rivaille and his squad

Fuck I only noticed now that those two thick beaufiful doujins are alctually connected!!! A 200pages doujin makes this!!!! RIX let me love you for drawing them *squeals*

The doujin on the left shows the story from Levi’s pov. And the new one from the right out of Hanji’s point of view + a bit after story. It’s really beautiful having a lot of Mike squad and Erwin in it too.


“It’s said there are 7 stages of grief. I suppose killing someone with my bare hands in a men’s room was my way of working through the anger stage. What ever the other 6 stages are, I don’t have time for them. ‘Cuz now I’m a full-time dad.”

↳ Dexter Morgan, Dexter

~Mod Hannes