Jane By Design season finale: Thoughts and Feelings.

Since I JUST watched the episodes, I’m just going to comment on the parts thatreally grabbed my attention. I’ll definitely be making a few of these….

When Grey told Jane that she only sent her to London because she was Jeremy’s friend, not because she was special or talented 

When Eli was the first to greet Jane when she came back to Donovan Decker 


When Grey said that she never lost faith in Jane throughout it all

When Jane got her $5,000 check

When Billy and Jane were back together 

When Billy and Zoe kissed in the hallway


When Eli told Jane the truth about sleeping with “someone else” and acted like it was Jane’s fault 

When Ben told Rita he wanted her back and she didn’t do anything

Then when Rita marched out onto that field and kissed Ben 


Then I had to rewind to make sure 




Then when that Zoe chick apologized to Jane saying that she now realized that she “has nothing to worry about.”

Then of course….that hug between Billy and Jane where they both didn’t seem to want to let go



So many feelings with Jane by Design last night...
  • Billy/Jane : I really want them to be together but I think that, for now, Jane doesn’t deserve Billy. Billy is the friend every girl wants to have, he’s always there for Jane, no matter what. When she needs him, he comes to help her, he will do anything for her. But she’s not really there for him.. I know he said he was fine, but we can see in his eyes that he needed her.. How can’t she see how much he wants to be with her? OPEN YOUR EYES, JANE!
  • Ben/Rita : WHY?!? I love them so much! This couple was so adorable, and Ben really loves her.. :(
  • Ben/Billy : This scene killed me.. :( “Her star is rising and mine is crashing and burning.” My poor Billy, I hate seeing him like that.. And I love Ben. Seriously, this guy is amazing, he always knows what to say. “You have always been there for her, you need to let her be there for you." 
  • Billy/Zoe : Maybe I will be the only one to say that, but I think I like Zoe.  I think she can be great for him.  And I liked seeing Billy smiling and laughing with someone else. 
Who thinks Rita Shaw and Ben Quimby will start dating?

I think they’ll start liking each other, now that they work together and all. And how he was like, “I’m gonna win you over, Rita Shaw. Just wait and see.” hahahaha that was so funny. But I’m not sure if he was serious or not. When he left she like smiled to herself it was so cute! Who else thinks they’d be totally adorable?