Follow up on that new (to me) 3D camera I bought. The Rittai is alright, much easier to use since it has a built-in flash and auto winds, but the lens alignment isn’t great. Kind of a fun-house warping effect. And even scanning the film myself doesn’t alleviate flicking issues (although it helps).

Cool camera, easier to use than a Nishika, but lenses are a bit wonky. Will still use it.


Rittai 3D

Found another 3D 35mm camera at Camera Traders, this one I’ve never heard of and can’t find much about it online. Seems a lot better than my Nimslo and Nishika with its auto winding and built-in flash. Maybe this will get me back into taking 3D photos.

Open your music program of choice and post the first 10 songs played ran

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(Warning: this list is weeby as hell)

1. Rittai Kidou - Hiroyuki Sawano
2. Wake of the Martyrs - Secession Studios
3. Army Attack - Hiroyuki Sawano
4. Chokkaku - Shiro Sagisu
5. Fukaimori - Do As Infinity
6. La Distancia Para Un Duelo - Shiro Sagisu
7. Shiver - The Gazette
8. Near’s Theme A - Yoshihisa Hirano/Hideki Taniuchi
9. Blood Gets Thin - Pete and the Pirates
10. Enamel - Sid

I’ll tag the-ruling-child, ixumisena, kightsy, 104thscoutinglegionsquad, Nate River, Light’s Sister (idk her name), Sango, and whoever else feels like doing this.

kawaiipandora asked:

I will have to try that I imagine it would work wonders both the openings get me pumped

look up rittai kidou or somethign like that its the epic action theme that happens during episodes