The Literary Club and the Classic Literature Club switch clothes

By Rito

Hiroomi: This uniform also looks nice on you, Mitsuki.
Mitsuki: Yeah, but I wish the bodies would switch too.
Akihito: Kuriyama-san, if you don’t have any glasses on you, use these.

Satoshi: There sure are a lot of glasses in here, but…?
Eru: Mayaka-san, you’re so cute!

Permission was granted by the original artist to use this image.

My contribution to the GA-HQ project “Link’s Friendlist.” I had Quill from Wind Waker, but I got a bit carried away and ended up doing more of a tribute to Dragon Roost in general. Whoops! Also, I discovered a lot of feels for Komali’s dad while drawing this. I think he’s my new favorite WW character. Sorry Quill, you’ve been booted. XD