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If Rihanna Can Go Platinum Giving ANTI Away For Free, What Does Platinum Even Mean? - Stereogum

“…. As the line goes, he’s not a businessman, he’s a business, man, and Rihanna is one small piece of that business, damn. Tidal is a bigger one; Roc Nation is bigger still; and Samsung is bigger than all of them combined. Samsung employs nearly 500,000 people and has total assets of $529.5 billion. Whatever it paid for ANTI to go platinum will ultimately have a negligible impact on the company’s bottom line. It cost them nothing. Which is also what most people spent on the album: nothing. And you know what? The tangible cost of all this to Rihanna is probably also nothing. She’s already filthy rich and she’d be filthy rich if she just gave away all her music from now until the end of time. But make no mistake, that plaque on her wall? That’s worth nothing, too.”