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Easy Cleansing Ritual

This ritual doesn’t require special equipment, but feel free to use some that you think are helpful. I will be adding some tips in parenthesis. I do this ritual at least once a week!

  1. The first step, of course, is cleansing the house before yourself. It’s hard to cleanse spiritually if it isn’t cleaned physically. That’s like using a face mask over a muddy face. Pick up stuff laying around, vacuum the floors, put dirty clothes in the wash (or at least in the hamper). You don’t have to scrub the floor with a toothbrush, but you’ll know when you are ready.
  2. Now here begins the fun part! Take a broom, and sweep. But don’t physically touch the ground with the broom. Visualize negative energy in whatever image you want (I use smoke) stagnant on the floor. Now as you sweep over the floor and out the door.
  3. Clap or ring a bell in the air to get out the small amount that is left and fan it outside a door or window.
  4. Now for yourself. Take a bath (in a clean tub), or a shower if you don’t have a bath tub. Add a couple drops of essential oil (a lot will irritate the skin. Cleanse your self thoroughly. Visualize the negative energy coming off your body with the soap. Wash your hair and yourself with something organic, if you can afford it. When you undo the stopper, visualize the bad energy going down the drain.
  5. Now, light some incense, open the window if it’s not uncomfortable outside, wear something loose and comfortable (or skyclad if you like), and meditate. Some people may prefer sleeping as this ritual can take a lot out of you
Ideas for Witchcraft Using Art


A compilation of ideas I have read or thought up! I do not claim originality for this post. Some ideas crossover between fields and are not repeated.


  • Program your drawing tools with intent - for lighter/darker lines, for clarity of the stroke, for following through with the motion, for consistency.
  • Draw sigils on your drawing board or easel or table for inspiration.
  • (And if you’re using a flat table to draw, consider getting a drawing board. Drawing large on a flat surface distorts your POV.)
  • Energize your brush water for better removal of paint.
  • Draw a sigil on your palette or mirror/glass for paint to keep your paints moist for longer.
  • Use a clothes pin (for pink rubber erasers) or a 2B/light graphite pencil (for the kneadable erasers) to draw sigils for better removal of lines.
  • Enchant all your tools - brushes, paper pads, canvases, pencil cases, anything - for durability.
  • Program a stone (of your choice) to prevent loss of your tools and keep it in your backpack, pencil pouch, or portfolio bag.
  • Draw sigils on the back of your finished works for extra attention.
  • Sacrifice the first tip of your pencils and charcoal (both light and dark and especially anything past 6B) to a jar, and put a spell on the jar to keep your light lines light and your dark lines dark.
  • If you use a ruler or a stick to check proportions, dip it in enchanted water the night before - enchant the water to give you clarity of vision.
  • Optional: Enchant your clothes to repel paint stains, charcoal dust, pastel sticks, etc. (Optional because unless you’re Yves Klein, most artists I am familiar with are careful not to get excessively dirty because of wasted materials.)
  • Keep your paints/color-tools in a container enchanted to maintain their vibrancy.
  • Draw a sigil on any face-mask you have so that it filters all hazardous fumes out, especially if you are using spray paint.
  • Enchant spray paint cans for less dripping, as well as fixative cans.


  • Enchant any and all materials and projects for durability, especially after welding, gluing, slipping, or firing a project.
  • Use chalk to draw a sigil on welding or plasma cutter surfaces for clean lines and careful motions.
  • Enchant any material used to bind objects together or secure objects with power and specific purpose (ex. glue to bind these two pieces of wood together, straps to bind these several pieces of plaster mold together).
  • Use magic to make a specific place where you rest your work (a table, a board, a section of floor) so that while you are away it is protected and safe.
  • Enchant all your small tools so that they are returned to you if lost. (Also sharpie your name all over those things. Do it.)
  • If you have access to YOUR OWN power tools, put a sigil for sharpness and durability on any saw blades. Do not do this if you are at a school using public equipment - you may not be allowed to draw on blades or remove them from the machines to draw on.
  • Siphon any frustration or anger as energy into hammers for extra force.
  • Invent a small chant to increase precision and say it before drilling, cutting, or altering anything.
  • Write sigils for protection, durability, and good color on paper and leave them in the kilns with your art work during firing. (For ceramics and hardening metal casting sand-resin molds. Wouldn’t advise it for glass kilns due to potential contamination by ash in small glass kilns.)
  • Enchant the hell out of your workspace for cleanliness, organization, and loss-prevention. Do this like everyday, I swear. I know sculptors. DO IT NOW.


  • Sharpness enchantments on every single blade in your work area.
  • Draw durability and precision sigils on any sewing equipment used.
  • Enchant water for color-vibrancy and attention and use it to anoint all fabric lengths (usually best while they are still rolled up or immediately after purchasing them).
  • Energize paper reams with color-vibrancy and attention rather than using water.
  • Cast spells on all inks for good consistency and ease of use.
  • Enchant ink-mixing area for cleanliness and lack of contamination.
  • Likewise, enchant cleaning supplies (mineral oils, etc) for extra power while cleaning.
  • Say a protective chant over your pieces while they are drying to prevent damage.
  • Sigil the back of your stamps (and the printmaking word for the ‘stamps’ you use, I forgot) for durability.
  • Visualize your paper/fabric as imbibed with energy of fire for faster drying times.
  • Enchant thread for strength, enchant needle for sharpness, enchant any backing for protection.  


  • Cast spells all over your electronics for protection, battery life, memory space, anything you can think of.
  • If you use a tablet, clean it (carefully) and while doing that visualize your intent for the tablet to provide you with clean lines while drawing.
  • Draw a sigil on your workspace to remind you to save, frequently, often, and with more than one file name during a big project.
  • Enchant your external hard drives and USB sticks with loss prevention spells.
  • Draw a sigil for attention on the background of your digital file before starting a project, erase it for the sigil to activate or leave it hidden in the background for permanence.
  • Turn your digital signature into an enchantment for protection, attention, or theft-prevention.
  • Draw a sigil lightly on the reverse of any photographs printed for protection, attention, or theft prevention.
  • Hold camera lenses up to the sun for good lighting and angles and to the moon for clarity and cleanliness of your lens.
  • Ritualize cleaning of equipment to imbibe materials with specific attributes.


  • Enchant water pre-performance for strength, focus, and energy.
  • Draw sigils for attention on your body underneath your clothes (if you are the performer) or on the focus of your art.
  • Enchant digital or recorded files of your performance for protection (from loss due to accidental trashing) and for locating it later.
  • Sorry I don’t know much about performance, but call upon the spirits of Carol Schneeman and Joseph Beuys and I bet they’d help. (Schneeman’s still living but summon her anyways.)


  • Enchant your coffee, tea, or drink of choice for clarity during critiques and focus during those same critiques.
  • Put sigils on your clothes to decrease anxiety and stress, put sigils on your clothes to prevent damage to yourself or to your clothes.
  • Invent a chant to increase retention while studying for Art History.
Altar setup - some basics

Preliminary Post | Altar Setup Basics | Early Layouts | Early Llewellyn | Ed Fitch | Odyssean Wicca | Amber K | Doreen Valiente

Altar setup can be a complicated thing or a simple thing, depending on one’s own Traditional inclinations, what you have available, and what you are doing in terms of ritual or spellwork. What I will be doing with these posts is, hopefully, inform people about a whole bunch of concepts regarding altar setup, dos and don'ts, demonstrate how various authors and Traditions set up altars, and show off some cool stuff.

This post will be overwhelmingly Wiccan in scope, as I have no training or real interest in Trad Craft, however the general concepts will, I reckon, be applicable to most practitioners of witchcraft in general. Wicca’s cultural dominance in the field of witchcraft in the Western world means that even non-Wiccan practitioners should find something of interest in these posts. The large overlap in ritual equipment will most likely mean than there are more similarities than differences.

So let’s get started! What do we, as Wiccans, use an altar for? The same as in many other religions - a place to worship and a place to work. The altar is a place where religious and magical rituals are performed. An altar differs from a shrine in that a shrine is a place set aside as the residence of a deity, spirit, or Element in your home and is usually fairly permanent, while an altar is a sort of general-purpose space and the things on it are usually put away between uses.

So to start, Babby’s First Altar - the four basic Elemental tools - knife, wand, cup, and pentacle. This altar is oriented in such a way that it points to the North.

Wicca’s set of magical tools comes from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Greater Key of Solomon. The Elemental associations of each tool (athame - Air, wand - Fire, cup - Water, pentacle - Earth) come to us from the HOGD, we can see this relationship between the tools and the suits in the Tarot, and the really, really interesting thing about this very bare-bones setup is the complete and total absence of any religious meaning. This is entirely a magical altar, with nothing we can readily relate to deities at all, just the four Elements, the building-blocks of Creation, and then only in an abstract sense. In the Odyssean Tradition we teach that the altar is a microcosm of the Universe, and we can see some hints of that here although there are no physical representations of those Elements ‘in person’, as it were.

Everything is very plain and simple, there’s no risk of crowding or knocking something over, but it’s lacking somehow. Perhaps this is my inner priest and ritualist talking, but I would find it incredibly difficult to do much work at an altar such as this. So let’s move on.

Aquors Halloween Headcanons


  • Going as a Vampire (Blame Kougi)
  • She makes mini Jack-o-lanterns out of Mikans.
  • Still goes tick or treating at age 16.
  • Surprisingly she’s really good at scaring people. But she’ll always go out of her way to cheer people up after she scares them.


  • Is unwillingly dressed as the one thing she fears. Shiitake.(In actuality she’s just wearing Chika’s pajamas. Chika made her.)
  • She doesn’t really do Halloween at all, the other girls being the first people to really get her into it.
  • She’s disappointed at the lack of Halloween music, she wishes there were more than like five songs.
  • She’s never been trick or treating.
  • She carves the scariest pumpkins, not because she’s good with them. But because they’re just as bad as her drawings.


  • Dressed up as a pirate
  • Makes all of her own costumes, and makes some for her friends too.
  • She loves Halloween a lot, especially all the costumes.
  • She’s been spending Halloween with Chika since they were kids, they’ve never once missed a year of trick or treating.
  • She’s extremely enthusiastic about Halloween, she loves the whole season and atmosphere.


  • Goes as a demon every single year. She claims its her true form and it only appears once every year.
  • She absolutely adores Halloween, getting extremely into it. It’s her absolute favourite holiday.
  • She celebrates for the entire month beforehand.
  • She listens to spooky scary skeletons every single day of October.
  • She goes all out with decorating the club room, she puts out candles, ritual equipment, etc.
  • Her livestreams get really popular during Halloween, she gets really excited over it.
  • She has a rivalry over Halloween with Dia


  • Going as an angel (At Yoshiko’s request)
  • Because of her friendship with Yoshiko, she loved Halloween as a kid. But she’s only recently rekindled her love for it.
  • One of the best scarers in Aquors.
  • She reads horror novels aloud to people, scaring them immensely.
  • She admires Halloween movies a lot, especially Nightmare Before Christmas, she loves its animation.
  • She makes lots of Halloween food, Pumpkin soups, pies, etc.


  • Has a self made zombie costume (Ganbazombie!)
  • Has never really gone out for Halloween, only having parties with Dia.
  • She wants to like Halloween but finds it a bit too scary for her taste. Thankfully her friends alleviate that.
  • She’s never made a Halloween costume before, but is trying her best!
  • She loves all the sweets though.
  • Discount Sweets Day is more important to her than Halloween itself tbh.


  • Someone made a Boo Boo Desu Wa Joke, so she took it to heart. She enlisted You and Ruby to make her a tricked out crazy ghost costume, combined with makeup and stuff.
  • Halloween is her favourite holiday, she’s immensely enthusiastic about it.
  • She has a rivalry with Yoshiko
  • She’s fantastic at pumpkin carving, her cuts are always really neat, leading to a really nice, aesthetically pleasing lantern.
  • She spends an extremely excessive amount on decorations. She makes sure to buy new ones every year, mixing them with her old ones. Each year the Kurosawa household is a new experience.
  • Even at her age she trick or treats and does parties. It’s a lot for one night, but Halloween means so much to her, it’s worth it.
  • Stays up until 5am every October 31st and denies that she regrets it the next day.


  • Most of the time wears an overly flashy flamboyant cowgirl outfit.
  • She has two guns. Everyone is uncertain if they’re real or not. Mari never answers when they ask.
  • Mari likes the Halloween aesthetic a lot. She has a bunch of Halloween themed clothes she only wears during October.
  • She convinces people to listen to really edgy dark music with her, claiming its in the spirit of the season.
  • Although she watches horror movies year round, she manages to drag the others into it during Halloween. She loves seeing them all get spooked.
  • She tries to scare people but messes up a lot. She starts giggling before she can surprise them.


  • Although she can’t walk in it, she insists on going as a mermaid, specifically one with a dolphin tail.
  • Kanan is the responsible one. She makes sure people stay hydrated and don’t get caught up in the festivities.
  •  She always answers the doors to kids. She’s the sweetest and ends up talking to them about their costumes and stuff.
  • She’s mostly an observer when it comes to the Halloween stuff, but she can get quite into it when a friend drags her into it.
  • She used to go trick or treating with Chika and You, as well as Dia and Mari. But she grew out of it after a while.
  • She’s one of the hardest people to scare out of all of Aquors.

Ayano had been sitting on the rooftop bench, texting her brother during lunch, when she felt her heart skip several beats. …Senpai was approaching her?

[To: Ototou] Something came up. I’ll wait at the gate later to walk home with you.

The girl the abruptly shut her phone off and put it in her bag.

Ayano had her brother’s spare uniform on – yet again, so it was hard for anyone to distinguish her from her twin as they shared the same face and personality. Even their phones were the same. The only way to physically tell who was who by looking at their bangs, since her brother had grown his out while Ayano kept hers at the same length.

“S-Senpai…” she mumbled in an embarrassed tone. This tone, of course, was not one that a man would make. That was the only other indicator that this was Ayano and not Yakunan.

So, as some of you know, the re-chartering process is not cheap. We have to raise $1550 as an installation fee (that covers the cost of ritual equipment, songbooks, and other chapter supplies), plus pay for the visit of the Province Officer and the NVP-E. That’s about 2 grand, and not everyone had a great job over the summer like me and can afford their initiation fee, so we want to have money so that every girl who has worked so very hard for this can be initiated.
We’ve held several fundraisers, but we’re still fairly short of this goal.
If everyone who follows me donated 5 bucks, we’d have almost twice of what we need to get installed. So please, if you can spare it, donate. I have been working for this since October of 2014 and I love this organization to bits, so all I want is to get rechartered this semester, but it can’t happen without this money.
Thank you all for reading this post, love y'all so much!
Vita Brevis, Ars Longa

dreameroflies  asked:

(I also work at Starbucks) I get a tall 3 pump vanilla 1 pump caramel and 1 pump toffeenut latte with whip (:

You really, really want to like coffee. It’s an essential part of whatever self image you’ve decided you’d like to grow into. You want to be someone who wakes up and needs coffee. The smell, the brewing equipment, the ritualized habit, all these you believe to be essential elements in whatever nuevo-boho aesthetic you see yourself occupying in 5-10 years. 

You dream of lazy sundays in an oversized sweater, gazing longingly out your window of your studio at snowcapped mountains while the steam from your mug creates the perfect filter for the light of the sunrise peeping through the clouds. 

Moreover, you dream of posting this picture to instagram. And before any of that can happen, you have to like coffee. 

But none of that desire can seem to erase your need to put more sugar syrup than actual coffee in your cup. 

Relinquished (Old Review)


You can Ritual Summon this card with “Black Illusion Ritual”. Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; equip that target to this card. (You can only equip 1 monster at a time to this card with this effect.) This card’s ATK and DEF become equal to that equipped monster’s. If this card would be destroyed by battle, destroy that equipped monster instead. While equipped with that monster, any battle damage you take from battles involving this card inflicts equal effect damage to your opponent.


Can Be Found In: Dark Beginning 1 (DB1-EN015), Master Collection Volume 1 (MC1-EN003), Spell Ruler (SRL-EN029), Dark Legends (DLG1-EN055), Legendary Collection 3 Mega-Pack (LCYW-EN113), Starter Deck: Pegasus (SDP-001), Retro Pack (RP01-EN054)

Ritual monsters never got a big spotlight in the card game. They are the most expensive monsters to summon, and compared to even Fusion monsters back in the day they required the most cards to setup in the deck. Of course as the game got more cards and archetypes Rituals became easier to use, with some of them even reach competitive level like “Demise, King of Armageddon” or “Herald of Perfection”. But overall a few Ritual monsters get the interest of players, as the big majority gets easily forgotten.

“Relinquished” is one of the first Ritual monsters to appear in the game, and still is a monster to fear once is on the field. Is still the cheapest Ritual to summon thanks to its mere Level 1, but contains a big array of effects for control the game despise its low cost. “Relinquished” will equip opponent monsters and gain his stats (Unless the target is face-down). But “Relinquished” keeps giving even more beyond that, as not only the Ritual will survive battles getting rid of the equipped monster, but also will punish the opponent’s attacks by sending them the battle damage we take involving “Relinquished”.

As the cheapest Ritual monster in the game, “Relinquished” is assured the use of maximum three cards (Itself, “Black Illusion Ritual”, and any  non-Xyz monster), but we can even reduce the resources even further for not lose card advantage. If you run Level 1 normal monsters, “Advanced Ritual Art” can use one of them from the deck as tribute for teh Ritual Summon. On late turns or if the deck contains some milling we can use Djinn Rituals from the graveyard as cost, mainly “Djinn Releaser of Rituals” as will limit the opponent summons as long “Relinquished” is on the field. If we’re running more copies of the Ritual, “Preparation of Rites” will look for a replacement from the deck as we recover the Ritual Spell used for the first copy.

The mere pressence of “Relinquished” is already menacing, as will keep absorbing opponent monsters one by one regardless of stats and battle position. The Ritual becomes more dangerous thanks to his Spellcaster type, allowing him to combine forces with “Secret Village of the Spellcasters” for stop opponent spell cards. “Opti-Camouflage Armor” will allow “Relinquished” direct attack, a truly dangerous ability if the Ritual equips a high ATK creature. This can be done by using “Lava Golem” and “Volcanic Queen”, which will appear on the opponent field as we tribute the opponent’s best or hardest to defeat creatures. Finally and for cover “Relinquished” possible defeat on consecutive attacks in a Battle Phase, “Zerozerock” or “Level Limit - Area B” among others will stall the opponent from trying to destroy the Ritual. This can be specially effective with “Scrubbed Raid”, using the equipped monsters for end Battle Phases as we get a new opportunity for equip a new monster.

But even if “Relinquished” is defeated, he has a big number of tools for keep appearing from the graveyard thanks to his low stats as long he was correctly Ritual Summoned (Discarded or summon negated won’t work). “Limit Reverse” and “Graceful Revival” will summon “Relinquished” over and over as many copies we carry, reviving over and over for keep taking away monsters and get stronger. “Kinka-Byo” is probably his greatest ally, as although “Relinquished” will only appear for one turn, the Spirit can be used several times as long comes back to our hand and revive the Ritual each turn for take away monsters and get attacks going. Both the Spirit and the Ritual can even go further joining forces with “Infected Mail”, allowing “Relinquished” to direct attack for then “Kinka-Byo” revive it next turn and repeat the proicess.

Although its banned Fusion “Thousand-Eyes Restrict” is the one who took all the glory, “Relinquished” is one of the oldest cards in the game and is still as terrifying as back in the day, maybe even more. Is the Ritual which requires the less effort to summon, but still can create havoc on the field by absorbing opponent monsters and punishing opponents trying to face it in battle. Not only his low stats makes him quick to Ritual Summon, but because of it also receives a variety of tools nowadays that can make him one of the most dangerous creatures to face against. Going by direct attacks, stall, and continuous revival, “Relinquished” is the easiest Ritual summon and yet probably the most heavy supported in almost every aspect of a Duel.

Personal Rating: A

so far all I understand is that it’s possible exo is half naked, people are hanging from the ceiling on things that look like satanic ritual equipment and yixing’s arms were carved by gods

imagine the s10 finale ending like this: Cas, Sam and Charlie are performing a ritual to remove the Mark. They’re chanting, painting sigils with Rowena’s blood, burning herbs and when it’s almost done, Dean suddenly stands up, kicks over the ritual equipment, makes his eyes go black, yells ‘GOTCHA’, high-fives Crowley (who was pretending to be dead in the corner) and then they go kill some losers and rule hell. THE END.