ritsuko kawai

Christmas message mascots featuring the heroines from Dracula Musume Madonna (illustrated by Kawai Ritsuko), Wedding Peach (illustrated by Yazawa Nao), One More Jump (illustrated by Akaishi Michiyo), and Kocchi Muite! Miiko (illustrated by Ono Eriko). These items were bundled with the December 1994 issue of Ciao magazine and scanned from my personal collection.

No one talks much bout this one. 

Based upon what little memory I had there was this one show I remember watching as a young lad. Hamtaro ofcourse was one of ‘em that brought me into these timeless, adventureous series and I can’t thank it enough because of that. Hamtaro always had full bundle of energy, and I do like its design. 

Hamtaro © Ritsuko Kawai