ritz draws


I was going to draw something important but I ended up distracted…

But I enjoyed doing the distraction tho!! (^▽^)

Teru’s hair may have bothered me so much before but now I missed his old hair haha

@chocolatebunnyvee - you’re right…Teru’s hair looks a tempura shrimp! Thank you for the idea! It’s a blessing!!!

I couldn’t resist drawing @professor-cinnamon-roll‘s Good Omens AU, because I have an ineffable love for this trash double crossover.

Ballerina Spot

I’ve been doing lots of little spots for James Truman over at Ritz Carlton Magazine. Each drawing illustrates an essential tourist attraction within or around a featured city. This piece is from a story I did about Moscow (Bolshoi Ballet). While drawing this, I tweeted a work-in-progress pic, and a few of my friends “liked” it. Actually they “favorited” it, but I know it’s not their favorite. Their favorites are probably Da Vinci, or Picasso, or Guston, and I’m OK with that.