I decided to experiment a bit with the way I usually ink my pics. I used to switch between Photoshop and Manga Studio. I dig the overall Brush + Lasso combo I have going on with PS, but the line stabiliser and overall more precise strokes of MS is taunting. Think I’m going to go with some sort of combination of the two.

Also, here’s a quick Medli as a Rito depicted in Breath of Wild. I do have to say I had a soft spot for the red eyes and beak-noses of Winder Waker, but the new designs are pretty original and memorable.

Also, in my head, Medli’s a mallard, ‘cause I’m a canadian baby boy…

Zelda: Breath of the Wild was amazing – really made me feel the magic of Ocarina of Time again!! I’ve been itching to do this one… had to finish the game first. :)

Based on Edmund Leighton’s “The Accolade”.