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42nd annual César Awards winners


“Divines” produced by Marc-Benoit Créancier, directed by Houda Benyamina
“Elle” produced by Saïd Ben Saïd, Michel Merkt, directed by Paul Verhoeven — WINNER
“Frantz” produced by Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer, directed by François Ozon
“Les Innocentes” produced by Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer, directed by Anne Fontaine
“Ma Loute” produced by Jean Bréhat, Rachid Bouchareb, Muriel Merlin, directed by Bruno Dumont
“Mal de Pierres” produced by Alain Attal, directed by Nicole Garcia
“Victoria” produced by Emmanuel Chaumet, directed by Justine Triet


Houda Benyamina, “Divines”
Paul Verhoeven, “Elle”
François Ozon, “Frantz”
Anne Fontaine, “Les Innocentes”
Xavier Dolan, “Juste La Fin Du Monde” — WINNER
Bruno Dumont, “Ma Loute”
Nicole Garcia, “Mal De Pierres”


Judith Chemla, “Une Vie”
Marion Cotillard, “Mal de Pierres”
Virginie Efira, “Victoria”
Marina Foïs, “Irréprochable”
Isabelle Huppert, “Elle” — WINNER
Sidse Babett Knudsen, “La Fille de Brest”
Soko, “La Danseuse”


François Cluzet, “Médecin de Campagne”
Pierre Deladonchamps, “Le Fils de Jean”
Nicolas Duvauchelle, “Je Ne Suis Pas Un Salaud”
Fabrice Luchini, “Ma Loute”
Pierre Niney, “Frantz”
Omar Sy, “Chocolat”
Gaspard Ulliel, “Juste La Fin Du Monde” — WINNER


Oulaya Amamra, “Divines” — WINNER
Paula Beer, “Frantz”
Lily-Rose Depp, “La Danseuse”
Noémie Merlant, “Le Ciel Attendra”
Raph, “Ma Loute”


Jonas Bloquet, “Elle”
Damien Bonnard, “Rester Vertical”
Corentin Fila, “Quand On A 17 Ans”
Kacey Mottet Klein, “Quand On A 17 Ans”
Niels Schneider, “Diamant Noir” — WINNER


Nathalie Baye, “Juste La Fin Du Monde”
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, “Ma Loute”
Anne Consigny, “Elle”
Déborah Lukumuena, “Divines” — WINNER
Mélanie Thierry, “La Danseuse”


Gabriel Arcand, “Le Fils de Jean”
Vincent Cassel, “Juste La Fin Du Monde”
Vincent Lacoste, “Victoria”
Laurent Lafitte, “Elle”
Melvil Poupaud, “Victoria”
James Thierrée, “Chocolat” — WINNER

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bcarbuildpage  The initial run of the precision build was a success. Would have had a tighter grouping if the guy next to me wasn’t shooting a Desert Eagle .50. The percussion off that thing is insane.

The @geissele SSA 2 stage trigger is a definite game upper in precision shooting. The light pull switching to a heavy final clean break definitely keeps that barrel straight.

The 18" Hanson barrel from @ballisticadvantage even after heating up with over 100 rounds through it in a short period of time held tight. The RED muzzle break from @fortismfg held the barrel down and in line like I’m used to. When fuck face stopped shooting the groupings were very tight with quick repetitive shots. Given its only 25 yards and it’s me shooting (not a good distance guy) but I’m still very happy with the performance.

The Riton optic took quick a while to site in. The right/left adjustment did not track well for me. Once on target though it stayed for another 100 rounds. Time will be the test though so I will update on it once I get a little more trigger time.

Now this bad boy will be heading off to @tyrdefenseindustries for a cerakote job.