rita and friends

sgt pepper explained
  • sgt pepper: the beatles are having an identity crisis
  • a little help from my friends: ringo wants drugs (and the boys got him)
  • lucy in the sky: the john lennon equivalent of hanging his son's drawing on the fridge
  • getting better: wtf yeah i guess it is
  • fixing a hole: paul has chores
  • she's leaving home: paul john and george martin's lonely hearts club band
  • for the benefit of mr kite: scary circus (normal circus)
  • within you without you: george and george martin's lonely hearts club band
  • when i'm 64: things we said today but with grandchildren on yerr knee
  • lovely rita: faul's thirsty for the lady who killed paul
  • good morning: john went for a walk today (oh boy)
  • sgt pepper reprise: the beatles try to convince us once again that it's not them but they're gonna have to try harder than that
  • a day in the life: was george even here

In secondary school I used to have a friend, who wore only puma clothes, because if you read puma as Russian cursive, it sounds “rita” and that was my friend’s name.


Elsa Kirsch asking the important questions - Mason Hewitt giving the answer we were all thinking

“We said you could tell them not bring them into the inner circle.”

Rita Minute 2 HeadCanon

Okay, can we agree that the surprise Rita Minute today was just the pick-me-up we all needed after Final Resting Place? Especially now that we know that Rita and Juno probably became friends while working in the HCPD and left together? So much history to break down. 

But all my head is coming up with is Rita remotely locking Nureyev into Juno’s apartment when Juno is out to interrogate him Via hidden Rita Drone. 

For Example:

Nureyev: “Miss Rita, if you would be so kind and open the door, I would reward you handsomely. I am sure we can work something out" 

R1T4: “I’m afraid I can’t do that Mistah Nureyev. We need to have a talk about you and Mistah Steel. Take a seat”

Nureyev:“ No I, ah, there must be a misunderstan-"