It is impossible to look at Miasma.

Martian artifacts are her life. Once, she may have been a young scientist with nice hair she liked to wear in a bun and perfect teeth and bright eyes. But every little artifact she dabbles in starts to shape her in subtle ways. Her eyes are shifting between deep martian dust red and warm yellows. Her face is akin to a mirage. Look away and look back to her and something will have changed. No big loud changes, but small ones— nose is sometimes slightly crooked, maybe it becomes bigger or sharper. she has freckles and the she does not. lips are full and deep red and then thin and pale. her hair has soft waves and then its dry and straight, the hue shifts from darkest browns to the lightest blonde in the course of a week.

Perhaps the worst change is her voice. She is becoming martian and naturally her voice is changing to speak martian. English is fading from her tongue. There is a solution, of course, in her collection of martian technology. Miasma will buy your voice from you. just to give herself some extra time. Hastily put the words back into her throat. And the rough work gives her tongue rough edges.

Deep in your subconscious it makes you sick to your stomach…you cannot look at Miasma or hear her scratchy voice without knowing in your bones something is very very wrong…