Photo: Map of Poland before 1939

■ World War II is a sensitive subject in Poland, for good reason. They’ve gotten a bad reputation as somehow being involved or responsible for the concentration camps. The truth:

■ Over 50,000+ Polish people gave their lives to save the lives of over 450,000+ Jewish people. More than any other country. Poland is also the highest number of people honored by the Riteous Among Nations.
Out of the 11 million killed in concentration camps, 6 million were Polish.
The reason Poland was even chosen in the first place for the concentration camps was because Poland was the most religiously tolerant in Europe, and thus had the highest number of Jewish people.
The concentration camps were German/Nazi. There was not a ‘Polish Concentration Camp’.

■ Propaganda in the aftermath of the war created the myth. Poland was the only country the Germans enforced the death penalty for aiding a Jew. Not just death for them, but their entire family. Yet still thousands of Polish helped.

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