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Zoe Rivas: Boy Crazy?

So this is a phrase that’s bandied about to describe Zoe Rivas in S13-14, but I don’t feel it fits as well as the use suggests. Zoe has a lot of plots about boys but just as easily the focus could be put elsewhere. And if you compare her to other characters her actions are a  lot easier to defend and explain.

Defend as in ‘explained by plot and character’ not defend as in ‘Zoe Rivas is a good person.’

Now I’m looking at the whole arc of Zoe, not just individual writing arcs of the show, so while she was written early on as straight with probably little idea she’d be gay… we’re keeping that later retcon in mind for this. 

Cut for length go!

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General Info

They are all siblings, The oldest one is Rivas, he’s kinda of a large grouch because reasons and is very protective of his siblings. The second oldest is named Murinu, who is a complete bad ass and enjoys teasing Rivas to the point he temporarily gives her the cold shoulder. The third oldest is Nuana, who had a strange gift of seeing into the future (and after an event, Rivas is especially protective of her) and often has an emotionless expression so it’s kinda hard to tell if she’s sad or happy. She’s a sad bean inside tho. And the youngest is Kauai, Who’s very cheerful and loves to prank people.

Info about the Siblings (from left to right)

Rivas - 7’ 11

  • Male
  • 120 in Zora years, 20 physically
  • Swings both ways
  • In speaking of that, he’s single and ready to mingle
  • Will kill anyway if they get too close to him
  • Is scarred mentally about what happened to his parents
  • Which is half the reason why he is a grump
  • Weapon on hand is a dagger with a shark-tooth like blade
  • Literally can’t stand Murinu’s puns

Murinu - 7'0

  • Female
  • 119 in zora years, Physically 19
  • Pan as fuck (Meaning she’ll date anyone thats outside of her species)
  • The voice of reason of her siblings
  • Meaning if her brother was to kill someone or her sister was thinking of killing herself, she would talk them out of it
  • Would also talk to Kauai to say ‘fight me’ to every stranger they meet
  • Hurt her siblings, and she might have to hurt ya even more harder

Nuana - 6'0

  • Female
  • 95 in zora years, Physically 15
  • Likes guys
  • The silent but not so strong type
  • When she’s deep into her future vision, her markings and her eyes (which become blank) glow
  • She see’s her powers as a blessing AND a gift

Kauai - 4'0

  • Male
  • Physically 5 years old
  • Too young to date so
  • Vey hyper
  • Loves pranks


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