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Is it possible to build a decent deck around Rith the Awakener, or is she just another overcosted beat stick that's way past her prime? I've been attempting to build her for months now but I think I need a completely objective opinion on this matter.

Rith’s token production requires that you jump through a lot of hoops. You have to wait a turn to get your tokens (unless you have a haste granter, in which case you’re on the hook for at least 9 mana between her casting cost and triggered ability) and how many you get is dependent on the board state.

Overall, she compares unfavorably with the other token Commanders in Naya. Hazezon Tamar makes lots of tokens without having to connect and commit additional mana, while Gahiji is a cheap anthem that discourages people from attacking you. 

If you’re less interested in tokens and are just looking for a Naya-colored beatstick, then Samut and Uril are both promising Voltron commanders. And of course, there are lots of Commanders that are better than Rith if you’re willing to look outside her color identity.

Topi’s Daily Card #992:  Adriana, Captain of the Guard

Yet another RW commander with a focus on combat.  To me she’s a little unexciting, but she does have a lot of power behind her.  A five mana 4/4 is a little misleading, because attacking by herself makes her a 5/5, and if you spread he love around, she’ll be a 7/7 in a traditional 4 player EDH game.  Giving everything else melee gives you a pseudo anthem for every combat, making a token strategy pretty potent for her.  Keep in mind putting things into play tapped and attacking doesn’t trigger melee for the creature that just came in, meaning their power and toughness will be unchanged.  I see her more as a support card in a deck more focused on wide token attacks, perhaps a Naya deck with Rith at the helm.  After all, when you’re attacking everyone, it’s essentially an Overrun just without the trample.  I’d love to see melee more often in EDH.  It’s got a lot of power that I’m sure people will easily underestimate, even if they think they’ve done the math.  Lowly saprolings or soldiers suddenly turning into an army of 4/4s is pretty awesome, after all.  


The sun was in his eyes again. With an annoyed huff, he turns over to try to keep the bright menace from blinding him. Could they not get a pair of curtains for this room? Honestly. Try as he might, he can’t manage to get back to sleep after such an awakening.

Last night’s heist dragged on later than it had any right to go, and now the sun won’t even let him have some well-deserved rest. Though, glancing at the clock, it was really rather late, wasn’t it…? He can hear distant movement elsewhere in the hideout, and given his roommates weren’t exactly the earliest of risers, that meant he’d really slept in.

He’d slept that long, and was still this exhausted? Well, it was likely just a byproduct of his especially eventful night.

Well, maybe there’d be some coffee. Even though he knows Jigen would’ve been the one to make it, which meant it would be strong enough to make him gag… Ah, whatever. Some caffeine might help to ease the splitting headache throbbing behind his eyes. Anything to get rid of that.

He stumbles drunkenly into the kitchen before dropping into a chair at the table- deep bags under his eyes accented by hair even wilder than his usual bird’s-nest make him a sight for sore eyes.

“…I sure hope you left some coffee for me,” he rasps.

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Upon your return to your room, there is a large cake waiting for you on the inside. "To Rith, from friends" was written on a little note. With the sound of a closing door, an cake-covered halfling popped out of the confection. "SUHPRISE!" he cheered, wiping smears of cake off his leather. His rust-colored hair was matted and smothered in icing, as was the rest of his face, but it could not hide the unmistakable grin. "Oi, miss! Lick me clean, wouldjer?" he joked to her.

And here it was again. Her birthday. She was no longer a child and didn’t pay much attention to celebrations anymore. But it kinda felt weird how normal it was. There was no more sleepless nights filled with wonder, nor more early wake up filled with glee and awe. Her parents weren’t waiting for her with pies and presents. As her brother no longer visited specially for that peculiar day. Her sisters, well they never did come.

Now it just felt like any day, with its chores, duties, and every day repetitive tasks. It wasn’t even a day off. After all she couldn’t postpone her quest, world saving was an every day thing. The paladin sighed. She was an adult, that was normal, she couldn’t expect to be treated like a princess for the rest of her life. Now it was her turn to make children smile. And yet…

Part of her wanted everyone to stop and look at her. To celebrate her, to wish her the best, even if the best was… maybe an illusion. Yes she wanted fun and presents, parties and fun. And more than all that, she wanted to smile. To be recognized for who she was. Not the hero, just Rith. 

That’s on these thoughts that she pushed her room’s door. Nostalgia made her look a bit pensive. She dropped her bag on the floor, noticing a bit late the gigantic cake. What was that? But she didn’t have any time to frown, as a certain halfling came out of it covered in cream. 

The elf jumped and fell on her bottom, looking totally stunned. Her mouth open, she couldn’t quite process the situation. Was that Tomi?! It seemed like it. But why? What was happening here? And did he say “lick me up”? Or her ears were mistaken? 

“What?! What does that mean?” 

She got up and approached carefully, but it didn’t look like some kind of illusion. Poking the cake, she tasted it on her finger. Then she gave a strange look to Tomi. Like that they were the same height. Her brain couldn’t help but register that now she could kiss him pretty easily. 

“Hem I mean, why are you in a cake ?” 

como cuando te creas cuenta en amino despues de mil años(?)

dejenme soy especialmente cobarde y retrasada mental,por eso no pregunto como se usa(?)

pd:i’m not dead,but i’m not back now,i only want public this shitpost in spanish,and say more stupid things,like “"my birthday is in this month,the day 25 :D,nobody cares but is okay :"D”“ or idk(?)

por cierto,si eres chileno/a,eres de santiago y vas a ir a la expo anime de este año en la estacion mapocho y quieres conocerme,pues es buena suerte encontrandome ahi,voy a ir con Bety-Sama(y la madre de esta(?) ambas iremos con mochilas por si las moscas,yo probablemente lleve alguna chapita con la t de tumblr o alguna cosa personalisada,ademas,Bety-Sama ira cosplayada de taiga,a si que ya sabes,quieres conocer a esta chica random,ve a la expo de anime y me encontraras ….. o no :3

pd2:lo de las cosas personalisadas es lo que me mantiene ocupada,ademas que despues de ese desahogo que tuve por lo de xx amiga me enferme,pue eso

pd3:lamento la calidad de imagen(?)

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Hair, skin, and build?


Rith has thick, dark auburn hair. It’s pretty long and mostly straight, even if humidity can make it a little bit curly. (especially these little new hair). It doesn’t grow fast, but it’s now just before her butt. Its texture is quite smooth as she usually treat it with flower oil. That the one beauty thing she doesn’t forget. She doesn’t know how to do complex hairdo so she usually wear a high ponytail or a french braid. Sharwyn used to style her hair for events, and she liked to comb it before bed. (She also is the one who taught her to use flower oil instead of nuts oils to give a nice perfume to it) As for body hair, well Rith is lucky to be pretty hair less as an elf. 


Pretty tan and golden with some yellow undertones. She doesn’t have many moles nor scars, as she heals herself with magic. (She only got some moles on one of her legs, a few on her arms and 2 under her boobs) Her skin is pretty smooth for the most part, but her hands and feet are a bit rough. She has a strange mark on her back, wich isn’t that visible. It’s a light scar shaped a bit like a sun. She also tends to get freckles in summer and tan quite easily, she is lucky and doesn’t burn easily. (Even if she’s careful, sun can be harsh). Her skin isn’t too sensible, but it can get red if irritated by rough fabric. She doesn’t mark easily. (She’s lucky to have been healed by priests many times, if not she would be covered in scars) 


Tall for an elf, Rith isn’t too small compared to human women. She has an athletic figure, slender yet muscular. She has the grace of elves, even if she doesn’t recognize it. She is well proportionate, with a thin waist. Her breast isn’t small but it’s not very big either. (Let’s just say that it’s round and firm as her muscular ass ;p) She obviously doesn’t look like a bodybuilder, but her muscles are visible in light clothing. (maybe like gymnast or athletes) But she doesn’t like her thighs because she feels like they’re too big. Her hips aren’t too developped, and her shoulder are a bit square. 

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First you were posting/reblogging things against clo//ti for a while and now you're against ze//rith too? That 's mean and petty, I think I don't like your blog anymore... I love cle//rith but those kind of things give such a bad reputation to us cle//rith shippers! :/ You don't need to prove that your ship is better than other couples to enjoy it.

I’m sorry, but this isn’t an OT3 blog this is a blog dedicated to clerith, not Z/erith or C/loti. This blog exists to give clerith fans a place to see clerith beliefs, that includes dispelling common myths about Z/erith, which many Z/eriths use to undermine the clerith relationship.

Zack/Aerith were a past relationship, it never got serious and it was, as the creator’s described it, “puppy love”. Aerith even turns Zack down in Maiden of the Planet and says she loves Cloud more than she ever loved Zack multiple times. That’s all I’ve ever said about Z/erith on this blog… save for the few times where I brought up how Zack had multiple girlfriends while being “with” Aerith. I did discuss that a few years ago… As for C/loti, I have to dismantle that ship whenever people crosstag and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Either way, I am sorry this blog isn’t what you were looking for, but I can happily suggest @zacleriths​, they’re a blog dedicated to CloudxAerithxZack  and if you’re into CT I suggest our affiliate @strifelockhart, I think that would fit your interests better than my blog which is solely about defending the clerith ship.

motivational snippet #84719

Never let it be said that I don’t entertain myself: this piece of dialogue has me cracking up.  I will forever love my dorf squad and the honorary legionnaires.  I don’t know whether this will make the cut, but I sure hope it will because Rith mocking Carver has been one of the best things to come out of this exercise.

“That’s what, eight things at least?”  Rith puts his hands down; he’s been keeping count.  His voice drips with so much sarcasm that Carver wouldn’t be surprised to see a puddle on the floor.  “But no, you don’t love him.  Just friends.”

Carver scowls.  “I haven’t said anything that a friend wouldn’t say.”

“Maybe you should try kissing him,” Rith suggests with a horrifying cheesy grin.  “That should clear things up right away.”

“Maybe you should,” Carver retorts, having nothing else to fall back on.

Rith snickers.  “No thanks.  For one thing, I don’t actually love him.  For another, you might get jealous.”

Carver makes a noise of frustration.  “I don’t love him!”

“I don’t love him!” Rith mimics him, complete with an awful accent.  “I’m Carver Hawke and my partner of ten years is in love with me and instead of saying no I don’t love him back I ask someone else about how I’ll know if I’m really in love, for real - “

“I don’t sound like that!”  In the back of his mind Carver knows he’s being a brat.  “And I don’t get jealous.  He’s had so many people in his bed there’s no way I can be jealous.”

“Oh,” Rith says, nodding.  “I get it.  You want to be one of those people then?”

“Not at all,” Carver fires back.

“Why’s that?”

Carver sighs.  “Because he doesn’t have any attachment to them.  They’re just bodies and fun for him.”

“You’re saying you want to be more than a warm body and fun, then?”

“Andraste’s fucking tits, no!”  Carver deliberately does not mention the conversation where he got upset with Taka for not fancying him or finding him attractive.

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Eyes, legs & mouth {{Can't believe I didn't send one earlier ToT}}


She hasn’t big round eyes. They are thin, almond shaped, and always alert. Their amber color is quite vibrant and pretty even if she thinks it’s dull color. Her eyelashes are a bit thick but not too long. Her gaze can be intense, she don’t blink that often. She also tends to look people right into the eyes, which can be uncomfortable for some. 


Her mouth is well drawn and kinda plump, her cupid’s arc is pretty visible. She has a very lovely mouth. She doesn’t smile that easily, and when she do her lips are usually closed. She don’t show her teeth often, except when she laugh. Though her teeth are quite white, and healthy. (Someone once said that it wasn’t very feminine to grin with an open mouth.) She tries to apply balm but often forget ,as her lips can be a bit dry.


Not too long, yet not too short. They are poportionnal to her height, quite solid and steady. Her legs are kinda muscular for an elf, yet elegant. They’re not too thin, and she has some moles on the right leg. She also has some scars near the ankles, but luckily it not that visible. Her knees are a bit sharp and a little more dark.


Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodian genocide research centre - Zaha Hadid

The always opinion-dividing superarchitect Zaha Hadid has produced a design for a large wooden building that will serve as an archive for documents related to the atrocities committed in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge period of the 1970s… more commonly referred to as the Cambodian Holocaust. 

The project has been led by human rights activist Youk Chhang who was imprisoned at the age of 15 during the period. He selected Hadid to produce the design in the hopes that her extreme style would be a departure from the typical approach to memorial architecture. 

“We were keen to create a forward-looking institution that deviates from the distress-invoking, quasi-industrial, harshness of most existing genocide memorial models” he said.The best memorials are not objects we visit once, contemplate, and file away. The best memorials evoke reflection and commemoration, but are also living, dynamic public places that engage with all generations in the community”.

Comprising of five towers between 3 and 8 storeys in height, the building will house a museum, library, archive and graduate school. The visual identity has been derived from various Cambodian landmarks including the Angkor Wat temple. 

See more at: Dezeen

The hunt begins

Aku looked up at Rith on her horse and frowned slightly, looking at the animal with an unreadable expression. “Horses don’t like me very much, usually they get spooked.” She shifted and  then began to smile. “But I can keep up with most of them so no need to worry about speed. If you let me run on ahead I can follow their track much closer than you can from up there.”

The tiefling took a few moments, stretching out her arms and back before rooting around to find the tracks again, once she’d caught sight of them she gave a smirk over at the paladin then took off after them, occasionally leaping up so Rith could keep her in line of sight and follow. 

Tracking was nothing new, though she rarely needed to track people Aku followed as best she could, leading the pair towards the foothills of the nearby mountains. She glanced back to see if Rith was doing alright keeping up on her mount and went to the side to find a more horse friendly route for them. 

By dusk she could feel her chest burning and her legs ached but it had been quite enjoyable, at least for Aku. She would have kept going if she had been on her own, and figured it wouldn’t be the best idea up here so she stopped  in a circle of boulders where it was sheltered from the wind, not to mention it seemed like a campfire had been in the middle some time ago. 

With a huff she flopped onto her side  and stretched out, trying to wait for the aching to stop before speaking. “Think they hid out in a cave up here?”