rivai cosplay

“Soon I’ll just be a memory…”

Cosplayer: me @/sugiichou

Today’s kinda gone downhill + still sick and major headaches…
I really want a Pizza Hut cheesed stuff pepperoni pizza… maybe when I’m not sick I’ll get one… ❤

Another cheesy edit by me~
Also off topic but I’m sick 😢Also having anxiety since the morning and still
I have to wait till 4:30pm or little later to call into work to avoid a certain rude manager 😓
Ah well apparently having sick hours doesn’t matter with my job I still get attitude
Ahh wish me luck


That one time Levi showed up in an ‘inappropriate’ sweater.

Erwin Smith ~theselovelybonez

Levi Ackerman ~ dweebcestcosplays