ritual bath

Imbolc Ritual Bath

Imbolc, the Sabbat marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Solstice, is a quiet celebration for cleansing and nurturing the soul. Prepare this bath on Imbolc after sunset for a restorative bit of magic (and coincidentally softer skin). 

Items needed: 

  • 1 cup whole powdered milk
  • ½ cup honey 
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • large pieces of lemon peel 
  • lavender essential oil
  • clary sage essential oil 

Light several white candles while drawing a warm bath. Slowly add the powdered milk, and swirl the water until dissolved. Then add the honey, coconut oil, and lemon peels. Drop in the essential oils in equal amounts. 

Upon entering the bath, take a few minutes to center yourself in the water. Think about what issues from the previous calendar year are lingering around in your life that you would like to expel in the months going forward. Visualize the purifying energy of the white, restorative water flowing through your body and preparing you for the year ahead. If you wish for a simple protection measure after leaving the bath, rub a little extra coconut oil onto your skin. 

Witch Tip- Bathing

Rose quartz is a great stone to have when bathing/showering. It helps cleanse one emotionally while being cleaned physically, it also brings a light airy feel to the atmosphere and the water can help cleanse the stone itself as well.

Bonus- if you worship Aphrodite it’s a good way to honor her, being a love goddess closely associated with water, and rose quartz is a love stone.

Bath ritual for peace, love & purification 💗 

Ingredients: lavender, chamomile, himalayan salt, sea salt & moon water blessed under the super full moon that just passed 🌕✨ 

4 white candles & sage incense burn while I am accompanied by some of my rose quartz, clear quartz, and angelite babies. I repeated a positive chant over and over as I visualized the water purifying me, and infusing me with love and peaceful energy. 

Simple and sweet 💗

Beauty Bath


  • Red rose petals.
  • Sea salt (bath soak).
  • Rose Quartz crystals.
  • Lavender buds or two drops of essential oil.
  • Rhodochrosite crystals, can be placed in or around the bath.
  • Pink and white candles (placed around the bath).

When in the bath, visualise a warm and loving soft pink light rising from all the flowers and being drawn from the candles and crystals, towards your aura. Bathe in this spiritual light and bask in its positivity in order to receive a confidence boost and add a romantic glamour to yourself. 


  • Self love or love sigils on the candles.
  • If your bath is near a window, bathe during the night and allow the moonlight to shine into the water in order to receive divine feminine energy.
  • Glitter (to add an extra punch to the the glamour, and *make sure it is body safe glitter).
  • Say affirmations such as “I am beautiful in mind, body and spirit” or “I now see myself in a beautiful light” - if possible say these as gazing into a mirror and kissing it before placing it away.

✨ Enjoying a very lovely Full Cold Moon bath, featuring Lush’s Golden Wonder bath bomb, which is currently my fave and oh so perfect for this bath on this lovely Supermoon evening ✨


Ritual Herb Shower

There are loads of people who aren’t able to take a ritual bath at all times. It can be because they are in the “witchy closet”, aren’t comfortable taking a bath, or basically doesn’t have a bathtub. So, I decided to share how I do when I’m in that situation. This is a very personal ritual, so it’s very open to adjustments if something else strikes your fancy more. Enjoy my friends! 

What you’ll need:

  • A cloth
  • Coffee filters & elastics (so you don’t have herbs all over your cloth when you’re done showering)
  • Herbs of your choice (I’ve got cloves, lavender, pine needles, rosemary, aloe vera, cinnamon and bay leaves, but that’s up to you depending on what kind of shower you’re taking)
  • Salt
  • Safety pin (optional)

How to do:

1) You start by gathering your materials. Spread your cloth and place your herbs in the middle of it, in a tiny pile. Finish it off with a few pinches of salt on top of your pile (or keep it in a coffee filter as well if you’d like that).

2) Tie it together with the help of an elastic - or any other method if you prefer that instead!

3) Step into the shower. Ask your herbs to cleanse/protect you/wash of anxiety - again, depending on what shower you’re having.

4) Start the shower and wet the herbs in the cloth. Wash yourself with the herb cloth, starting from your head down to your feet, every single inch you can reach. Visualize the negativity/anxiety peeling off your skin like dead cells and going the drain, alternatively creating a shield-like surface on your skin to protect you (make sure you have specified what you want protection from!!).

5) When you’ve reached the soles of your feet and you feel done, tie the cloth onto your shower head with the help of the safety pin and stay under the spray for a bit. This is usually the part where I shampoo and stuff if I want to, but that’s 100% up to you. 

6) When you’re done showering, open the cloth again and hang it to dry. Thank your herbs for helping you, and dispose of in a respectful way. 

REMINDER: Before you even gather your herbs, RESEARCH them. And then do it again. And again. Make sure you’re not using herbs that can bring you harm in any way. Never ingest ANY herb without researching them. And then do it again. And then again. Thank you.

Be safe always, my friends!! x


Self Love Bath Sachet

hey everyone! I thought I’d share a simple self love bath sachet, which is perfect for Beltane!

You’ll need:

  • A mesh sachet/bag (pink or red would go well for Beltane)
  • Himalayan salt (I used one specifically for baths, I think normal Himalayan salt would be okay but just be careful!) 
  • A few rosemary sprigs (fresh is best)
  • Lavender oil (or you could use fresh lavender if you have it)

Place all your ingredients in the bag - if you have any skin sensitivities be careful using the Himalayan salt and lavender essential oils as they can cause reactions. 

If you’re using lavender oil drip a couple of drops onto the salt to soak it up before placing in the bag.

Whilst placing the ingredients in the bag, set your intention. You could whisper this to yourself or just think it over in your head. For instance: “I love and appreciate myself” 

Tie up the bag and place under warm running water 

Leave in the bath as you bathe and the ingredients will disperse into the water and smell lovely!

Happy Beltane to those who celebrate! 

My mom got a job at the flower shop and has been saving flowers that would otherwise be thrown away 🌹💛

The ritual bath I’m performing is really simple and easy.

I’m doing it during the waxing moon because it is a spell to help me gain beauty and get better at hair, makeup, fashion, etc. I’m not superficial or doing it to impress anyone, I just want to stop dressing like a middle schooler because I’m 21. That being said, the waxing moon is related to working on goals and also the Maiden, the youngest form of the Goddess, relating to beauty (among other things, but this is why it’s important to my spell.).

I have fresh rose petals and a green Quartz crystal to charge the bath with my intention, and am meditating until I feel comfortable with my spell and as if my goals are set with the water.

Then I’ll drain my bath and go to bed, the water being carried out into the earth with my intention and manifesting more energies to help me with my goal.

I hope this helped!