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The rise and fall of a champion.

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naming your rival in pokemon

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How do you feel about that Piplup not being Dawn's?

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It just?? It’s not just about Piplup not being Dawn’s (I do have beef with it though because they specifically showed Piplup BEFORE it was revealed not to be Dawn’s to lure us) it’s just? Why OCs. This movie is meant to celebrate the anime reaching 20 years but how can you do that with OCs that we have absolutely zero connection, memories or nostalgia with? 

Yeah there’s Ash, and I love him, but all those companions that we’ve had for the past 20 years have been there to support Ash and now they’re all gone? They’re telling a fake story. Ash wouldn’t be Ash without Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, Serena, Bonnie, Clemont and now Mallow, Lillie, Lana, Kiawe and Sophocles. SO MANY characters that have shaped Ash as a character, showing us parts of his personality through his dynamics with them, how they have all helped him be a better trainer, but they’ve all been replaced with some OCs. I’m beyond bitter, all those amazing characters have been brushed under the rug for them. It’s not celebrating 20 years of the anime, just some completely off-canon AU. I’m not even gonna mention not including the rivals, like Gary and Paul have been the most influential rivals for Ash but nah, fuck em, let’s put this new guy in.

OH AND IRIS. Didn’t get one cameo, one mention in the whole goddamn entirety of XY and now she won’t even get a chance to return in this movie unless she’s a gym leader for 1.2 seconds. Can you tell I’m annoyed? Because hooo boy, I AM. 

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I think I am the most bitter about how much of a marketing ploy and further disrespect towards the original series this is - girl has a Piplup cuz its popular in Japan, boy has Lucario cuz its popular in Japan, second boy has Incineroar cuz Alola. Nintendo forces Gen 1 in every generation game in some way but for some reason not in a movie which is supposed to be about Gen 1. Wtf? Also girl is tomboy with water type (Misty), boy1 is pokemon researcher (Gary/Brock), boy2 is rival (Gary/Paul)

I don’t even get why they didn’t just make a SM movie with all those things at this point. I think people would have been less disappointed if we got no anniversary movie at all.

The Boy From Pallet Town: Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) from Kanto to Kalos.

Kanto: The Rookie. Ash starts as an excited but immature and naive 10 year old boy from Pallet Town.  He’s not really much of a trainer as much as he is a kid trying to be a trainer, and he’s always one step behind everyone else, especially his rival Gary Oak.  The hot-headedness and self-centered ego hinders his progress throughout his journey and he needs the guidance of Misty and Brock to help him out along the way.  Despite his flaws, Ash does have a kind and selfless heart when it comes to the well-being of Pokémon, putting his life on the line before his Pokémon in times of danger.  Overtime, he gets a better handling of battles, but still has a lot to learn.  Especially when his lucky winning streak runs out, and his neglect of handling his disobedient Charizard ends up costing him the Indigo League.

Orange Islands: The Learner. Ash is still immature as he was at the beginning of this arc, but he ends up taking a few humility lessons and battles (such as Lorelei) to deflate his ego and make up for his loss in the Indigo League.  His arc with Charizard highlights this and his battle with Drake gives him his first real full 6 vs 6 battle.  But while he may become better in terms of training and battles, so has Gary Oak, whose victory over Ash ignites an old rivalry anew.

Johto: The Experienced. The early episodes highlight a contrast of power between him and those starting out in Johto such as Casey.  The team he posses from the Kanto region could easily allow him to breeze through the Gyms without much trouble, but it has detrimental effects such as Charizard being unable to properly train to the next level with the lesser experienced Pokémon, and Ash relying on his old dependable Pokémon instead of training the new ones he caught.  Ash is not exactly mature (still has a hot-temper and can be foolish) but he is experienced enough to handle Gym battles without pity badges and is able to handle the League battles a lot better than before, culminating into beating his old-time rival Gary in a full battle.  But there are still trainers much more experienced than him such as Harrison, if only barely.

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Hey Pablo, do you have any theories and ideas on the uses of mini-bosses in video-games?

i like when games use mini bosses as a way of letting you have a one on one fight with a new enemy type, so you can figure them out before they get reintroduced as a regularly occurring enemy type. kind of like a trial run. one of the most interesting things to me in games is how game mechanics are taught/communicated to the player and this kind of isolated “mini boss” fight is a good way to remove distractions and let players experiment coming up with new methods they can use later. castlevania and souls games do this a bunch

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i also like the idea of fighting the same mini boss over the course of the game to show a player’s (and that enemy’s) growth or development kind of like an arch rival character, something like gary oak in the pokemon games

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mini bosses are dope

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Do you think Contestshipping was a parallel of Pokeshipping in a way? Thinking about it, it came directly after the OS, and it was a series where May took over the newbie/beginning trainer role from Ash, and Drew sort of served the Misty/sometimes Gary type role. Back when AG was airing for the first time people noticed this quite early on, how May resembled OS Ash, and Drew's dynamic with her similar to Misty's with Ash. How they bicker/tease and they both mature/change throughout the saga.

I definitely think that. It was sort of the point I was trying to make about Contestshipping recently, both to a friend I was discussing it with here (@aaml-anidala) and to the anon ask I received about the comparison of Drew to Gary over Drew to Misty. (But, like you said here, Drew served the Misty/SOMETIMES Gary type role.)

Drew was primarily a rival character like Gary, meant to motivate May and be her number one direct competition, but was also meant to teach and nurture like Misty, in ways that other characters couldn’t compare. It’s what made him/their relationship unique, much like Ash and Misty’s was unique.

And it sort of made sense as well that the new ship on the block seemed so relatable/comparable to Pokeshipping, as far as the writing went about proving its legitimacy. The whole if it ain’t broke angle, if you catch my drift.

One thing I thought was interesting about Contestshipping outside of its similarities to Pokeshipping was how the writers were doing their best to invent a love interest for May that assuredly prevented her and Ash from being a thing. It was like they were honoring their previous choice to have Misty carry a torch for Ash (and arguably vice versa) by ensuring that May found potential love in someone else. (I had similar thoughts about Dawn, though they’re less concrete; that the writing went out of its way to show viewers that she had potential suitors other than Ash and that Ash was not bothered by them at all, at least, not bothered by them being suitors for her.)