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Everything is going really well! I just got done checking the scripts so if I’m lucky this game should be available for download within the next couple of days c:

GoT Season 7 Rant

Everyone mad at Daenarys for using her Dragons on a battlefield in wartime, or using them to gain the fealty of her enemies doesn’t know how war works and definitely doesn’t know the point of a fantasy styled as a period piece (GoT is heavily rooted in the Tudor Wars)

Daenarys isn’t the mad Queen because she executes those who disobey her, that’s the nature of the day. This is a period where the enemy you let live one day returns with an army for revenge or hires mercenaries to kill you, or tries to have you poisoned, or organises a coup against you. Any opposition has to be resolved as it appears. Dany cannot afford to let anyone escape even for the sake of being a revolutionary.

Furthermore, the measuring stick we use for revolutionaries in our day is nothing like what would be required in a world like Westeros. You’re not going to get a pacifist, you’re not going to get a communist, you’re barely getting a capitalist in the current semi monarchial/mercantilist system, you’re not going to get a queen who destroys the patriarchy, who destroys the model of the heteronormative nuclear family, who is anti war and anti nuclear. (dragons are essentially the nuclear option)

You’re getting a queen who was born at the cusp of the end of her family’s dominance, who was denied a normal childhood by her father’s enemies, who stopped at nothing to try and kill her for fear of what she might do to avenge her family, let alone herself. She’s got plenty of trauma and pressure shaping her tactics, and regardless of who gives her input, her soul will always win out. She has a need for security and stability that is beyond a civilians need because she was denied normalcy at every turn.

Despite her struggle she is still Westeros’ best chance at revolutionary movement in politics and economics. She’s not concerned with what Westeros thinks it needs, she’s arguably grown up in a worse system where people are openly treated as property instead of the subtle implications of ownership and rigid social structure in Westerosi society. Against her better judgment she’s tried to be patient with the status quo, allowing her advisors to grant boons to her enemies in the name of peace and the greater good, entertaining potential rivals in hopes of bringing hostilities to an end.

Unlike Cersei, who could care less about warfare and is more concerned with the idea of power than the maintenance of it, Daenarys actively invests in those around her and when all other options are exhausted she resorts to violence as a means of showing how far she’s willing to go to win the throne. She could’ve launched an attack on kings landing with all 3 dragons and caught everyone off guard, ended the war and torched all her enemies. She could be like every other Targaryen and yet even when let loose to do what she wanted, she showed restraint. She allowed Jon to give an opinion but ultimately she went off on her own with no promises made to be merciful and she was anyways.

Y'all don’t give her enough credit and its annoying. What Daenarys can achieve with her court of misfits and rejects, bastards and undesirables, so called savages and former slaves is every bit as revolutionary as you think she’s not being. Everyone in her corner is an advocate for a better system. Maybe not a drastic change overnight but a definite change from the existing norm.


The winners are Madame Pom, Shahrukh, Digby, Sugar Sprinkles, Pete, Delilah Barnsley, Cashmere and Velvet Biskit, Mitzi, Fluffy Lightning, and Felina Meow. 💕

Madame Pom’s got a lovely design, fun ego, classy personality, and served as a really entertaining rival for Zoe. I loved her appearance in “Eve of Destruction” and felt a lot of unexpected pity for her. The whole reason Zoe had grudge against her was due to her own wounded pride after losing a competition she didn’t even really care for in the first place. So I felt that Madame Pom had every reason to feel some type of way about Zoe, and she was totally right to call her out for her pettiness. But as much as I rooted for Pom, I was happy to see the two put aside their differences and repair their friendship.

And I can’t tell you how happy I was to see her return in “To Paris With Zoe”! Not only had they put that little rift from before completely behind them, but Madame Pom proved to be a highly supportive and reliable friend! Once again, she was shown to be a lot more mature and grounded in reality than Zoe, as she only wished to look out for her lovestruck friend and warned her against getting wrapped up in romantic delusions when they were supposed to be participating in an important fashion show. But once again, Zoe flips out on her for no good reason. I can’t help but feel a lot of sympathy for Madame - poor thing was only trying to help. But she shows a lot of grace and understanding by forgiving Zoe a second time, and that just sealed the deal for why Madame Pom is one of the best guest pets in the entire series. Of all the things I’m upset about concerning the cancellation of LPS, it’s definitely that I can’t see more of this pretty Pomeranian. 💔

You know what’s ashame.
I was editing voltron (klance) dont judge me.

I played ‘we had a bonding moment! I cradle you in my arms’ my heart skipped. That’s when I liked klance. Before I found them entertaining two rivals. (That’s another reason to ship people)

I just miss last summer when voltron was a small loving fandom. The summer videoes of EVERY character.

I just miss the teens messing around having fun. The teasing, the banter. Now they are at war 😂.

I just miss how no one takes shipping seriously and just enjoyed the show. How everything is so serious. Also they are at war so that doesn’t help 😂😂😂

I hate this war between SHIETH and KLANCE. It’s like they are TWO SEPERATE things but THERE THE SAME FANDOM

I just wish we could go back to the good days of last summer.

klance??? unpopular opinion???

like, during the first two seasons I was staunchly pro-klance (30k coffee shop AU kinda into it); I thought it made sense and was obvi happening behind the scenes,,, but like now I’m kinda like, no???

like, I don’t think Keith like gives that much of a shit about lance, not more than pidge or hunk at least. I see all these posts about how Keith ribbing lance is ‘proof’ but like, that’s not relationship attitude, that’s 'friendly rivals/good friends’ at best. them fighting doesn’t point towards romantic feelings for me.

and for Keith::: this boy doesn’t love lance. We’ve seen how he gets when someone he legitimately loves (familial or otherwise) gets hurt. the main thing I wanna point out here is how Keith acts with shiro vs lance. Keith is soft, and accepting, and calm; he becomes desperate and gets tunnel vision, forgetting about everyone else around him. like Keith becoming more comfortable with lance as a friend is good, but Keith has a sort of urgency when it comes to people like shiro (and his family/past in general). So, Keith doesn’t give a shit about lance because he doesn’t see lance as “family”. That make sense???

As for lance???!? I could see him pining for Keith and eventually realizing that he’ll never register to him as anything other that a friend,,, but not much else. Lance is horrifically insecure, and to me it seems like most of his interactions with Keith are comparative and fueled by some latent jealousy. I think lance desperately wants to be Keith, not be with Keith. And frankly??? I wouldn’t want him to be with Keith, Keith is short sighted and abrasive and unfortunately self absorbed— lance is clearly a person who needs validation, and I just can’t see him getting that from Keith.

That all being said I’m totally down for klance, but with the dynamic of a doomed relationship that they could both learn from. Lance could learn not to idolize people and traits he doesn’t posses;; and Keith could learn that the things he says and does really affect other people, that no man is an island. For storytelling purposes I think klance could be used as a very powerful, but ultimately broken plot point. Klance as a concept is very compelling, I’d love to see more failed relationships and mutual breakups happen in TV. So, I don’t think lance and Keith could ever last as a relationship, they’re almost too similar for it to ever work, like, they both lack things, but they lack things that the other person isnt capable to give them.

that’s not to say they couldn’t be great friends, hell, I think their dynamic as friends/faux-rivals is refreshing and entertaining. But they aren’t soulmate material by a long shot.

Hybrid * Chapter one* (Svt &Monsta X  love triangle )

Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6.1

Originally posted by 12fools

It was about 1:45 in the morning and right about now Seventeen lay and rest in their van on the way back to the dorms after an extremely long and exhausting fan sign. The ride home was quite and tranquil there was almost no cars on the road and all that could be heard from the van was the sound of laughter. Seungkwan and Hoshi were both reminiscing on all the silly stuff they had to do for the fans all while roasting Woozi on his formidable aegyo.
But before things got to serious one of their new managers from the states spoke up “ You guys should all do more sleeping and less talking the concert is tomorrow and I am getting a headache from all this chit-chat.” Hoshi smiled slyly and said “ Well if we are bothering you too much Andre then maybe plug your damn ears!” Andre rolled his eyes and put his earbuds in and turned on his music full blast and closed his eyes. He was one of the two new managers working with them from the states Louisiana to be exact both from New Orleans. The other manager Angel was out making preparations for their concert stage tomorrow and boy was he busy.
While the chit-chat continued Seungcheol looked over at Andre and shook his head “ How is he going to complain about a headache while his music is blasting louder than that Seungkwan’s voice.” They all stopped to look over at him and started to chuckle.
“ Yah Hyungg my voice isn’t THAT loud.” Seungkwan cried.
“ Yes it is!  that’s why you aren’t good with girls every time you get nervous your voice gets all high-pitched and squeaky.” Everyone started to laugh while Seungkwan sat there blushing and turning redder than the tomato he so detested.
“ Speaking of girls..” Vernon spoke quietly. “ How have you and Nayoung been coming along Josh.” All of them suddenly turned to Joshua and gaped at him wide eyed.  Finally Dokyeom spoke up and said “ WHAT SINCE WHEN ?HOW LONG?” Joshua felt awkward and it was noticeable he sat crisscrossed with his arms together and a big blush across his face.
“ It hasn’t been that long maybe a month or two …nothing serious just everyday talk no need to make this huge fuss …and thanks Vernon for keeping this a secret.”
“ What do you mean nothing serious ??!!?” Dino stated. “ This is the first time any of us has talked to a girl in a romantic sorta way how did this all start?!."  
"well..” Joshua started but before he could finish Andre opened his eyes and took out his head phones and said “SHHH be quite do you guys hear that ?” All at once they stopped their common talk and tried to listen for the sound he was talking about. A  faint but loud honking and screeching noise was heard and Andre looked out the window to see a huge fourteen wheeler coming straight at them. He screamed at the driver to swerve and to slowdown but it was to late the van and truck collided leaving everyone in darkness.

The collision was worse than anyone could have thought. A fire started on both vehicles rubber and chunks of scrap metal flew everywhere leaving the air to smell of burnt rubber and burnt flesh. Both drivers tragically passed both on fire and charring. Almost all the passengers in the van living on a thin thread except for Jeonghan and Andre. Jeonghan was dead for sure his side was impacted the most and the person to his left Minghao was also hit the hardest he wasn’t dead but he might as well have been. The only one who was conscious and able to talk was their manager Andre. However he did not come out unscathed his left eye had a metal rod stuck in it all the way through. He tried to get up the best he could to see who was alive and injured and when he got completely up he groaned and gripped the rod stuck in his eye and pulled it out and screamed. He then took out a vile the size of a large perfume bottle and took a swig. In it was a vampires blood that could heal any and all wounds after he took it the wound slowly began to heal. Andre then began to look and see who survived and who was injured all in critical condition with two dead Jeonghan and sadly Minghao. He took out his phone from his pocket brutally cracked and dirty and dialed the Ceo’s number.
one ring ..two rings…three rings….four rings. “ Come on pick up the fucking phone Andre yelled.” Finally he picks up “ Hello ” sounds an older mans voice . Andre almost cries  with relief “ YES HELLO BOSS THERE HAS BEEN AN ACCIDENT OUR VAN CRASHED INTO A FOURTEEN WHEELER AND IT HAS LEFT 10 CRITICALLY INJURED AND 2 DEAD!” silence on the other end then the Ceo speaks up his voice serious and monotone “ Then turn them like I have told you to do from the get go this happened for a reason and I am glad it did now once they’ve turned we have no need to fear our rival Starship this was all meant to happen like it should have from the beginning.”
Andre feels anger and disbelief boil in him and he starts to scream at him “ HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT THEY  ARE HUMAN BEINGS AND YOU WANT ME TO TURN THEM INTO MONSTERS YOU DISGUST ME!”

“ Be that as it may if you didn’t feel the same way you would have called 911 instead of me but I think even though you don’t want them to become these so called monsters part of you is selfish and doesn’t  want to see them die so be a man and either turn them or let them rot.” he then hung up leaving Andre feeling speechless and dizzy. The only reason Andre was really hired was because of the fact he was a warlock his job was to protect the company from the rival gang/company Starship Entertainment by any means necessary.

With time running out Andre had to make a quick decision and he decided that he grew to love all the boys so much that it absolutely killed him that Josh may never get to go on an actual date with Nayoung or hear Seungkwans loud high-pitched voice again . So he chose to turn them. He took out the vile of vampires blood and went to each and everyone of them and poured it into their mouths. Because the blood was limited me made sure to put the most in Jeonghan’s and Minghao’s mouths. When he got to all of the boys he took out a small piece of pink chalk and drew symbols onto the ground and begun the ritual.
It lasted a total of 15 minutes and when he was done chanting the spell it was silent. It was now 3:45 a whole two hours passed since they have been on the road how quickly time fades. Andre waited for the spell to kick in praying that it both worked and didn’t work for if it did work then their lives would change forever.

Ten more minutes pass and Andre started to worry that if the transition didn’t happen soon then they would really be dead from the sun exposure. Then all of a sudden he heard gasps from some of the members one by one they all woke up with all wounds healed gasping for air.  While the transition was in its final stages everyone was up and trying to gather the events that had taken place even Jeonghan and Minghao who were as dead as a door nail woke up confused and very thirsty. Andre took this time to sneak away to make another phone call before he was bombarded with questions.

He scrolled to his contacts to find (y/n)’s name and dialed it. “ Hey (y/n) its me it seems like I’m gonna need another bottle of your blood I had to use it for an emergency.”

[ARTICLE] Are Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang Star-Crossed Lovers?

Actress Min Hyo Rin recently appeared on the April 8 episode of “Big Sisters’ Slam Dunk,” opening up about her relationship with BIG BANG’s Taeyang.

On the episode, Min Hyo Rin likens herself and her boyfriend to Romeo and Juliet, as they’re both signed by rival entertainment companies, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment respectively.

“It feels a little like Romeo and Juliet,” she says. “Before, our CEO would show me new songs and ask, ‘What do you think of this song?’. But since I started dating Taeyang, he doesn’t play any new songs to me.”

Luckily, Min Hyo Rin says CEO Park Jin Young has a good sense of humor about the situation. “He told me, ‘You’re the funniest thing in the company. It’s not fair if only I know how funny you are.’”

Defconn comments, “You’re a great fit for variety. You have a lot to show off.”

Meanwhile, Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang recently showed their relationship is still going strong.

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Idol K Profile Translation - Munakata Reisi

Sorry to the lack of decent image. Refer to the image source from twitter here by @kai_k813 where I cropped the image from and weibo here by  Free_ES国服待机_in迹部王国.
Without them, we don’t even have the source for translation. Any error is mine. 

Translation below:

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Favourite Leo Fitz AU

Day Six of the 12 Days of Leo-Fitz-Mas

Ok, so for Day Six, I’m doing some fic-reccing. These are my personal EXTREME FIC RECS limited to the AU category, ok people!? And I’m terrified I’m gonna miss one so there may well be an amendment or two later today. You probably won’t find anything in here you haven’t already read unless you’re new to the fandom. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the classics…

So we can’t go anywhere without first honouring the glory that I think is probably the best thing the FitzSimmons fandom has produced (and I’m not limiting this to the best in the AU category, I’m gonna be so bold as to say this is my favourite thing produced by the fandom in its entirety):

Murder By Mistake by @recoveringrabbit

Set in the 1930s, Murder By Mistake is a brilliant homage to the English detective novels of Dorothy Sayers et al and brilliantly interweaves the solving of amazingly well-crafted crimes with the meeting and falling-in-love of our precious Fitz and Simmons. All her OCs are absolute peaches and you’ll enjoy the fabulous representations of canon Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters as well as some perfectly selected ring-ins from the rest of the Marvel Universe. The sequel, That Old Wedding Thing, is equally glorious.

You know what, though? You could safely click on ANYTHING on rabbit’s works page and find an absolute gem. She is THE QUEEN.

The A Short Goodbye Series by maidenstar

This historical World War I FitzSimmons AU is an amazing recreation of the battlefields of Europe and the human stories played out across them. I was astounded by how this fic brought history to life while retaining the essence of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters we know and love. Seriously, this fic is amazing.

A Few Tricks Up My Sleeve by @stillnotapepper

What is not to love about an AU in which Fitz and Simmons are cast as rival children’s party entertainers? This is so much fun - so much snark, so much sass, so many awesome appearances by other canon characters. It’s a dream! Also, pretty much all of her stuff is similarly beyond amazeballs. 

The Guns of Brixton by atomicsupervillainess AKA @0hcicero

This WIP in which Leo Fitz is a tatted-up punk-rock genius and the drummer in Lance Hunter’s band, and Jemma Simmons is the genius daughter of an oppressive Roxon mogul, finding herself against the background of the turmoil of Thatcher’s England, has so much sexiness and so much heart. I know it’s a WIP but I have faith that @0hcicero will bring it home with her trademark aplomb! Parts of this one are NSFW. And while I’m here, I have to also tell you to read her beautiful The Funny Thing About Fathers… Oh, what the heck. Read the rest of her stuff while you’re at it.

7:20am Train Downtown by @memorizingthedigitsofpi

This short-and-sweet meet-cute AU finds Fitz and Simmons as two strangers who keep finding one another on the same train. That Pi, she is a fluff hurricane! And, as further proof of that statement, I offer Raspberries or pretty much anything that she’s been writing (or manipping!) recently!

Dear Engineer by @agent85

One of the cutest meet-cutes in which a certain biochemist and a certain engineer leave notes for one another in the library’s copy of the engineering textbook that Fitz keeps returning to the library to borrow. Probs more of an Academy fic than a strict AU but it’s AU enough for me - and srsly adorbs! And you pretty much can’t go wrong with agent85 actually. All her stuff is amazeballs!

My Word Is My Bond by @madalayna

WIP. Jemma Simmons is the kickarse agent who has the brains, the strength and the mad spy skills to take out Grant Ward, the man who caused such damage to her best friend that Fitz has no memory of what they once shared. Parts are NSFW. You could equally read any of Madalayna’s equally magnificent AU WIPs!!

Out There (If I Reach Out) by agentverbivore who has changed her tumblr name to @merryfitzsimmons for Christmas, bless her!

This AU inserts our beloved FitzSimmons seamlessly into a slightly modified version of WALL-E’s world and has such a lovely atmosphere in which our precious OTP meet and fall in love. But EVERYTHING by agentverbivore is GOLD. (especially The Routine!)

don’t try this at home by @awkwardspiritanimals

Suddenly, in a team meeting of the Mythbusters TV show on which they both work, it seems to have been proposed that Leo Fitz should kiss Jemma Simmons on live TV. For Science. (I mean, kissing for Science? Who doesn’t need that, amirite!?)

The Meet Cute by @amandajoyce118

Starting with some reluctant speed-dating to help out a friend, Jemma Simmons unexpectedly meets someone who seems highly promising - but then he disappears. Unemployment woes, mysterious bosses and canon character shenanigans ensue. SO MUCH FUN!

Back To You by @eclecticmuses

Fitz resists being set up with a girl that everyone tells him is perfect. But when he loses a bet and gets stuck with delivering an awkward singing-kiss-o-gram to the girl in question, it turns out to be the one girl he’s always regretted losing. AND, coz it’s the season, read And May Your Heart Be Merry which is the most amazing FitzSimmons as elves in the take-your-photo-with-Santa place at the mall. Too gorgeous for words!

One For The Money (And Four To Go) by @lavendergaia

Bullied into attending a Stark Industries Charity Auction by her well-meaning friend, Skye, Jemma finds herself with the opportunity to meet the scientist she has long admired. It turns out the admiration has been mutual. Let’s just say they hit it off. This one is probs NSFW. (I love this premise of two scientists having admired one another’s work before they met so much that I have unwittingly copied it. Twice.) Also, read What Should Not Be Forgotten , a Buffy WIP I’m hopeful we’ll see more of one day called All We Are Turns To Dust and EVERYTHING ELSE!

Rebel by @mech-bull

It’s the fifties and Jemma Coulson and her sister, Skye, are going for a joyride in their out-of-town father’s beloved car when it breaks down. She runs into a nearby mechanics and unexpectedly finds a grease-smeared Leo Fitz, the genius bad-boy she’s sort of had a crush on since forever. Seems that maybe her crush has been reciprocated all this time. 

Though I Adore The Boy Next Door by @bookishandbossy

Gradually unfolding from the perspective of a whole range of their canon friends, this is the story of next-door-neighbours who are shipped by every single person they encounter. It just takes them a little time to work it out. Oh, and read throw in some truth for atmosphere (but we can see right through you) and I’m A Little Screwy Myself and definitely Oh, What A Night

Fauxiance (Or: That Time FitzSimmons Accidentally Got Engaged) by @superirishbreakfasttea

Ok, given that the subtitle is a good summary in itself, I’ll take this opportunity to say I really could have also gone her current WIP All The Bright And Precious Things or The Other Side of Sunset Boulevard or Across The Continents. What the heck? Read them ALL!!! :D

Lab Rats by @jessiecrimefighter

This one is a WIP but it is awesome. She talks a big game about friends-with-benefits but don’t let that put you off if you’re only in the FitzSimmons fandom for True Love - oh, the feels! But definitely NSFW in parts. Also, there is the magnificent Tea and Sympathy and the truly hilarious Hunter and Fitz: Agents of S.T.R.I.K.E.

Falling Slowly by @shieldsil

Fitz is hiding out from real-life, working as a busker on the streets of Glasgow. His sound catches the ear of Jemma Simmons, who should similarly be elsewhere. And read I Propose A Venture For Adventure

a concerto for two by quibbler

Two classical music prodigies find one another and, along the way, find love. Carpooling and kindred-spiriting and orchestras and compositions and the like. Aww.

Let It Snow by @unbreakablejemmasimmons

A WIP (which I am currently eagerly awaiting the conclusion of - no pressure!!!) in which Jemma Simmons settles in for a cold December night in her new apartment when she spots a body falling past her window. She rushes out to help and into her life walks Leo Fitz, who, of course, she falls in love with. AND this magnificent human is also one of the authors of the splendiferous The Cruiseline Job together with the very lovely @ardentaislinn. Speaking of which…

Higher Than The Sun by @ardentaislinn

Oh, the supermarket hilarity. Such a lovely fitzsimmons meet-cute! AND she is responsible for a delightful Love, Actually AU appropriately entitled It’s Love, Actually - buckets of fun!

i never needed any proof to trust the heart that beats inside of you by @jemmasimmmons

A soulmates AU in which every life-time Jemma Simmons remembers Leo Fitz and waits for him to fall in love with her. The ending is SO perfect. And you should definitely also read i want you more than i’ve wanted anyone

Some more recent WIPs I am loving are 12 Days of FitzSimmons Christmases by @notabadday, A Happy Loving Pair by @roamingbadger and 180 Days by @mrsleopoldfitz

Okay, now that I’ve written so many of these I am deeply convinced I’m forgetting some REALLY important fics!!! BUT, I am sure that anything I’ve forgotten in the AU category will be ably rectified by the magnificent people behind @fitzsimmonsfic - check out their AU recs here!

Watch on mysilentmemory.tumblr.com

Leeteuk reveals it felt awkward to record Super Junior’s album & Heechul picks AOA as his rival on ‘Entertainment Relay’

Super Junior met with 'Entertainment Relay’ at their press conference for their long-awaited comeback with 7th full-length album 'MAMACITA’!

Leader Leeteuk shared his thoughts on his return from the military, “I went and came back well. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.”

Since it is their first group comeback in two years, the reporter asked the members to recite their roles from when they were rookies for old times’ sake. Heechul introduced himself as 'Hello, it’s Super Junior’s Cinderella, Heechul’, Shindong introduced himself as 'Hello, it’s Shindong who’s in charge of being the talented one among Super Junior’, and Kyuhyun introduced himself as 'Hello, it’s Kyuhyun who joined Super Junior as a new member.’

Leeteuk also explained the meaning of 'MAMACITA’, “The title is 'MAMACITA’. In Spanish, it’s the word used when you see a beautiful woman.” Shindong then stepped out as if he was a pretty woman passing by while the boys called him, “MAMACITA”, and Siwon and Eunhyuk played with words by saying, “I hate you” [the Korean phrase for this is “Nahn je sheelta” which sounds like “MAMACITA”.] 

Leeteuk shared how it felt to record their album in a long time, “It was very awkward. I went into the recording booth and told the audio engineer that I was too embarrassed to do it. Because I found it was so awkward to hear my voice through the headphones.” Shindong shared, “I don’t experience anything like that at all. I sound really good at the recording studio. But oddly, I can’t sing well outside [of the studio]. Only in the recording studio…” bringing laughs.

When asked, “Honestly, while you were on hiatus, was there an artist who caught your eye the most [as a potential rival]?”, Heechul blurted out, “AOA.” But Heechul didn’t realize that the question was asking which group caught their eye as a rival, not in terms of attraction. But Kangin added that Heechul really considers AOA as his rival to which Heechul joked, “I get angry when I see pretty people”, sharing his frustration in seeing people just as pretty as he is. cr: ALLKPOP