Shoutout to the admins that work hard EVERY single day. Ya’ll are honestly what makes this rpg world a better place. Coming up with PT’s, working on graphics, whatever the case maybe. Ya’ll don’t have to do it but ya’ll do anyways. Kudos to you that do it all on your own, also. I know you may not get a thank you every time so consider this your thank you. 

Has anyone ever found like a rping partner who was just the best? And you kinda sorta got attached to the relationship? Not like “oh my fuck lemme fuck you harder harder harder in RL” but like a “can I just keep you?” No? Just me? Alright.

[[this is the year of the lover..]] : a playlist of songs that put you in the mood or to listen too when you’re in the the mood. disclaimer: I am not responsible for any rpg pregnancies. 

 01. Set The Mood Right - Justin Timberlake // 02. Meeting In My Bedroom - Silk // 03. Inside Part II - Trey Songz // 04. Fuck You All The Time - Jeremih ft Natasha Mosley // 05. Signs Of Love Making - Tyreese // 06. Can You Handle It - Usher // 07. Demostrate - Jojo // 08. Sex - Chris Brown // 09. Sex Therapy - Robin Thicke // 10. Boss - Tinashe // 11. Lay Your Head Back Problem ft Chris Brown & Tank // 12. Naked - Lloyd // 13. One Night Stand - Keri Hilson ft Chris Brown // 14. Like A Virgin Again - Tyga & Chris Brown // 15. A Night Off - Drake ft Lloyd // 16. Lay You Down - K-Young // 17. Tell Somebody - Chris Brown // 18. Pussy Is Mine - Miguel //

Let me just say this.. RPGS don’t have to be flashy or have nice graphics or anything for people to join. If someone likes the plot and could really see them self be that character then join. People get so caught up in the glitz of a theme and the glamour they forget the real reason why we RPG. The main page could be a blank tab and link to the plot and if I like it I’m gonna join. Sure.. the themes may be gorgeous and theme is so complicated you’ve got gradients and blab blah blah. At the end of the day.. its not about that. I dunno.. I’m just in a ranting mode. 

Spilled: In General.

I honestly think what the urban rpg needs is a little more stricter admins and diversity. But it seems like we get these things people hate on them with reporting it. 

Admins need to realize that rpers are not your friends. Take what do seriously. Meaning type correctly, come at your rpers with respect and stand up for yourself. You don’t have to be a cold hearted bitch but being leininant doesn’t always work with certain people. If you don’t want to write bios for your characters, don’t. That’s not your job as admin. 

Also, we need to stay away from the same tired ass plots. A little less high school and sex rpgs and a little more serious plots like crime and murder mystery. It seems like everyone comes out with the same plot nowwadays and its literally nothing to join. I’d love to see application processes instead of just regular asking to be certain people.

Rpers ya’ll have some serious growing up to do. Maybe I’m being too dramatic but shit its the truth.

I just wanna say that..

This how you really see how close we are. You effect one, you effect all of us. Moments like this do bring us closer together. Through shade, through ya’ll throwing demands and even bad sex secrets. You can honestly see how close we are and we’re coming together. We’re a community, you fuck with one and best believe the rest of us are bout to fuck with you. It’s sad that rpers don’t get it or some niggas are just so jealous to see that.. its petty as fuck.. If you’re a urban rph and even if you not, that shit was wrong. 

anonymous asked:

Tips on fighting?

Of course Rih gives this one to me.. Alright, listen up. I’m a pretty aggressive and violent person OOC and I used (when fighting in a RPG)  that to my advantage. Be mindful and realistic when fighting someone, you can’t win every fighting. 

Grab Her Hair

Its typical in girl fighting, bitches love to grab hair but like I stated before, use it to your advantage.

  • Grab her hair, wrap it around your fist, use your other hand and punch her face repeatedly.
  • Or grab her hair and yank it, pull a couple of tracks.

Although grabbing hair is a weak bitch move, do it. [shrugs] 

Hit Hard: 

Make sure you specify how hard your hitting them. If you give a weak ass baby punch your surely gonna lose. 

Hit all kinds of places. Think of her face as a target, the more you damage it the more points you collect.

Do Not Godmod:

Theres tons of way for you to be descriptive without godmodding. You never know how the other person will react y'know? Be realistic. You ain’t breakin nobody’s bone by punching them wherever and what not. 

There’s No Rules In Fighting:

Remember that shit. If you fight be prepared to fight. Kick, bite, punch, swing, grab, pull, slap, choke, slam, throw, curse, whatever it may take. 

Be mindful of where and how hard you’ve been hit. Lets say you’ve been hit in the face, stumble back and charge at a bitch. 

Other Things:

If you still need a couple of tips I recommend these:

  • Watch fight videos
  • Watch a episode of BGC
  • Watch Layla Ali fight
  • Go play fight with your dog or someone (I learned how to fight, fighing with my brothers all of the time)

Being Pulled Away:

When you’ve been pulled away, that’s it. Let the fight go. Curse and scream all you want too but that’s it. The fight is over and people are over it. Don’t continue to drag out a fight that’s been going on for longer then 20 mins. People won’t care anymore, let that shit go. 

Like I said in the beginning you can’t always win. You may lose some and you might win some. If you still feel like you can’t win, gif fights are highly welcome y'know. Beat some bitches up. 

Hopefully this helps, I know it was major detailed like it could’ve been but my mood is eh.. anyways happy fighting!

Like it or not we get hella attached to our characters and thier love lives.. even though we’re technically not supposed to, shit’s fucking hard. And if you’re saying you don’t, you’re a dirty fuckin liar. 

Spilled: Seniority.

So you’re in a rpg for a long time and suddenly a splurge of new people come in and you shade them? Uh uh, boo boo. That shit don’t fly round here. 

Just because you’ve been in a rpg longer then someone it doesn’t make you any better or greater than them. You just don’t suddenly become a OG and have the power to shade the incoming people for no reason. I’ve been in countless rpgs where whenever we got a new person, people would talk shit about their fc or their bio. That’s not okay. It makes people feel unwelcome and it makes people disappear.

Now lets say this new person sticks up for themselves and now other people who’ve been their longer decide to jump into the conversation, shading this other person. Now do you really think a person is going to stay if they feel attacked? 

I personally think rpers need to learn how to be welcoming and admins need to call out players on that because its not right. 

Get. It. Together. 

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if you 19, if you 23, if 10. I don’t give a fuckkkk. If you wanna para or rp we can. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number. I’m 104 and I’m rpin. Who gon pop me doe haaaan? I’m still rpin with the best and the worst of em’. [breathes from my oxygen mask]

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