rite of election

It’s getting real, Catholic fam.

I just realized I have to order my Easter Vigil dress and my Easter rosary pretty much this week so that they both get here on time (I doubt the rosary will, but I’ll try anyway.) Between that and the Rite of Election this past weekend, it’s starting to sink in that this is actually going to happen. I’m actually going to receive Jesus in a few short weeks. This is so amazing and crazy and scary and…AAAAAA. I’m feeling every possible emotion right now.

Loads of prayers would be appreciated too.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to thx u and the other blogs, the fic writers and all the Billary world 4 being so amazing! Srsly rite after the election I was so sad then I found tumblrs like urs and then the fics and I resurrected. I found myself not only fangirling over Hillz but also over Bill and the cute couple they make (who knew?I was convinced theirs was a political partnership,fuck msm) I'm not ready to come out as a Billary girl yet (i live in a red state) but here I can find comfort so thx!

Wow I’m glad we helped 🌷