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there is this ereri story that I've been looking for where the plot is similar to the movie "the proposal" but instead of Levi being deported, him being single keeps him from being able to get a promotion. Its a really good story, I would love it if you guys could find it for me.

Hi! I’m almost sure it’s this fic. It is finished as far as I can tell by the notes, just so any new readers are aware. It seems not to have been closed due to a future epilogue, but there is indeed a final chapter. 

Marry Me (because I’d like to date you)
Summary: Levi is a workaholic with no social life outside of work. Eren is his sassy Assistant of almost three years. When Levi is passed up for a big promotion because of his status as a single bachelor, Hanji decides to help him out by lying about his engagement to his assistant Eren. The only problem is that Levi and Eren can barely stand each other.

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「Friendship; Flowers; Touch; Commitment」

Purple Hyacinth: rashness, sorrow, regrets, forgiveness, a silent prayer of hope. It is believed to stand for grief, but it can also symbolize love and happiness ー and a wish for protection from harm.

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Oh trust me Levi, you’re exactly what he wanted.

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Hey, I was wondering if there was any ereri titanic au's??

Hey! Here’s a couple:

Summary: Homeless Levi Ackerman is a street-tenure thug.
     New Yorker Eren Jaeger is a modern-day royal.
     Both aboard RMS Carpathia, what would happen when these two souls collide ㅡ with the impending tragic fate they would have to face?

Sweet Death
Summary: Levi didn’t mean to cause even more pain to his love of life.
     Faith wasn’t at his side that night.

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