Now that fall is almost here, it‘s time for the second installment of my vegan indie cosmetics trendlist! 

  1. shiro cosmetics: Nic Cage raking leaves on a brisk October afternoon (check out this review by Killer Colours!)
  2. Haus of Gloi: Lavender sugar perfume oil
  3. silk naturalsHD cream concealer (dupe for the tarte creaseless concealer according to Logical Harmony)
  4. rituel de fille: ash and ember eye soot in »golden age«
  5. concrete minerals: electric eyeshadow primer
  6. aromi beauty: coming soon: new matte liquid lipstick shades for fall!

Bains rituels, 2009. Photographed by http://picspics.fr.

They are named Erzulie, Cousin Zaka, Ogoun Feray. They are the lwas in Creole language, the voodoo pantheon of spirits. They are bridges between humans and the Bondye, the Supreme Being viewed as inaccessible by Voodoo believers. Every July, thousands of Haitians take good luck baths in Saut d’Eau. There, catholics give thanks to the Virgin Mary. Voodoo believers bath in a fall to worship Erzulie, the voodoo spirit of love and motherly protector. Some enter into a trance. Candles are placed between the roots of huge trees honored as resting places of the lwas. In Plaine du Nord, Northern Haiti, catholic pilgrims celebrate Saint-Jacques-The Saviour and Voodoo believers Papa Ogoun Feray, the lwa of war. Founding spirit of the revolt of the slaves, Papa Ogoun Feray is praised for its power to fight poverty. His followers take mud baths in the Pool Saint-Jacques and kill in sacrifice red roosters and black bulls. With the faith renewed, they end their pilgrimage to the seaside city of Lemonade and purify their soul and body in the Atlantic waters.

So I was recently in Venice Beach, my pretend home away from home, at the Strange Invisible store, which is secretly an amazing beauty destination beyond just the perfumes.

It was there I discovered Rituel de Fille and I died and died again over their stuff, especially the Ash & Ember Eye Soots.

The brand is handcrafted (truly) by three sisters. All Rituel de Fille products are 99% natural, have no synthetic fragrances, are not tested on animals and they only use materials from companies that are 100% cruelty free.

Anyways, back to the soots - they are beautiful - soft but blendable - a little goes a long way and a pot lasts forever - look amazing on your counter- MAGIC. Photo above does not do the gem-like packaging justice.

The color is very long lasting and they have an interesting texture that’s like a powder and a cream but neither really. They’re made with pure pigments and oils and will never melt with the warmth of your skin because they don’t contain any waxes. You can literally use them for anything - obviously as eye shadow and liner, but the light shade is a great highlighter, and the red can be used for lip or blush with a little balm. I like that they’re not as deeply, deeply pigmented as some professional pigments because I find those really hard to work with and blend (maybe those are for pros for a reason).

These soots are not drugstore-cheap but they last FOREVER and I can’t cosign enough that is a VERY special cult status product. I find a lot of stuff but it’s not all this good!

Does This: Brightens, highlights & lines eyes
Is This: Eye Soots by Rituel de Fille
Get This: HERE
Price: $27

Image Source: Vogue

Caught in a Snare by maggiehemlock featuring scented candles

Miss Selfridge outerwear, $38 / Sophia Kokosalaki brown skirt, $460 / Cooper by Trelise fringe skirt / Jordash Dual-colour Stretch Knitted Long Top/Dress JD/DR/PYRAMID (Dark…, $46 / Free People thigh-high socks / Black booties / Selda Okutan wedding ring / Chain necklace / Urstadt Swan fingerless glove / Bare Escentuals eyeliner, $20 / Rituel de Fille beauty product, $17 / Scented candle, $1.92
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