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Image descriptions in the captions.

This is why I pay Adobe $30 a month for Photoshop. 

Pretty much all of these puns were made by the amazing @ace-pergers-pigeon. All of the art is by @disasterscenario, with the hopefully obvious exception of Miasma, which was drawn by me. (Why yes, I do go to art school. Glad you noticed the years of training  that went into that painting.) 

BTW if you want to print these out and give them to people for some reason, if you click on them to enlarge the original files are 4x6 at 300 dpi for your high quality low-res printing pleasure. 

You have encountered A  DIAMOND  DOGE





You have chosen PET DIAMOND DOGE


Happy Mother’s Day Everyone, as I’m about to have Breakfast with my Family & Work on Mother’s Day, Here is a Tribute to the Animated Moms from my Favorite Programs, Such as Minerva/Finn’s Mom & Marceline’s Mom in ‘Adventure Time’, Rose Quartz in 'Steven Universe’, the Almighty Mrs. Brisby in 'the Secret of NIMH’, Rita Loud/the Loud Kids’ Mom in 'the Loud House’, & Linda Belcher/the Belcher’s Mom in 'Bob’s Burgers’.

Honorable Mentions:
Hilary/Mordecai’s Mom, Barbera/Rigby’s Mom, & Muscle Man’s Mom in 'Reqular Show’
Littlfoot’s Mom in 'the Land Before Time’
Bambi’s Mom in 'Bambi’
Mrs. Squarepants/Spongebob’s Mom in 'SpongeBob Squarepants’
Miriam Beaks/Harvey’s Mom in 'Harvey Beaks’