rita greer

‘Robert Hooke, Engineer’

By Rita Greer

A memorial portrait presented to the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University in 2009. It shows Hooke in Oxford with important work – a wheel barometer, his microscope and copy of 'Micrographia’, a pocket watch, optic, spring and universal joint. He is holding a chain to make a catenary arch and on the wall behind him is a map of the City of London which he helped to survey and rebuild after the Great Fire of 1666.

The Coffee House

By Rita Greer

Coffee Houses played an important part in the social life of Robert Hooke. Only coffee and chocolate were served (no alcohol). Here news could be had, conversation, arguments, meetings, card games, wagers made, workmen could be paid, etc.(Hooke would sometimes carry out a scientific experiment in front of a coffee house audience as witnesses.) Hooke is shown writing (bottom left) at a table with people waiting to talk to him.