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I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


Second part of this

My best friend told me that my handwriting is really ugly ,so i apologize for that !

Note : My best friend is a super cool and supportive person,she just thinks my handwriting is bad ~

Takenaka & Ritsu: Kiss/Cuddle/Fight

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I was going to do a mini comic thing for this but ya’ll can blame my rental agent for giving me zero warning of an inspection and so I’ve been frantically cleaning all night. I’ll write the idea out instead…

Takenaka frowned, distracted. And really, right now he would rather not be. But the words were incessant and repeated and they didn’t make any sense. Was he doing this wrong? The uncertainty was starting to dig little claws into his insides and his heart was racing for all the wrong reasons.

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Right, i was rewatching Mob Psycho 100 for the fourth time yesterday and i noticed something that flew over my head the first times

When Mezato takes Ritsu to MobDonalds to talk with him, there’s this poster…

… Right behind Ritsu

I don’t know if this had been pointed out already but nice foreshadowing


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah

reasons i love ritsu:

  • good kid
  • cares a lot about his friends and family
  • super smart
  • beautiful child
  • athletic without even trying
  • very extra hair in the anime
  • still kinda extra hair in the manga
  • a bit obsessed with growing up
  • can be a little shit
  • spoons
  • when he gets psychic powers he stops giving shits entirely
  • very serious
  • pretty sure he got so stressed he development psychic powers
  • best burns because he actually means what he says
  • protective brother
  • poor child had to deal with a serious brother complex during part of his childhood and teen years and when he gets psychic powers he tries overcompensate years of jealously, fear and inferiority with a burst of overconfidence, only to find out he’s not as powerful as mob or other people (his encounter with teru) so keeps on beating random guys because even though he feels he’s over people without any powers he’s desperate to feel confidence, he wants to feel powerful. then he encounters mob and he tells him probably the worst things he has thought during the course of the years and mobs call him out in less than 10 seconds and it shocks him because he’s not a bad a kid but he said some terrible things and yet mob doesn’t think he meant any of i. mob once again proves to be better than him and then he gets kidnapped and mob gets beaten so hard and he can’t even apologize. but then when he reunites with mob and mob just act like the cinnamon roll he is, he’s overwhelmed by mob’s love (this kid needs so much love) and cries and i cry  
  • so, incredible character development because of what i just said
  • almost never listens to music? like how edgy can this kid get
  • he’s so sweet too he’s not always edgy
  • favorite movie genre is human drama and i can see why

tl;dr: ritsu is a very good son and boy who has gone through some serious character development and needs lots of love

Ritsu Headcanons (Pt. 1)

wow i got another one of these done! yay me :3 i got like halfway through then accidentally deleted them so rip me but heres the brother that i love so much i cry every time. like these r probably really hecking biased because i love him so much but like! i dont care :3 anyways here they r

Mob // Teru //

  • really soft hair
    • like real soft. how does he do it
    • he uses the same stuff as mob but somehow his hair ends up like feathers
  • Huge sweet tooth
    • like u’ll find him late at night eating chocolate and hes like ‘… what dont judge me’
  • just all around defensive when he gets caught doing stuff hes not supposed to
    • with adults hes able to talk himself out of it but w/ others….. hes just ‘this ISNT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE youre making ASSUMPTIONS’
    • mobs just like ‘… ok?’
    • teru makes fun of him
    • shous just like ‘PASS THE FUCKIN COOKIES’
      • the first time ritsu was like ?????????????? ok?
      • after that tho he would see shou walk in and just hand him whatever he was eating
  • k so like hes demi
    • you can fight me on this but u’ll lose tbh
    • for a long time he thought he was just too focused on school and extracurriculars to ‘have time’ for crushes
    • but then like after a year of hanging out w/ shou, shou says something really stupid but endearing and ritsus just ‘oh shit. Oh Shit.’ 
    • mob kept finding all of the silverware bent into shitty hearts and undid them with a grin
    • ritsu was So Mortified the first time it happened
      • and all the other times but the first time REALLY mortified
  • mob… tries to help his little brother with this. 
    • fun fact: it doesnt work
    • once he tried to shove shou into a hug w/ ritsu but instead pushes shou down the stairs 
      • mob quickly walked away like so fucking fast
    • there were other attempts but like….. they were all as bad as The Stair Incident
  • shou is luckily so impulsive that like a month after ritsu realized that he was Kind Of In Love With His Best Friend hes like ‘uh ur blushing and its really fucking cute so like uh date me maybe?’ and it. works.
  • their relationship is soft and pure
    • angst? no fuck you im not about that shit
    • actually i am its gonna be on shous
      • just thinking about it is making me cry ahead of time and its only like half an idea fuck whatever
  • so like ritsus always fucking Done
    • especially when teru has to do anything with it
    • teru really likes to lovingly poke fun and ritsus just like ‘haha im gonna stab you now’
  • ok so like at first ritsu thinks reigen is just like manipulating mob but when reigen throws mob a Huge birthday party and asks ritsu for help he realizes reigen really loves mob and stops hating him
    • in fact that experience is when reigens like ‘welp ive got another child i have to care for’
    • how does this man continually adopt children. how.
  • has really cute freckles
    • like… really cute
  • has a pet cactus named ‘hanazawa teruki fucking sucks’
    • its marley for short but its true name is ‘hanazawa teruki fucking sucks’
    • why? teru gave it to him and said ‘i found ur clone’
      • teru nearly died that day

thats all i got for now! hope yall enjoy ;w;

Although it’s entirely two different stories....but

It’s both written by Nakamura-sensei. Like I said on my previous post, I’m starting to really think Cherry Blossom, is like a representation of their love or something and it feels like Nakamura-sensei really like to highlight this in both stories on two different pairings,

From Hybrid Child:

To Sekaiichi Hatsukoi:

Ritsu said the first time he fell in love with Takano/had a crush on him was around the time when the Sakura Trees were in full bloom:

That’s why when Ritsu sees the Sakura Trees, it’s hard for him to forget:

Because he is reminded of Takano every time, he is being reminded of his strong love for him.

^ Omg, Ritsu, I know how much you love Takano, but please tell Takano one day too because he really needs this confession on his end. I’m sure Takano’s love for you isn’t any less than your love for him *cries*

For me, I find this to be really sweet here, how Ritsu said (in his mind) that how it’d be great to walk through that together:

And Takano, was the one who took Ritsu to that path even though it was to sober him up but it all comes back to them being able to walk through that “path” to see the Sakura together, even though it took them 10 (long) years to be able to do that.

Like no matter how many years have passed, it all comes back to one big circle, because they were able to find each other again, they were able to rekindle their love for each other, their love that have started 10 years ago, and resumed 10 years later.

And when Takano held Ritsu’s hand to walk through that path and how the petals were falling in that background, it’s really romantic (yet, touching) to me, because it has always been on Ritsu’s mind how great it will be to walk through that together. It really just gives me all the feels ;_;

Yes, Takano, March 27th is Cherry Blossom Day, it’s also the day Ritsu was born as well as the day where it reminds him(Ritsu) of his love for you(Takano) because that’s when it all started, to the point that you took Ritsu to walk through that Sakura path together, even though it was to sober him up, but it’s destined, what’s meant to be, is meant to be. You guys really complete each other.

Ok, I’m getting all the feels after typing all this….


Anyways, the purpose why I made this post is because I find the comparison between the two stories to be quite interesting, even though I am not saying for a fact that Hybrid Child and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is connected in story-wise, but I am among one of those fans who like the idea (crack/headcanon) that Ritsu & Takano is Kuroda & Tsukishima reincarnated.

For me though, I don’t love Kuroda & Tsukishima as much as I do for Takano & Ritsu, but I do love the concept/idea (even though it’s just a crack (headcanon of mines)) that their love did not end, but it got continued on to their next life (Ritsu & Takano). It’s not a downgrade for me in the least for the Nostalgia pairing, because you don’t judge a couple by their past life, but their current/present life.

Well, that’s what I wanted to say on my end, I do, however, love the parallel between the Sakura Trees highlighting their love there. This is how I see it.

While you can’t get your happiness in the past, let’s hope you will be able to get your happiness in the end, because both Takano & Ritsu surely deserve this after all they’ve been through. Ahh my otp ~~

anonymous asked:

7, 13, and 18 for ritsu?

  • 7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you?


1 - example of a nice smile


and this one made me laugh out LOUD:

3 - frozen mob

AND MANY MORE, I wish I could draw them all! mob psycho has so many funny scenes

  • 13: Are there any specific MP 100 artists/writers you admire?

OHH yes absolutely, the mp fandom has incredibly good artists in it!!! I am amazed by great fanart and fics I’ve been seeing, here are just some of them that come to mind right now:

Fanart -> @savethebees2k16 @maria-ruta @nwarrior777 @ritshou (I love this specific artist’s style GO FOLLOW THEM) @florbe-triz (the cutest terumob in the store trust me) @freshritzcrackers (their ritsu interpretations have cured me of several diseases)

Fanfics -> so you know I’ve just started to read mp100 fics and boy I wasn’t disappointed with @uncannycookie ‘s of cold hands reaching . I’ve always felt that the end of Mogami arc was a bit too sharp and sudden? so many things happened, how would mob feel about it? how would he give them closure? this fic starts in that point. And it’s amazing! very psychologycally interesting. (☆▽☆) I’ve been wanting to draw scenes from it for a long time ldfgjfd

  • 18: What headcanons do you have for (character)?

I’m not good with headcanons, I don’t have that type of imagination? however I can imagine Ritz as the kind of person to have a secret twitter acc in where he can let go his true self

Thank you for asking!!!

mob psycho ask meme

These two are so adorable I would willingly kill for them. I tend to have a soft sport for sibling characters as it is and Mob and Ritsu are some of the best. I always get stuck on how to colour images since I don’t really have a default these days so practiced a comic style instead.

ALSO! I am doing a Mob Psycho theme for Inktober so if anyone has suggestions for drawings please feel free to send them though to me. I’m sure there will be some nights I get stuck. Thank you!

u uhh one of those mp100 characters as things i’ve done posts

mob: that time there was an event on campus and i forgot to pay two different vendors because they tried to engage in small talk and my socially anxious brain went on autopilot

reigen: me signing up as a school librarian just so i can abuse my power to return a book i’ve borrowed for years without paying the fees

ritsu: that time i was driving and almost hit a moving truck and the only thing that went on my brain was “huh. truck” while my driving instructor panicked and tried to take control of the wheel

also ritsu: memorized too many linkin park and evansecence songs in my teen years

yet more ritsu: i’m emotionally numb

dimple: if a broccoli vores me right now i wouldn’t mind

teru: me as a kindergarten kid who thought i was smarter and more talented than everyone and also i pushed a girl who sang better than i did and told her to shut up

tome: me setting my alarm to get up at 4 am so i can watch invader zim followed by this show about space on history channel and just got obsessed with aliens in general

shou: i accidentally punched my friend once right after she complained about a stomach ache so yeah

tsubomi: i was into badminton once that’s close enough to tennis

mezato: this isnt actually me but one time my friend did that national geographic photographer thing where she went into chest high water with a dslr camera just to photograph a barely visible frog

serizawa: i have anxiety lads. and i haven’t left my room in 84 years

emi: made a blog when i was like 11 and my brother criticized my grammar i havent trusted anyone ever since

takenaka: have a loud song playlist specifically for blocking people’s voices out

those girls from that all girls school: they’re gay and so am i

  • Ritsu: wow, the clouds look extra puffy today, huh? Reminds me of cotton candy.
  • Shou Internally: this is it. Right here. This is the reason I'm dating you. This is the reason I am absolutely head over heels for you, Ritsu Kageyama. The way you look up at the sky, the way sunlight hits your face, all of it. Every aspect of you is stunning.
  • Shou Externally: what are you, some fuckin cloud nerd? Lmao, get rekt
  • Ritsu : *blushes* b-BAKA !
  • Misaki : As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted by how much you’ve copied me,From the hair to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy. It’s disgusting. I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious. I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion.