So after securing our world cup bid we need to raise some money for travel. And coincidentally I’m pretty sure you want to purchase one of our “what’s you position?” shirts. You don’t want one (not likely) or already have one (good job) then maybe a friend or family member wants one for Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza or any holiday around this time I may be forgetting. Or maybe you just want to buy them one to show them you appreciate them, or that you’re sorry you forgot to feed their goldfish while they were on vacation. Whatever your reason is we know you want these shirts. So head on over to the RIT Quidditch facebook page and go to the photo album where you can get your hands on that order form. 


I finally, finally got to play quidditch. First time since my surgery, first time in 4 months. FINALLY :D

Knee did pretty great, although it was a tad achy. I wasn’t expecting to participate today, so I was just in my sneakers and jeans. Which wasn’t all that smart. The grass was a bit slick and I’m supposed to be playing in my knee brace. But everything went really well, if we forget that moment when Mike horribly and gruesomely tackled me and broke my leg.

Just kidding.

He just kind of knocked me over in a quaffle scrabble after I’d already started to slip on the grass. I fell the way I should have and my scar is only feeling slightly sore and bruised. Nothing a bit of ice can’t fix. Seriously, though - you’re fine, Mike and you didn’t break me. It all just makes me ridiculously happy that I’m back on the pitch.

I’ll totally be prepared for Saturday’s practice.

In the wake of all the amazing quidditch feelings you have going on it becomes very easy to forget about people like refs and snitches. Having done some of both of these I find that in the long haul reffing becomes incredibly more taxing on you. Snitches have to physically exert themselves, and it’s hard work, but it’s always a fun and amazing experience. And yes, snitches can make or break a game, but referees always make or break a game or even tournament. They have to make tough calls and more importantly make consistent calls. So why the picture of this attractive referee in front of the UCLA team, because I want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank this referee in particular.

Before I talk about him I would like to make a note of my relationship with referees. It’s not good. I’m a relatively athletic looking guy and I like to hit people. I tend to hit everyone hard be it Giant  barrel cheested men who could snap me over their knees or girls barely 5 ft who everyone is going to underestimate due to her size. In the end refs tell me to watch the amount of force and look for me to be behind or near the neck, but rarely make calls when players (specifically ones of the smaller variety) have been around my neck, punching me in the chest, or hanging on my back. I’ve had missed calls go for me and against me but the problem just tends to be inconsistent calls in a game.

Finally we arrive at the man attraction. That man up there is Sammy Mousa. He was the head ref for three of our games at World Cup VI and never stopped impressing me. From the moment he started the pre game by explaining that he will not tolerate disrespect of any kind I started to take a liking to him. He consistently made fair calls on both sides of the ball all day. Upon receiving a warning for a less than legal hit I politely attempted to confirm what the warning was for because sometimes I come at an awkward angle and I just wanted to know what the ref saw. Traditionally such a question has made refs very displeased with me as they think I am questioning their authority. Sammy however graciously explained what he saw and why he made the call he did. I even saw Sammy card players for rushing the field when a snitch was caught that ended up being no good. It’s a personal pet peeve of mine and I was inspired by his willingness to make the call. Throughout the tournament Sammy was polite, official and helpful, everything a ref should be and then some. He was decisive with his calls and knew to listen to his assistant referees. On top of it all, he didn’t have any breaks, he just kept going. With all of this I immediately found something to offer up when a member of our team suggested we attempt to bring him a snack late on Saturday. Without a doubt Sammy Mousa is the best head referee I have ever seen in quidditch, and I hope more referees become like him in these aspects. So thank you Sammy for doing such a great job and making our world cup experience amazing

Additional Travel Tips for Tournaments

Hey there boys and girls (and anyone else who might be reading this), I’m sorry we haven’t been posting much here but I’m the main person who posts on this and I have been distracted by an internship away from school (woo real life sorta). But anyways, WORLD CUP IS NEXT SATURDAY. Now maybe you remember our series on things to pack that I created just before Northeast regionals. If not you can find them under the Traveling Quidditch tag. However those were in November and not Florida  so I have some additional things to say.

Firstly, a raincoat- from what I’ve been told it is supposed to rain on Saturday  but perhaps more importantly Florida is humid, like really humid so if you get wet you will never dry. Plus it will help protect your phone and money. And it’s funnier if you’re not the person who forget their rain coat.

Secondly, water- yes I know it was already on the list, but people still didn't have it at regionals. Also Florida is hot as the lava in the center of your hot pocket. If you forget it and die of dehydration it will be a shame, but if you are on the side just really uncomfortable then it’s your fault and I will not take pity on you. (I will take pity if you do die from it)

Thirdly, sunscreen and bug spray. A good description of my skin tone is neon white. Henceforth I burn like somebody is paying me to do so. And since many of you may not have seen much sun yet you could burn. While you may not think its a problem, imagine trying to stop a charging Jamie LaFrance on sunday when your shirt hurts your sunburn on your back from saturday. As for bugspray; hot + humid = bugs, they sucj (literally) and nobody enjoys that, so you could use some bug spray.

Fourth, a pen and some paper- Maybe you get bored and like to doodle pictures of your favorite dark marks players, maybe you’ve started an anonymous tumblr that discusses players and teams and like to take notes so you know to feature more awesome RIT players,  maybe you want to write down the number of a certain snitch/player/commentator you find incredibly attractive, or maybe you have a reason that wouldn’t feed my narcissistic attitude and overly inflated ego. Regardless it’s the kind of thing with ten thousand uses that you have to find yourself.

Fifth, hey so since it’s hot in florida we don’t need warm ups right. WRONG, alright well i guess this is up for debate, but here are some facts, the sun will drain your energy so it’s nice to keep covered up. And personally i play better when I have a good sweat going.

Sixth, Stuff for the airport. So lots of us are flying down and most of us will go to the airports early in case something bad happens. But you might have everything go smoothly and have a bunch of down time (plus the flight). So bring something to do. For me that means, my fully charged ipod, my rubix cube and a book. (this time it happens to be storm of swords)

Seventh, Waivers and that junk. The IQA has lots o stuff for us to sign our lives away, your captains might organize this, but you can always be responsible for yourself.

Lastly the most important thing. This weekend, when you go to world cup. I don’t care who you are, what team you play for, where you’re from, what position you play, how good you are, how good you think you are, if you are my friend (which i would prefer), my rival, a HP fan, a college kid, or a random dude interested in the sport. The one thing that you better bring this weekend is…….






……your A game, because we’re coming for you, and if you want to beat us, we plan on making you work for it. 

Until then stay safe and have fun.


Travel Tips for Tournaments #3

Welcome one and all to yet another post about important things you should pack when you’re going to a tournament. The ever important item for today is WATER!

So if you hadn’t noticed you tend to get thirsty during a long day of quidditch. And although it would be real great if all tournaments provided free water for the athletes, you really can’t just expect it. It is very possible a tournament could be in blistering heat and you could be sweating a lot, but even if that isn’t the case it’s important to stay Hydrated so you can perform at optimal level. Personally I always bring 1-2 liters of water to a tournament, and I’m not generally nice enough to share it. Maybe you’re thinking “But the tournament might not let us bring in outside food”. But here’s the thing, the only tournament I’ve seen claim you couldn’t bring in food was World Cup V and that more applied to larger things like coolers or an entire pizza. I brought in water and nobody questioned it because it was bottles of water sitting in my bag.

Always bring water. Always, you need it to live. And at the end of a hard shift in a game, it is like the nectar of the gods.

Our first car just got back from our trip up to UOttawa

We had a fantastic time with our friends from across the border. We got to play against and hang out with members of the UOttawa and the Carleton teams. It was a welcome challenge to play the snow, as traditional winter weather seems to have been avoiding us this year. But mostly we enjoyed getting to hang out with so many great people, and of course buying some of their amazing calenders.

We had a great day today winning the snow belt conference end of the semester tournament.

We had three fought games against WEQL, Geneseo and UofR to take home the gold. Junghune Nam and a fantastic return to the pitch. After being injured early in the year he was back today with a passion, proving he deserved to be called the Hung-Jung Express. Another amazing performance was that of Josh Kramer. While always brings a fast-paced level of play which allows him to cover large areas of the pitch, he really stepped it up today. With multiple bludger catches that just didn’t seem possible (most one handed) he was a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. Everyone played really fantastically and we had a great time. Thanks to all the teams that came out.

3-1 in pool play. Looking good so far.

We started of the day with a solid win against RPI. Huge shout out to Allison Rabent who destroyed a keeper proving that she is a force to be reckoned with. We followed that up with a long hard fought game against Boston Riot lasting almost 45 minutes. John Glynn was on the top of his game boasting such achievements as a double beat and a play in which he regained bludger control by making 3 consecutive beats alone. Our third game was a close win against  the New York Badassilks. Dan Gagne was great in that game with a clutch snitch catch in that game. Our last game of the day was a 110-80 lose against Boston University. Brian Herzog and Tom Skudlarek set the pace for the game by putting some big hitting pressure on the Boston University chasers and each scored a goal.

We're back from breack and made it through midterms.

Due to our lovely trimester system many of us had tests of the midterm variety last week. Henceforth I never got around to posting a welcome back. So welcome back to all you quidditch lovers. RITQ has got an exciting couple weeks developing. This weekend were shipping up to Canada for matches with Carleton, Algonquin and U Ottawa. Trip up to Canada too far out of the way to see us? or put simply you just don’t think Canada will be enough snow for ya? Well don’t fret, the week after you’ll be able to find us in Buffalo, NY on Saturday the 26th for the third annual Flurrious festival tournament. I heard a rumor the fabled Ives Pond Quidditch Club will also be making an appearance. We’re excited for two weeks of cold, snowy quidditch.

Hey you! Yea you, are you excited? Well you should be because the RIT Dark Marks have their first official game of the season tomorrow!

That’s right everyone. The RIT Dark Marks will be making the grueling journey over to the University of Rochester campus to play a series of official games against our friendly rivals the UR Thestrals. Play is scheduled to begin around noon so if you’re in the area you should stop on by to see an exciting match up between two highly skilled teams. And if you’re not in the area (for some strange reason like fear of the cold) then we will attempt to keep you updated and will definitely post results at the end of the day. LET’S GO RIT!