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It’s been three years since I started this blog! I know it’s not much of a big deal to many but this blog has been a way for me to escape. I’ve met so many amazing people who I want to thank individually but there’s too many 😂😭 I don’t have the exact reason why I decided to start this blog! I’d made a main one and I think I saw lots of fanblogs and thought “ooh I wouldn’t mind making one of those” so of course I chose Calvin :) it’s been a good three years! I was 14 when I created it and now I’m nearly 18 😱 Not only has it been a crazy three years for me but it also has for Adam! 1. The release of 18 Months, Motion and the singles in between 2. Countless awards and world record breaking 3. A history of dating including Ralvin, Caarika and the ultimate Tayvin 4. Touring and performing and slowly getting bigger and bigger and bigger There are so many more amazing things he has achieved over the years and I am a proud proud fan and I’m sure so many more are too as the fanbase grows! Three years is a long time and especially long for me to keep something up because I’m very lazy so I’d have to be very dedicated in order to have kept the blog running. I’m hugely dedicated. Thanks again for following me, making me laugh and for keeping me blogging! Vicki x

50shades is glad to announce the incorporation of Rita-Ora, a new and one of the very first Rita Ora’s group-blog. Hope you can all follow us here in this new project we are making!

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