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The delivery coos finally managed to pinpoint Akane's position; despite being two days late, it seemed they were carrying something heavy for her, so heavy that there were two birds to carry it instead of just one. They dropped the box in front of her before leaving to their other duties. When Akane would open the box, there would be two boxes inside, just like matryoshka dolls. in the first box, a sword. Its handle was entirely made of gold and there were shining jewels of various colors (1)

adorning it, but more specifically amber and rubies. The sheath, in revenge, was made almost entirely of gold and had a small inscription on it.«For A.F, from S.C.»Let’s not forget the second box. Once she would open it, she would find another box. And then another, and another and another until there was but a small, coquettish little box. Inside of it, a pair of diamond & gold bananawani earrings and a hairpin made in a similar fashion. A note was left with the gift. “Happy Valentine day” (2)

{ } One of the last things she would have expected out of her day was to have a large package placed in front of her by two coos who flew away without any sort of explanation. Granted they wouldn’t be able to give her any context, but it still felt strange to just be left there alone with the bizarre mail. She was quite sure this was the first time she received anything like this.

A little unsettled, but overwhelmingly curious, Akane lifted the heavy box and made her way back to the inn she was staying at for a few nights. When inside, she placed the package onto the bed and pried it open, eyes widening in genuine shock the moment she saw what was inside.

Almost as if hesitant, her hand slowly reached down to pick up the sheathed sword. Heavy, weighted because of what she could only assume was real gold. Her eyes trailed over the various gems with a sort of awe. While Akane wasn’t one to desire expensive things, even she had to admit the sword was phenomenal in both craftsmanship and materials. It would definitely be used as decor, if anything, considering she wasn’t much of a swordsman. Even if she had been, she wasn’t sure she’d want to damage a blade as beautiful as this one.

The question still remained blaring in her mind though: who had sent her this? She felt so lost and almost awkward about the entire situation. While in her thoughts, her fingers ran along the sheath, studying it until she came across something engraved in the metal.


Who was S.C.–?!

She scanned through her mind, trying to recall everybody she’s met and seeing if the initials lined-up. Then there was one that fit but… No it couldn’t have been…

Sir Crocodile?

The initials fit and honestly– she wasn’t sure if she knew many people who could even afford an item like this. So the price range and the initials made sense, but every other aspect left her baffled. With revitalized curiousity, she began opening the other boxes inside, as if searching for an answer to what felt like madness. Box after box… What the actual hell–

Finally what seemed to be the last box, a small, pretty little thing that her eyes landed on. Taking a breath in, she opened it, not sure if she was surprised or not by its contents. The jewellery seemed to be a matching set of earrings and a pin, designed to look like crocodiles. From the tiny bananas on their heads, she could only assume these were the bananawanis Crocodile had brought up in conversation before.

Which only confirmed her earlier suspicion. 

Crocodile had sent her all of this.

And what was probably the icing on top of the cake of her bafflement, the small note– the only written thing in the package, said Happy Valentines Day.




Ten Things I Hate About You

Compiled from here and here.

  • “Make anyone cry today?”
  • “Sadly, no. But it’s only four-thirty.”
  • “It’s not everyday you find a girl who’ll flash someone to get you out of detention.”
  • “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.”
  • “Just ‘cause you’re beautiful, that doesn’t mean that you can treat people like they don’t matter.”
  • “I don’t like to do what people expect.”
  • “No drinking, no drugs, no kissing, no tattoos, no piercings, no ritual animal slaughters of any kind.”
  • “Tell me something true.”
  • “Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?”
  • “We’ll dance, we’ll kiss, we’ll come home. It’s not quite the crisis situation you imagine.”
  • “Well, maybe you’re not afraid of me but I’m sure you’ve thought about me naked, huh?”
  • “You don’t buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it.”
  • “Expressing my opinion is not a terrorist action.”
  • “Wow, is this what a bar looks like?”
  • “’Hates him with the fire of a thousand suns.’ That’s a direct quote.“
  • “I warned him that if he told anyone, the cheerleading squad would find out how tiny his dick is!”
  • “You are amazingly self-assured, has anyone ever told you that?”
  • “I dazzled him with my… wits.”
  • “You don’t always have to be who they want you to be, you know?”
  • “Tempestuous?”
  • “I believe ‘heinous bitch’ is the term used most often.”
  • “But imagine the things he’d say during sex.”
  • “Why do girls like that always like guys like that?”
  • “What if she never starts dating?”
  • “This from someone whose diary is devoted to favorite grooming tips?”
  • “But she doesn’t want to date.”
  • “You’re not helping.”
  • “You’re asking me out. That’s so cute. What’s your name again?”
  • “You wanna go out with him?”
  • “That guy? I heard he ate a live duck once. Everything but the beak and the feet.”
  • “How ‘bout your sex life?”
  • “ You’re gonna pay me to take out some girl?”
  • “ I can’t take a girl like that out on twenty bucks.”
  • “ Do you even know my name, screwboy?”
  • “I have the potential to smack the crap out of you if you don’t get out of my way.”
  • “You hate me don’t you?”
  • “My insurance does not cover PMS.”
  • “What? You don’t think I’m pretty?”

David Hyde Pierce and David Burtka discuss marriage, Broadway, and ‘It Shoulda Been You’

Entertainment Weekly 4/10/2015

What was the funniest mishap that happened at your own wedding?
DAVID BURTKA: Our daughter and flower girl, Harper, getting cold feet and refusing to perform. So Neil [Patrick Harris] and I were crouched behind her like angry stage parents, hissing at her to walk. She didn’t, and Neil carried her the entire way. In hindsight, wouldn’t change a thing.
DAVID HYDE PIERCE: Brian [Hargrove] and I were legally married, but then a few weeks later the State of California told us we weren’t. Oh, how we laughed.

What’s your pre-show ritual like?
PIERCE: Now that I’m directing, I just show up, sit down, and enjoy.
BURTKA: I kneel before my shrine to David Hyde Pierce and bask in his glory.

What surprised you most about the other David?
PIERCE: Not a thing—I expected him to be sweet, charming, and talented, and he is all that.
BURTKA: While he’s incredibly positive and kind, he demands that you never look him directly in the eyes.

How is marriage different from doing Broadway?
BURTKA: You’re doing a show to a MUCH smaller audience.
PIERCE: One is a life-changing religious experience. The other is marriage.

How is marriage the same as doing Broadway?
BURTKA: After performing and getting all sweaty, there is often a standing ovation.
PIERCE: Both involve unions.

How does the cast get the attention of one David vs. another?
BURTKA: Everyone calls him ‘Master Hyde Pierce,’ and for me they just tend to throw things at my head.
PIERCE: They always have my attention. I’m not sure how they get David’s, although I think cookies help.

If my marriage was a musical, my big solo number would be called:
PIERCE: “Forever.”
BURTKA: “Daddy’s Turn.”