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Ritzell had been running when she ran into something big and solid. She just barely managed to keep herself from falling, then hesitantly looked up. "... Uh... Sorry?" she said sheepishly. Maybe luck was on her side and he didn't know who she was?

Commander Repard was walking down the corridor when he felt a something or someone bump into him. He looked down to see this person apologize under him. The Commander patted her on the head. “No need to apologize….” Repard looked at her with concern. “What are you doing out this way?”

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    Keith looked up from his own mug of coffee, tilting his head in surprise. “Not at all, Ritz. What brought this on?”

    He couldn’t say that he’d exactly been living the dream before this whole mess. An orphan rejected simply from being a hybrid. A modest foot soldier denied any opportunity of advancement simply because of the Altean blood that flowed through his veins. Worthless. Mongrel. It had never mattered how hard he’d tried to be good enough. He simply hadn’t been.

    Saving Ritzell from his unit had been the catalyst for his defection from the Galran army, and he had no regrets. Sure, it resulted in him making an enemy of every soldier they ever crossed paths with, but he didn’t mind all that much. He was a fighter, and he very much preferred having something to fight for. He needed something to protect, even if it was the liberation of a child that may or may not be the reincarnation of a super-weapon.  

    There was also the fact that he was incredibly fond of Ritzell. Despite their occasional arguing and bantering, she treated him like he was actually a person, and he cared about her more than he’d cared about anything else. He frowned, wondering if he’d subconsciously done anything to give her the idea that he regretted any of this. “Did I say something to make you think that?”

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“talk to me.” (@galranrepard)


For a moment, the little girl stared at the Commander with a frown, her eyes red and puffy from crying. Despite this, she shook her head vehemently, refusing.
In fact, she refused to say a word, even as her stupid tears decided to fall again. She used her left hand to rub at the tears, keeping the right one behind her. Why he was showing concern for her, Ritzell didn’t know… But even though she refused him, she did appreciate the fact that Repard was showing he cared.
Which made it even harder for her to tell him why she was upset in the first place.

Sick and Stubborn

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Uh… Yes. Yes I am. This is yer well being that’s at stake. Mom always said ‘sometimes slowing down when ya need t’ gets ya farther’ ,” Ritzell said, her stance grounded and determined. Maybe on certain things, Ritzell would argue for a while but eventually concede so as not to cause more conflict than something was worth, but this was not something she was budging on.

But after traveling with him for so long, Ritzell knew Keith pretty well. They’d squabble and squabble about this and really, that wasn’t what she wanted him to spend his energy on. It was useless to try to appeal to someone who was so reckless with their own well-being, so a different approach was needed.
“’ Sides, I could use the rest, too. I kinda need to meditate, and may or may not have snagged my leg jus’ a little a while ago. So hey! Win-win, right?

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♞ (In which Keith is sick but still incredibly stubborn x'D)

Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to…
  • ♞: Caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which)

✿ Yeah. You ain’t foolin’ me. Y’ve sneezed like… at least once every ten ticks. We’re gonna take a break, Keith, ✿ ” Ritzell grumbled. She stopped walking, feet firmly planted on the ground and arms crossed.
“ ✿ Find a nice place to hole up, get a fire going… I’ll shift inta’ different form… You’re gonna rest. Sunflower’s orders. ✿ ”