough of his friend brooding to himself.

“Since your paying, I’m having the most expensive dish.” Bucky shut his menu then placed it in the middle of the table, dipping his wine glass between his lips.

“I’ll just have the salad with noddles or something like that.” Natasha commented.

“I’m having an Italian dish, the noddles.” Steve smiled, he was happy he shared an interest with his girlfriend. Ignoring Bucky and his tactics to make this the worst date.

Then their gazes fell over the smiling lady, who sat beside Bucky. “What are you ordering (Y/N)?” Steve asked nicely, pointing to the menu still open up beside her.

“Oh… I don’t know yet…” She trailed. Which to be honest, she didn’t even understand half of what the writing meant.

Like that, small talk was initiated between the three adults, occasionally earning a 'yes,’ and 'no’ from the blushing girl. Her attention would be given to the male waiter -Who in return gave her the same amount of attention.

“What would you guys be ordering today?” The blond waiter came, a note pad and pen in hand ready to scribble down the orders.

Everyone said what they had wanted, Bucky true to his words, had ordered the gold dish for three hundred, not even once flinching at how much his friend would be paying in expens to his day.   

“And you, princess?” The waiter bowed, then waited to write her order. “What shall the princess order today?”

“Honestly… I’ll just take a salad, I’m not that hungry.” Her blush adored her cheeks, rivaling the pink hue of her plump lips.

“Salad it is!” The waiter exclaimed. Running his pen over his ear. He waved, then walked back to the kitchen. The young lady’s gaze hadn’t even left his retreating figure. She was sure- just as much as Bucky and the rest- that the waiter had flirted with almost half the restaurant, but if her supposed 'Date’ wouldn’t give her the time of day, she could settle on the flirty waiter.

Once he had entered the kitchen, her gasp came short noticed, looking down at her lap, she found her water covering her dress with ice cubes littering the tiled ground.

“Sorry,” Bucky’s sly smirk didn’t go unnoticed once her gaze was turned to him. “Was reaching for the salt.” He pointed to the salt that was next to Steve… she didn’t do much, but the look Natasha and Steve shared was beyond confused.

Natasha was sitting across from (Y/N), Steve sitting across Bucky’s seat. The salt wasn’t even near his date. “Bucky… what’s going on…“

"Nothing,” He protested, watching as Natasha gave his date paper towels to clean herself.

“I’m so sorry Nat…” The girls eyes kept changing from the dress to the ginger, This was her dress after all!

Once she finished cleaning her red number, the waiter had came back with the dishes. Giving Steve his pasta, then Natasha her pasta and salad, and Bucky’s carrot good sprinkled dish. “I’ll be back with your salad.” True to his words, the blond waiter had came back with a salad. “Need a refill?” He asked, pointing to her water.

The young girl shook her head, then stood up once the waiter had left behind the kitchen again. “Hey, I have to leave.” The girl continued on to explain watching as her friends ate their food, “I have work, And it’s getting pretty late.” To further prove her point, the grandfather clock had chimed half past midnight, “Here is my share,” She took out a thirty bill and packed her salad to go. “See you soon, Nat, Steve it was amazing meeting you.” Like that, the young lady had turned around and left. Leaving an angry James fuming to himself.

She didn’t have enough time to hear her friends say anything else. Once she was out of the building, her legs took her over to the bench just across the street.

“Damn Nat…” The young girl joked to her self, taking Natasha’s high heels off. Then unpinning her hair from the crazy braid. “Your one crazy girl.” The brunet stated, gathering her things before walking barefoot to her apartments. Small droplets of water fell endlessly in a typical rhythm.

“Where are you going?”

She knew the jerk of a voice anywhere, she didn’t even need to turn around to know he was probably glaring at her childish behavior.

“Hey, sweetheart,” She didn’t even know it was possible to have so much sarcasm in two words, “I asked, where you headed.” His footsteps were much heavier, splashing against the puddles of water from the drizzling rain. “Doll-”

“My name is (Y/N).” She cut him short, stopping mid intersection. “I’m headed home, you should do the same.” Her reply was blank. Wanting nothing more but for him to leave her alone.

“That’s not cool, Darling, how you left your date-”

“Date!” She exclaimed, water droplets already soaking her dress to her body. Her salad and shoes were most likely wet as well. “You ignored me half the time, then dropped my water over my lap.”

“Well, then I have to make it up to you, Doll-”


“-(Y/N), I love the way your name sound, wonder what my name would sound like from between your lips-”

“Bucky leave me alone before I call Natasha.”

Like that, the bickering -soon to be couple-walked around New York City, with the rain hauling down on them.

“I Said leave me alone!”

“I can’t, I don’t want to third wheel Steve!”

“Then just go out with someone!”

“But I am!”

“Oh my gosh!”

“You know, that actually sounded sexy hot.”

Sky High - Taehyung (AU)

bby taehyung’s next!! <3 these sky high aus are a bit drabble-ish because they don’t have a direct plotline just to let you know!

summary: you had always seen him as the hero. not the sidekick.

“Y/N! How’d you get up there?” A five year old stared up with fear and you could only return the same look. Your small arms tightened around the thick branch with your legs locked around it, uncaring of the bits of bark that were embedded into your skin because all you wanted was your feet to be back on the ground.

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Pulse Points: Chapter 5

So this chapter ran a bit longer than anticipated, but I hope nobody minds. Of course, if you haven’t been reading this story, it all makes more sense if you start from the beginning. And if you have been following this “Return to Me” AU, then I thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the update. :D

You can read it here or on ff.net.

August had ushered Roland out the front door zippier than The Flash himself could have made an exit, once he’d extricated the child from hugging Regina’s legs, that is, and Robin prayed that he’d imagined the slight squealing of tires still ringing in his ears as the two of them sped away, Marco following closely on their heels.

“You don’t see me,” the older man had insisted as he took the long route towards the door, covering his face with his hand as he mosied behind Regina. “I was never here.” Then the door had shut decisively behind him, leaving Robin standing before her barely dressed and smelling of wine, feeling more embarrassed than he’d ever felt in his life.

And that was saying something.

She looked him over, dark eyes shining as she bit her lower lip, and he wanted to die when she met his eyes again, the expression of dumbfounded amusement almost more than he could handle.

“I think I’m overdressed,” she stated, setting down a bottle of Malbec she’d grabbed on impulse on her way out the door. He sighed, puffing out his cheeks, and she chuckled then, she couldn’t help it, grinning as the man in front of her turned a shade of crimson that rivaled the hue of the wine.

“No,” he mused, his shoulders slumping just so. “You’re just dressed.”

And with that, she broke into a round of out-and-out laughter, a sound he could listen to for hours, he decided then and there. He joined in, unable to help himself, and he felt his body begin to respond to her as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Perhaps I should put something on, too,” he stated with a self-depreciating shrug, hoping his boxers wouldn’t give him away and embarrass him further. Then she looked at him as if he were offering her a tray of chocolate, her mouth upturned, her eyes a bit hungry, and he knew he was in deep shit.

She dared a step in his direction, appreciating the muscled curves of his biceps, the sculpted shape of his shoulders and the way his boxers covered just enough to make her curious. Muscled, tone, in shape, but not overdone, his body was just enough to make her mouth water without feeling as if she were having dinner with Rambo. And he was obviously affected by her presence, the way he shifted his legs just so, trying to hide the fact that he was sporting the beginnings of an erection making him all the more attractive in her eyes.

She didn’t know whether to be thrilled or half-terrified.

“I don’t know,” Regina returned, flicking her brow back at him playfully, pushing away tendrils of self-doubt. “This look actually works for you.”

He almost snort-laughed at this, feeling his ears overheat as he sauntered a few steps her way, the scent of her perfume far preferable to his own odor of eau de vineyard.

“You mean filthy and domestic?” he quipped, his stomach clenching at the adorable manner in which she crinkled her nose. “Not everyone can pull that off, or so I’m told.”

She blushed then, feeling warmth creep down every nerve in her body.

“You’ve got to have the legs for it,” she grinned, earning herself a delicious flash of dimples at that comment. He extended his right leg just so, dress sock and all, making her giggle like a college girl as he swept his hand in a downward direction just past his knee.

“My mother always told me my legs would take me far,” he sighed, and she laughed out loud again, her tone throaty and wonderful, tempting him to forgo dinner all together and jump straight to dessert.

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