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Fraternity brothers smeared peanut butter on a freshman who is allergic in hazing ritual

  • This week in shockingly disgusting and dangerous frat-bro antics: A fraternity thought it would be a good idea to spread peanut butter onto a Central Michigan University student who has a severe peanut allergy.
  • Brothers of Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity smeared peanut butter on the face of 19-year-old Andrew Seely, CBS News reported
  • The incident occurred in October but is resurfacing now after a post from Seely’s mother went viral.
  • Seely is extremely allergic to peanuts. So after the incident, he experienced a dreadful and terrifying allergic reaction to the peanut butter. Read more (3/8/17 1:33 PM)

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STEAL OF THE WEEK: ritual bath | high vibes bath soak by theoctoberunion

an organic mix of flowers and herbs, spices, salt and clay combine into this relaxing and quite beautiful bath soak. plus, it’s only $20!


Last week at my Witchy Women’s Day Online Book Launch Party we talked about Morning Rituals (btw get your copy of the extended version of The #ModernWitches'MANIFESTO 👉www.modern-witch.es ⚝) Do you have a witchy Morning Ritual that you tend to start your day with? I personally feel this early morning time is very important to lay down the vibe you want for the day. I usually start by brewing a cup of one of my morning teas & sitting down for some meditation, journaling & Tarot. I usually have my pendulum with me as well, to clarify my thoughts + Tarot interpretations. I try to set up a really pretty vibe & sit in a really tranquil spot of my house with natural views so I can really center myself + get myself ready for the day from a grounded mental, emotional & spiritual state. What do you do for your Morning Ritual? Please do share in the comments & follow my personal account @magicalbosswitch for a peak into my witchy life ☕📖🖋🃏💎🕯🌞🌸🌳⚝ 💞

Week 24- obeying Mr Busy Brain (and then getting free again)

I’ve spent the week intently listening to and obeying every command of my very busy brain. If said brain was a person I would be telling it to shut the fuck up and leave me alone. However in actual fact it’s not a person, it’s attached, inside me and there is no walking away from it. Apparently it’s the boss of me, completely controlling just about everything I do, even when I’m asleep (not bad for something that looks like a big grey wrinkly sponge) So that’s why I’ve decided it’s probably a good idea to address the issue. 

Confession: I am a list writer. I write it all down. To-do lists, to-buy lists, to-go lists, every sort of list you can think of, I have one. I’ve been told in the past that writing everything down is a good way of thinking it over and getting it out of your head. However, I haven’t quite mastered the ‘getting it out of your head’ part. I just automatically make a mental list as well. Completely ridiculous and unnecessary.  This mental list decides to pop up at random times, usually when I’m trying to relax or sleep- how inconvenient. 

What I’m trying to say is, that having a busy head crowded with thoughts, feelings, questions, weekend plans, recipes, shopping lists, household chores and trying to remember to take my pregnancy vitamins daily is just too much- like a whole Indian family and their weekly shopping all balancing on one bicycle. I urgently need to empty it out. And make it a regular thing…I’ll add that to my list. 

Things that help me with this are:

1. Meditation  - I use an app called Calm and do guided or unguided meditations whenever I feel like it. (Must do this more regularly - add to list) 

2. Throwing your laptop and mobile phone out the window and yelling “I’m Free!” at the top of your voice- Feels completely liberating and might make you connect with people face to face for a change. Joking aside, having some time away from technology and social media can work wonders- try it.

3. Connecting with friends and loved ones- Addiction happens where there’s no connection. Meet your friends and family, talk about real things, laugh and have fun together, be there to support one another. 

4. Letting go of the shit- I Write down everything I want to let go of on paper and burn it under the full moon. Full moons are the perfect time for letting whatever is no longer serving you go. 

This month I let go of my heartbreak of a failed relationship, worrying, overthinking, toxic people, fears of the house sale not going through, fear of my brother not recovering, caring how other people perceive me and unhealthy habits. 

Doing this full moon ritual really helps me face what’s been on my mind and clear away any stagnant energy that had been lingering. 

After that, I dusted, hoovered and felt as free as a bird!! Just kidding, but I do feel lighter, my shoulders have dropped and I’m more grounded; so I’m definitely getting there. 

“Never neglect an opportunity for improvement” Sir William Jones 

Morning Ritual with Naruto and Sasuke

10am: Naruto slowly wakes up because he has to use the bathroom. Decides he might as well get up, since he’s up now.

10:30am: Naruto is still getting ready for the day. The urge to wake up Sasuke is getting high but he ignores it.

11am: Naruto jumps onto the bed and starts poking and nudging his boyfriend. Sasuke responds by making groans of complaint and rolling away. Naruto goes back to getting ready.

11:30am: Naruto jumps on the bed again, this time cuddling as Sasuke just lays there and prays for the end. The Uchiha would rather sleep but puts an arm around Naruto anyway, knowing the blonde won’t leave until he does something. Naruto leaves after a few minutes.

Noon: Naruto is done getting ready for the day and jumps on the bed again, telling Sasuke to wake up. After a few minutes he goes to watch Netflix. Sasuke falls back asleep.

1:30pm: Sasuke drags himself out of bed after checking everything on his phone. He goes to the fridge and makes a single complaint about the lack of food he wants before joining Naruto on the couch. Naruto makes at least two comments about how late Sasuke slept in…again. Sasuke kisses him and tells him to shut up, which, surprisingly, works every time and never fails to make Naruto smile.

I got overwhelmed with my to-do list last time and I didn’t like it at all. I wrote here about my daily ritual of appreciation but since September I’ve been forgotten to do that. I realized that my days became grey and boring and then I decided to return to the old-popular bucket list. Oh, you should know that I’m a great list-maker and I’ve got almost 350 things to do there.
So now I have a new ritual: every week I close my eyes and point my finger at some line in that list and then I do my best to implement it.
So this week you can see the results of my first task - build a blanket fort together. It was pretty amazing and I almost felt magic like last time in Disney Paris.
And also I started my appreciation ritual again!
So I think I’ll write about my achievements from time to time. If you have any thoughts about it, please let me know in the comments below. See you next time!!!

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I had a dream that a squirrel was trying to chew its way through my window, which sounds funny, but in the dream I was pretty convinced that death was imminent. When I woke up—in a panic—I held my breath and scanned my bedroom, searching and listening for the intruder. At some point I realized it was a dream, and that made me smile.

Monday: As I’ve mentioned before, we do luck-creating rituals to increase the chances of receiving donations in the mail. This week, the ritual is that I must keep my eyes crossed while Sarah walks out to the mailbox, since I can’t physically cross my fingers. Today, the ritual worked! It made me smile (and gave me a headache).

Tuesday: Mom bought avocados. It made me smile.

Wednesday: I ate avocados. It made me smile.

Thursday: Today I was sitting in a Dunkin Donuts with Sarah. We were writing a speech and focused intently on our work. Behind me, there was a waist-high swinging doorway that allowed employees to get behind the counter. One particular employee, who was apparently very frazzled about something, walked through the doorway with hulkish strength. I couldn’t see, since it happened behind me, but it sounded like she kicked the door open with the strength of a thousand angry horses. I was evidently parked too close to the doorway, because a split second after her mega-kick, the door smashed into the back of my wheelchair, scaring the crap out of me. When I get startled, my head occasionally loses its balance and flops over like a broken toy. Yup, that happened. When Sarah was done laughing she helped me up and we proceeded with our work. Silly, awkward moments like this make me smile.

Friday: My brother got a cool little work gig that required him to visit Panera stores across Pennsylvania over a two-day span. Today, he texted me in the afternoon and said, “Oh my god. I just booked a hotel room all by myself. I feel like a real adult!” It made me smile.

Saturday: The tree in our front yard is blooming with pink and white flowers. It made me smile.

What made you smile this week?

Fabia didn’t really know why she was doing this. The Great Hall had once again held too many terrors for her to comfortably enter it, and this time she had retreated to the astronomy tower. It had become somewhat of a ritual for the past week or so; when she wasn’t reading in the library or walking around the grounds, she was practicing. She was tired of feeling helpless and weak. She readied her wand and cried “Protego!”. The spell had the desired affect, but it didn’t make her feel any better. The more Fabia put her heart into practicing, the more she realized she wasn’t bad at this stuff. And that made her scared, of all things, of herself.

Book Learning || Open

Fiona was bent over a desk in the library, diligently reading some weird book about dragon anatomy.  It was required reading for school, but she didn’t understand why.  She had yet to attend her first class, though she was very excited to start.  Her transfer to Crossroad University had went smoothly, and for that she was thankful, but everyone seemed to be… off… a little bit.  She sighed, trying hard to concentrate but having a rough time of it.  If it had been a book about komodo dragons or other lizards, at least that she would understand.  But no, this book was about dragons as if they were real, and even though it was a really interesting read, maybe it was some kind of hazing ritual?  Maybe next week during her first class her teacher would laugh and admit to the joke?

She groaned and closed the book, pushing it away from her.  She just wanted to read something normal… She stood up and walked over to the rows and rows of bookshelves.  The veterinary section was massive, but filled with more books like the one she was reading.  Anatomy of unicorns, anatomy of imps, anatomy of jackalopes… it was like some crazy Halloween prank.   She saw someone near her browsing another bookshelf, and tried to get their attention.  “Excuse me, could you help me find a normal book?  Something about dogs or cats?”

Too Many Cooks

So I asked for fluffy prompts, and I have a few more to fill, which I will hopefully manage before I drink too much champagne.

@charlotteashmore13 prompted: “how ‘bout this? accident in the tower, belle has temporary memory loss, but has an instant attraction to a certain imp?”

@rumples-leather-emporium prompted: “Belle and Rumple play a game in the Dark Castle that somehow leads to Belle calling “dibs” on the clothes Rumple is wearing.., or calling “dibs” on his leather clad ass”

I sort of combined the two (I’ll save the ‘dibs on his arse’ thing for porn prompts *wink*)  This got kind of long for a mini-prompt :)

It had become something of a ritual for them.  After weeks of him insisting that she should leave him to his potion-making, Belle had simply turned up one afternoon with tea and cakes.  He tried to chase her away, of course, but she always rolled her eyes and insisted that he would be far more productive if he ate and drank something.  He had scowled at her, and she had giggled, completely unafraid, and had sat down on one of the chairs to pour the tea.  She had curled her legs beneath her, sitting there with a cup and saucer as though she owned the place, and eventually he had told himself that he may as well drink the bloody tea, if only to get rid of her.  Of course, this had only encouraged the girl, and he was now forced to put up with her cheerfulness and endless curiosity as he worked.  It was extremely irritating.

“What’s this potion for?” Belle asked one day.  She was peering into the iron pot set above magical purple flames, an interested expression on her face, and he giggled.

“A certain princess has absolutely no desire to marry the man her mother is desperate for her to wed, and desires to break off the match,” he explained, his fingers dancing in the air.  “Her mother, however, will not put up with anything that touches on her honour.  This potion will ensure that, when poured into the little dukeling’s evening wine, he starts to take his clothes off in public and flirt outrageously with any woman that he sees, thereby rendering him unfit to wed said princess.”  

He grinned smugly, and she rolled her eyes at him.

“I see.  You’re pleased with yourself, aren’t you?”  

“Usually,” he said cheerfully.

“Well, I hope at least the princess will get to choose someone she actually wants.”

“I sincerely doubt that,” he said vaguely, looking around on the workbench for the ground centaur hooves.  Out of the corner of his eye he could see her reaching for the spoon that lay by the cauldron.  Belle gave the potion a stir, and his eyes widened in horror.

“No no no, don’t!”  

Too late.  With a bang and a plume of pink smoke, the potion exploded over them, their clothes disappeared, and she was suddenly there, naked beneath him on the floor.  He tried to move, to leap off her as though he’d been burned, but his body was rigid, frozen in place.  He groaned internally.  Elements of the spell, their purpose twisted.  Of course.  What should have been ridiculous dancing had manifested in him as an inability to move his arms and legs.  The removal of clothing had clearly affected both of them, and he wondered what aspect would manifest in Belle.  She was looking a little dazed, but then her eyes met his and she gasped in shock, her face blushing scarlet with mortification.

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