What what? Bag Raiders is really keeping it flowing at the fountain of music lately! They suddenly returned recently with their new exotic singles Nairobi and Savannah, a departure from their usual sound. Now, they give us this surprisingly slow tempo remix of Riton’s Meleka featuring tune, Inside My Head. Meleka’s jaw dropping vocals really take center stage on the emotional ballad, which takes me back to old epic 80’s film soundtracks.

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Cry to Liber Pater
By P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

Come to us now, Liber Pater,
the one the Greeks call “the god who comes”–

for we need you now, Liber,
in our cubicles and office blocks.

With your raucous dances
let us trample down the cubicle walls

and with your shouts of “EUOI! IO IO IO!”
let us make the fluorescent fixtures tremble.

May a flood of liquor pour down
through the halls and staircases

and let no one leave a desk
without first smelling of strong spirits.

Drive the accountants to inspired poetry,
the lawyers to lewd dancing,

the executives to maddened ravening,
and the janitors to pleasured inebriation.

From tall Olympus to the halls of Dis Pater
may only reveling prevail on this day;

may Liberalia fill the streets with throngs
of revelers enthralled by your sweet taste!

Ave Liber Pater!