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Just in regards to Rory meaning Red King, and Moffat’s obsession with fairytales, it’s interesting to consider the role of the Red King in Alice in Wonderland; where the story revolves around a game of chess ending in Alice’s checkmating of the Red King, after the taking of the Red Queen (Amy?). Alice then acknowledges that the Red King had, after all, been asleep throughout the whole game (fobwatch?), and is left wondering whether the whole experience was her dream or his.

毕扬 submitted: Some things that I haven't seen mentioned

Alright - I’ve seen a lot of theories on your blog, but some are missing or there’s unmentioned detail:

1 - Why assume it’s the Chameleon Arch? The first episode ever with the Master is Terror of the Autons - and the Autons are the plastic, what Rory was for two thousand years. Rory could have been a perfectly normal human before the Master became a part of him - see the 1996 movie. The Master’s mind has possessed people before that, too.

2 - Again, looking at the 8th Doctor movie - the Master simply refuses to die. Irrevocably exterminated by the Daleks? Big deal. Flung in the Eye of Harmony and “eaten by the TARDIS”? Eh. Just like Rory always comes back. “It seems we must always meet again.” - The Master in Survival.

3 - Rory is the one getting continuously more disillusioned with the Doctor in Series 7 and Pond Life. “I hate it when he does that”, plus more attitude telling the Doctor what to do, like when the Doctor kisses him in Dinosaurs. Hmmm…

4 - Arthur Darvill has said that he isn’t a part of the show anymore. Pretty sure that if RITM is true, the Master will regenerate in his battle with the Doctor (who has developed a bigger killing streak lately). New recurring villain? Yes, please.

This feed is great fun, thanks for keeping it up.

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Umm why didnt he know his name? I mean I know “ahh daleks!!” But who forgets their name?! WHY did he get sent into the ground? Its like Moffat is doing it to us on purpose!!! “Oh look i got sent all the way to the bottom so let me pop out my flashlight i happened to carry on my way to sign divorce papers and oh look daleks lets touch them for some reason” WTF?!?!?! WHYY?!?!?!


adreamersdelusion submitted (with my comments added): Theory Created at 3am at a Lock-In...

Yes. Me and the other three creators of this theory have no life. :P

It probably makes no sense but I’m still no thinking clearly sooo here goes.

We know Amy and Rory’s exit next season is in a weeping angels episode. So hear me out before you shun this. (there are inconsistencies, but it’s fairly well thought out).

Lets assume that the fob watch/chameleon arch would blur memories to help make you fully believe a new identity; ie if a timelord were to go human, they would still age slowly, but their memories would make them believe that they’re living a normal life span. (this is our inconsistency- help? I’m not sure how likely it is… But being human/timelord, with the use of the chameleon arch, there has to be something right? Unless of course they end up just living a human life span? We really don’t know).

We don’t really know whether the chameleon arch creates memories entirely (it did for the Doctor, but we don’t know whether that’s how it worked for Yana; one experience isn’t an acceptably varied control group) or masks Time Lord memories in order for new ones to take their place.  Let’s assume it can do both, depending on the situation.

So, moving on to the theory. First consider Let’s Kill Hitler. The banging in Rory’s head that first started these psycho theories. Moving on to the coming season, in which Rory and Amy supposedly leave in a weeping angels episode. What if, in the weeping angels episode, Rory doesn’t actually DIE. What if he gets touched by an angel and sent back to the past. At this point, he still believes he is Rory. He knows from his travels with the Doctor, that he can’t mess with time, so he’s stuck. Yet he continues to (slowly) age. Assuming our previous theory about the fob watch/chameleon circuit blurring memories and helping you continue to believe your fake life, he lives to the end of the world, with the beating drums in his head getting progressively worse. This is when Martha, Jack, and the Doctor (10) come in. To the little old man genius who is actually Rory who is actually the Master (who has slowly had all his Rory memories wiped away) ~chills~

Then it continues with how the show progresses.

In The God Complex, Rory had no room. He had no faith. The Rory we know has faith. A lot of faith in a lot of things. But if he were the Master, it would be a fake faith in a fake life (chameleon arch), and the prison would know. Right after The God Complex, the Doctor drops them off. Because he’s suspicious. He’s starting to realize that something is up.

I’m kind of freaking out over this bit. ‘Fake faith in a fake life’. YES THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.


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In the episode "The Doctor's Wife" when rory amy and the doctor reach the 'scrapyard', which the doctor clearly indicated is OUTSIDE the universe, the first thing rory says is "So we're at a scrapyard, at the end of the universe?"... Personally, I find it strange that rory believes/knows that there is an end to the universe, as most people don't even think about that or believe that there is an end to it... just something i noticed lol :)

This is a very good point.  For a nurse, Rory seems very interested in finality ;)

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what if tho. what if the reason the Ponds leave as being companions is not because they want to grow old or adopt but because Rory is revealed to be the Master who came back somehow and the Doctor has to defeat him and he's finally trapped/killed and Amy is too heartbroken. And so Amy's like horrified because her best friend and husband and the love of her life was all a lie like John Smith to the human woman. So then she leaves the Doctor all alone and Oswin comes back somehow. What if.

This is basically how I’d expect it to work.

It would probably really hurt.

Not looking forward to it.

but I actually am

Garan submitted: Rory's Dad

The huge issue with the theory is: We meet Rory’s dad. It basically blows the theory out of the water, especially with the fact that they were “gene-linked” and therefore Rory couldn’t have been adopted. The only answer then could be that he is the grandson of the Master, but this is highly unlikely.

The gene-linking is a huge problem for RITM theorizing.  There are potential ways around it (i.e. maybe the Chameleon Arch is able to copy genetic code when disguising a Time Lord) but they all seem to be reaching.

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Wasn't the white point star destroyed? If it was, how could the banging in Rory's head be from that? And do you think that maybe Amy knew the TARDIS was bigger on the inside, and she told Rory, and that's how he knew?

The white point star WAS destroyed, but it was only used to establish a physical link between the Master and Gallifrey.  The psychic link, the banging, was already there.

It is possible for Amelia to have talked about the bigger-on-the-inside phonebox, complete with swimming pool, but that wouldn’t explain how Rory understood the concept of the TARDIS as another dimension in space.

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Well I just finished watching End Of Time again and though I don't really have any more ideas it did make me have a lot more empathy for The Master. I was reading someones theory the other day and I do find it weird that Amy lost everyone but Rory to the crack in her wall...

Exactly. I brought that up at some point earlier on, but someone else might have as well.

Not to mention the fact that we have never heard or seen anything of Rory’s parents. I know that the series focuses more on Amy’s point of view, but the fact remains that some sort of attention should have been paid to Rory’s parents at his wedding, at the very least… but it wasn’t.

The Master is a very intense, passionate character; his main goal, despite how strangely he goes about it, is to not be alone.  Where the Doctor is fire and ice, the Master is just pure fire, blazing away regardless of what he burns down in the process.

Rory is also an extremely passionate person. His love for and devotion to Amy are above and beyond what you’d expect from an ordinary man. Like the Master is wont to do (from what I’ve seen), he has found an ‘obsession’ and he has never let it go. He will support and love and cherish and protect Amy til the day he dies… and even longer still.

Just like Donna took a Time Lord’s intellect and made it better with her humanity, so has Rory taken some of the Master’s more intense personality traits and turned them into something wonderful: Rory Williams, the boy who waited.

…Okay, this wasn’t what I anticipated when I first started typing. I’m in a 'Rory Williams is the perfect man’ mood today. Do any of you get those? It happens to me all the time.

Why, why, why? [Submission]

I keep seeing that question over and over, but you know, the why should have come up a lot sooner. Like, for instance, why is the Doctor’s name (which “is hidden. It burns in the stars, in the Cascade of Medusa herself.”) so critical and dangerous? Why could it destroy the universe? And then, we know it’s so important and so critical to him, why would River, who loves him dearly, not only ask, but ask him in a place and time where he had no choice but to answer truthfully (see: Fields of Trenzalore) and basically force him to give her that dark secret?

If Rory is tied to the Master, effectively making the Master River’s father, but he’s still trapped in the time lock with the rest of the Time Lords and River wants to save “Daddy”…

What better way to get out than to crack the universe (maybe even with the help of Omega - speculated to be the voice we heard through the crack saying silence would fall) and slip into the life of Amy Pond, become her best friend, fiance, husband and father of her child. Then, use that child to get to the Doctor. After all, who else was he going to fall in love with?

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Apparently Benedict Cumberbatch is meant to be playing The Master? metro. co. uk m /tv / 891491 -benedict-cumberbatch-to-play-doctor-who-nemesis-the-master

That is the rumour, and it would definitely be awesome!  If the RITM theory is true, I think Rory would be revealed as the Master and then end up regenerating into Benedict.  

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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just thought I'd mention seeing as the latest episode might have made any RITM theories obsolete because Brian is Rory's biological dad... I know this is far fetched, but Rory injected his dad with something he said was a painkiller and stuck something he said was an ice pack on him... But...What if he knew how they'd have to fly the ship and prepared something that would alter how Brian's genetics would be read or something... Just a thought.

That is always a possibility, but I personally don’t think that’s so – just because I consider Rory’s Master-ness to be dormant and his love for Amy genuine. Rory deliberately changing his father’s genetic code suggests a malice and forethought that sort of cuts the Amy-Rory love story into shreds.

Helena submitted: rory master's son?

people all over the internet have been coming up with theories about rory being the master and one that paticularly caught my eye was about him being the master’s son.

either there’s something fishy about this or something immense is going to happen:

1. I saw on the internet (not sure if it’s true) that on the episode with the dinosaurs in it, the doctor, rory and his dad were riding a dinosaur. If that’s true then something immense is going to happen in the episode called “dinosaurs on a spaceship.”

2. If it is true then that would explain why river is half time lord. (let me explain the significance of this, river song will be appearing in the new series. If, somehow, (like the master did) rory once knew he was time lord and disguised himself for so long that he forgot who he is. Then when he sees mels regenerate into river song he says, I have a banging in my head, which is the main focus of most of this blog, maybe the raw energy he was exposed to when he saw this happen had the same effect as the master’s (and the doctor’s) fob watch. Maybe this means something: maybe he is slowly turning into the master/master’s son and that is why river song is coming back because in the episode where she explains the tardis diary, she tells them that as her timeline gets further along, the doctor’s(and therefore Amy and rory’s also) goes further back, maybe she already knows and that is the purpose of her returning - OMG the doctor could be married to the master’s granddaughter!)

There’s my theory, hope this shapes yours.