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ohbliv - spring nights (di julianopia)

Interrogation of spirits:

The dead will not always be willing to fulfil what is asked, they may begin taking horrid shapes, emitting loud noises or simply refuse to cooperate.
While old grimoires may suggest “torture”, binding words on your triangle of manifestation or certain scents to assist in wrestling the spirit into submission, i find a good wit and a couple tools will more than suffice.

If a spirit refuses to yield:
“Spirit N. Heed my words or i will send you away and bring your forth until you submit!”
This is a tried and true method of assault against uncooperative spirits, it would be akin to having a piece of you be pulled away and then pushed back into place ad infinitum. Not only bothersome but harmful in a sense as energy is lost when the spirit attends your calls, if your evocation is true the spirit will have no choice but to come when you conjure them.

If a spirit makes loud and horrid noises:
Speak your constraint or evocation over the voice of the spirit over and over until the spirit silences. If this does not work, banish it and bring it back again. Alternatively, singing a slew of nonsense or acting in unusual manners will cause the spirit to stop and observe you, giving you a window to speak a banishing or constraint..

If a spirit asks for unreasonable payment:
“Spirit N. I will not oblige to your request, submit now and i will give you a lesser payment in (amount of time).”
If the spirit refuses to submit, state the constraint over and over until it yeilds.

If a spirit takes horrid shapes:
Take a pinch of salt and toss it at the spirit, wary you do not cover any lines of your circle or triangle, this will weaken the spirits presence so it can take only lesser shapes. Caution: this may banish the spirit entirely, be careful not to prematurely end the summon by doing this.


Using a torch which burns fat, swing at the spirit, the flames will feed on the presence and cause it frustration and a weaker state. Used for breaking a spirits focus and causing it to revert to a calmer form.

Banishing wand:
A wand of birch inscribed with a banishing sigil or incantation. When smacked on the sigil or likeness of the spirit, it will send the being away, likewise when swung at a spirit. Best used for the sudden ending of rituals.

Swing thy blade at a spirit with great force and it will flee back to it’s home. Some may be fearless and laugh at this attempt, in which case one of the other methods may be used.

Best of luck


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