ritual of the savage

Race: Minotaur

Edit [9/2/17]: Edited to be less redundant, changed quote and ‘History of Blood’ note. Removed Heavy Weapon Training race feature and revised Horns feature.

Many of you have probably heard the history of the minotaurs. The savage rituals, the grotesque transformations, and the ungodly bloodshed in their wake. Because of this, many of your probably step aside hastily when a minotaur crosses your path, but in all my time travelling, any minotaur who has the courage to walk among the masses has proved to be an unrivaled ally and guide.

While many savage minotaur still exist, many minotaur have outgrown their cultist ancestor’s beastial bloodlust and have put their innate skills to good use, becoming powerful warriors in service to kings, peerless guides with the ability to take you wherever you wish to go, and mighty ship captains who can sail the widest of seas on a whim.

Minotaurs are one of the most resiliant and resourceful races ive ever encountered, and make excellent allies and fearsome enemies. Their bloodlust may be long-gone, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful. If you wish to fear them, fear the for what they are capable of, not of what they used to be.

[Miss the 3.5e Monster Manual’s playable race excerpts or just want to play a big bovine brute? Well look no further! Taking inspiration from the Unearthed Arcana: Waterborne Adventures minotaur race, I decided to try my hand at my own version of a playable minotaur race.]

[I was also inspired by the 3.5e monster manual’s options for a playable minotaur race and the minotaur character I once made for 3.5e, Hasar. I tried to keep them balanced, but also make them unique and distinct enough to interest people to play them. I designed them around their ability to navigate easily, making them a race that could easily be master sailors, expert guides, or just useful to have when you return to a dungeon you never finished.]

I think an interesting side effect of Nightsister magic would be that it leaves Savage with some memory problems, later on. As the effects wear off over the years he is left to fill in a lot of blanks about his early days after the ritual.  

Forge of Gods

The Fever of revelation. —“Alright Cayde, give it to me straight.” Cayde-6: “Suicide would be putting it kindly. This mission, it’s more along the lines of voluntary obliteration. We only burden you with this because there’s no one else. Time’s Conflux, the Prince of darkness, Kell of Kells, the Taken King, Aksis and SIVA. Again and again its been you, who delivers us from evil. The innocent out there, they look to you as their salvation. At this point, we all do. And now, after everything you’ve done, we have to ask your legend to venture an uncharted course. To give once more, everything that’s left. This mission, it’s martyrdom.
The Speaker: "Years ago the Vanguard received reports of increased seismic activity at the base of Olympus Mons. The readings were disregarded as atypical, and filed away under anomaly. It was too late when they realized, the scale of that activity was inconceivable, and the true nature of the planetary shifts, was sinister.” Ghost: “At the core of the Cabal War Machine there is a heat unlike anything in existence. A legend smoldering in darkness, an emperor with a heart consumed by hatred. You see, the cabal are born with an unnatural heat. They speak in demolition, and revel in the fury of destruction. They worship the prophecy of a warlord wielding hellfire, commanding the madness of an entire species, all burning alive with a shared rage.” The Speaker: “A force of such magnitude demands immediate attention. And so a summit was held, where the mission became clear. A journey would have to be made. It would be a hellish pilgrimage, the travelers, engulfed in flame the whole way. Their fates were sealed. No retreat, and no surrender, just a final destination at the heart of that furious furnace. Their journey was codenamed, Forge of Gods.” Cayde-6: “So what do you say Guardian? You know how to fight fire, don’t ya?” Embrace the fury of destruction in, Forge of Gods. Journey to the center of Mars, via the Cabal’s immense subterranean empire. Explore the weaponized landscape and test the strength of enraged Cabal on their own territory. Cannibalize an army of hellfire on your warpath to extinguish the legend of the Cabal Emperor.

Unearth the forbidden relics of fire-team Ein-10 and their legacy of overpowered weaponry. Take advantage of the savage inheritance to decimate your opposition, before the Vanguard institutes safety regulations on your newfound war prizes.

mask of the Sandman “Sweet dreams are made of this.”
Exotic trait-REM cycle: Increased Armor, precision kills have a chance to turn you invisible.

Heretic’s holster “Of all the parables none withstood the flame.”
Exotic trait-Deep pockets: Increased ammo carrying capacity, picking up ammo reloads your weapon.

the machinist “there’s no substitute for skilled hands.”
Exotic trait-Quitting time: Grants quickdraw.

ATS/6-ATV Widow’s Peek “Rumble Motors. Gravity defiers. Quad thrust lifters. O2 maximied intake. Stylish design. Now in black.”
Exotic trait-Web slinger: Increased weapon handling, and accuracy while airborne, aiming your weapon will slow your descent.“

Abu Al-hawl’s cowl "the visual prowess of Abu-Al-Hawl is feared throughout time and space.”
Exotic trait-Infinite mystery: ADS to highlight targets, marked enemies suffer increased precision damage. Radar stays active while aiming down sights.

Vestiges of Volition “Even if we lose everything else, not this.”-The Sacrifice
Exotic trait-Will and testament: Dying generates an orb, gain bonus super energy while critically wounded.

Sheer simplicity “To sever without remorse, to serve destruction itself.”-The Heathen
Exotic trait-Savage Ritual: Grants improved Soul rip.

Gravedancers “Don’t stop now, the reaper is behind you.”
Exotic trait-Dia de los Muertos: Increased armor and movement speed while supercharged.

Infernal Warden “Tempted to throw away the Key.”
Exotic trait-Broken Seal: Activate your super again to detonate your ward of dawn.

100 proof “this rounds on me.”
Exotic trait-Last Call: Taking damage has a chance to drop ammo.

01100011-AN/Openers “Smell whats cooking?”
Exotic trait-Cant stand the heat: Grants thermal vent, and stoke the forge.

Trouble Stompers “Pain, pain, go away.”
Exotic trait-Winning in the rain: Sprint faster, jump higher, and slide further while wounded.

Torch of Ares “To bear the torch is to wield holy fire.”-Scorched into the hilt
Exotic trait-God of War: Kills grant bonus damage, and generate ammo. Dealing damage consumes less ammo.

(Scout Rifle)
Climbing Silver “the only move we have left.”
Exotic trait-Checkmate: Shots deal bonus damage while critically wounded, dealing damage temporarily increases recovery.

(Pulse Rifle)
Valkyrie 9-11 “The power to choose, life or death.”
Exotic trait-Halls of Valhalla: Reloading starts health regeneration, bottom half of the clip deals bonus explosive damage.

(Auto Rifle)
PHNX-44 “Guaranteed to grind some gears.”
Exotic trait-Dishonorable Discharge: Weapon damage briefly increases melee damage. Melee damage grants bonus weapon damage.

(Hand Cannon)
The Lost Cause “A righteous bullet, rules a cruel world.”
Exotic trait-Justified: Precision damage increases fire rate and stability, kills increase handling speed.

Black Jack “All in.”
Exotic trait-21: dual wielding increases accuracy and fire rate, when shooting from the hip.

Sawtooth “On the road to war, sanity is the first casualty.”
Exotic trait-Interceptor: targets suffer increased knock back, precision damage increases range and impact.

(Fusion Rifle)
Molten Majesty “It is said the effect of time on creation is like that of a dragon’s flame.”
Exotic trait-Scorched earth: fully charged rounds deal lingering burn damage.

(Sniper Rifle)
Depth Perception “Stay out of the deep end.”
Exotic trait-Don’t blink: A precision kill returns the round to the chamber. Increased bullet damage the further it travels.

Consequence “…thats on you.” - Crux to Lomar
Exotic trait-True lies: Superheated rounds detonate on impact.

Magma “The force to withstand destruction, the conviction to bear it to the end.”-Carved at eye level
Exotic trait-Ultimate defense: Creates ricochete damage when taking fire.

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*BREAKS DOWN THE DOOR HOLY SHIT* Yōkai bad end: Aoba is unable to perform the exorcism on Koujaku no matter how hard he tries. He becomes obsessed with the case, losing his mind until he himself become a demon. Historians call him Shiroba.

Ever since the failed ritual, Koujaku becomes more savage than before. He commits the second genocide on the villagers, leaving no survivors except Aoba. Upset and distressed because he couldn’t save Koujaku and even made him killing people, he leashes curse to himself and became Shiroba. 

This “Shiroba” that people call became a myth between people in Kamakura Era, they say that Shiroba and Koujaku doesn’t age and still haunting the village atop the hill. Nobody dares to get close to the haunted village, even the yokai(s). People even says that if you wear red kimono or red clothings to the village, Shiroba will curse them because he hates anybody who wears the same color of his beloved’s tattoos, hair, and eyes.

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The Necessary Evil
Write about a character who was tasked with infiltrating a strange cult and assassinating the leader. The catch? This character doesn’t know it, but this cult is more than it appears. Double catch? Their strange (almost savage) rituals are the only thing keeping an ancient & invisible horror from destroying the world.

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I hope one day you guys figure out that as long as you have thugs and rappers calling women sluts hoes and bitches. And rapping about almost exclusively drugs and sex. And being very vulgar and explicit about it. Racism will never go away. There's a difference between black people and niggers. Most racism stems from hatred of niggers not skin tone.

By your own words, nigger and Black are the same. Here’s why: For one, you’re still using it to describe ONLY Black people, and if you did call someone else a “nigger,” it would likely be due to them acting in a way that you perceive as “acting Black.” You’re using “nigger” to describe a “type” of Black person. You’re using a racial slur to label what you think is a sub-category or subgroup of the Black race… But guess what? That still makes it a hatred of Blackness and Black people. I love how you think you have a right to separate “those Blacks” from “these Blacks.” You sound like you’d fit right in during slavery.

There is no difference between the two, despite your idiotic protests. That’s simply how you attempt (and fail) to justify your hatred. It’s an argument/stance that has more holes than Swiss cheese. You can try to (very poorly) rationalize your racism all you like, but rap isn’t the root of racism.

Racism existed before rap existed.

As an aside, when mainstream rap had a more positive message and promoted Black pride and unity, White folks wanted no parts of it. During hip hop’s golden era, artists with more positive messages were just as viable and popular as artists who had these negative messages. And the culture reflected that. Even so, Whites still demonized it, and it was not until White people realized how much they could capitalize off of it that they hijacked it and caused the decline of rap; leading to what it is today. I find it interesting that you mention the sexism and misogyny in mainstream rap—which I fully acknowledge is there—while likely excusing and/or ignoring the sexism, materialism, and misogyny in other genres of music (i.e. rock, which was once ours, too, might I add). Your issue isn’t the negativity found in the music. Your issue is the race who dominates that genre of music.

To get back on track, racism is not caused by music. Racism is not caused by the victims of racism/marginalized groups/minorities (i.e. any non-White person in the U.S. and any other White-dominated country). Racism is caused by a group of people who wish to subjugate another on the basis of racial superiority. It’s caused by a group who uses their power to create systems and institutions of oppression for anyone who falls outside of said group. Conversely, they also create systems of privilege that maintain and spread their power. In-fighting and other divisive ploys (i.e. anti-Black racism, lateral racism) are put in place to create a diversion from the issues that truly plague the different marginalized groups.

When we were in our lands, White people justified their racism by saying “look at these subhuman savages & their unholy rituals.” They used our cultural differences to justify enslaving, murdering, raping, and in all other ways brutalizing us. The same was done to the Native Americans, who are now on the verge of cultural/racial extinction. And similar atrocities have been committed by Whites on each and every land they’ve stepped foot on. They even oppress other Whites (i.e. the Irish). White people created race, so that they could build the institution of White supremacy/Racism. White people have put mental and physical disease in the Black communities, and then blamed Black people for being sick. They created a multitude of disparities between Black and White people (in the favor of White people), and then said, “LOOK! These differences are due to Black people not being equal/human!” “These differences are due to White people being the superior race!”

Racism is caused by lazy, hateful, small-minded bigots who find poor, illogical, self-fulfilling, and falsified bases for their erroneous, baseless beliefs in their own group’s supremacy.

Racism will never go away, because of people like you… People who would rather justify hatred than find a way to fix what’s wrong with this society. People who wish to ignore history in order to appease what little conscience they may have. Racism is here to stay, because most white people don’t have to deal with racism. They are in predominantly White communities, schools, businesses, churches, etc. They live in a society that caters to and applauds their Whiteness. Racism is here to stay because most White people don’t want to give up their power and privilege. They’d rather seek the type of validation from other White people like the nonsense you just said to me.

Furthermore, “nigger” has never been reserved for a specific type of Black person. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was called a nigger. Barack Obama is called a nigger. No matter how educated, how affluent, how articulate, how courteous, how peaceful, how successful, or how wonderful a Black person may be, we will ALWAYS be niggers to the racists. So you can try that shit with your White friends. But you can’t pull that shit with ME.

Just once I want those people (usually women) practing ‘dark magic’ in the woods to be not really bad guys. they don’t hurt anyone. their rituals with goatsblood and nightshade are rituals that magically ward off being rained on, protect the gardens from weevils, or soothe damaged mental health or make people heavily reconsider murder and banditry in their lands. They may even at times transform or ascend to demi-human or “monstrous’ states and look terrifying but nah that wolf-mother’s house is known for her lovely ice cream. Agitha the harpycrone is a doctor. The Maiden of Snakes is the mayor and she just organized new clean houses with running water for the poor in town.

and there’s like deer skulls and "savage” imagery around everywhere but nope it’s just their aesthetic and everybody’s kids are literate there. they have to be to help read the rituals by moonlight or whatever.