i actually get really pissed off when people talk shit about Rita.

heres the thing, I liked Rita! people say she was suffocating Dexter and whatever but give me a fucking break. for one, she didn’t know he was a serial killer. for two, they wanted the same things from life and she had NO problem giving him space once he asked her for it. she was supportive and warm and a good person. she didn’t deserve to die ESPECIALLY not in the way that she did. it was completely fucked up. FUCKED UP.

and Dexter did love Rita and she was helping him become a real person. a human. but unfortunately she didn’t get to see how much she affected him until it was already too late. but because or Rita and the kids, he became human. she started feeling. if it weren’t for her then we wouldn’t have seen him love or even hear him use that word.

which brings me to Lumen because I liked Lumen a lot and they were perfect for each other. now I’m only on season 6 so I don’t know about his Hannah person yet but I’ll get there eventually and give my opinion on it when it comes.

but i really liked Rita and Lumen so there we go. they both were what Dexter needed and they were good people. UGH whatever.