Girls don’t want boys, girls want pictures of lunettes!MV (2k17)

Non parce que ce qui était pourtant ÉVIDENT depuis des années s’est révélé à nos yeux récemment.

MV porte des lentilles.

On ne voit que ça !!

Et il fallait s’en douter, puisque MV a eu sa période lunettes, qui lui réussissait… moyennement

Mais MV maintenant, portant des lunettes avec une belle monture, je crois que ça m’achèverait. Gimme.

whenever i get asks telling me abt problematic pe/dophil//ac artists, i dont like publishing the ask bc, well, idk exactly why. i guess i dont like throwing around ppls urls like that and dont like to get too too involved in the discourse. i will, though, answer any asks from ppl who want to know who i was informed about.

oh, and also, if u ship or draw anything that is p/edo/philac, any ns/fw of minors? any re/imob or rit/smob or danny and vlad or etc? please unfollow me. i mean, i cant stop you if you dont unfollow me, but i just want you to know that my blog, my content, is not for you and your nastiness and your continued insistence that you are doing no harm


R.I.T class project - Historic Event
Giving tribute to South Korea’s Sewol Ferry

Please do not claim my class projects to be yours, I worked very hard on this project for 2 weeks. I had to research information about South Korea’s Sewol Ferry Disaster and drew more than 12 designs for posters. 

I added “Ribbon In The Sky” and B.A.P as “hashtag”, since Bang Yongguk gave a tribute to Sewol Ferry.

A ritual for the banishment of enemies and the quick justice in regards to those who put you or ones you love in harm’s way.

Find a Black or White Candle, a bowl filled with water, black paint, and tormentilla or basil.

Light a candle devoted to the ritual of the bat.

Hold your hands in the symbol of the bat (link thumbs together, spread out hands, turn fingertips down to the floor) and say:

Sapiéntiam vespertilionis voco.

Ego instinctus evocant vespertilionem.

Intuitus sum Hecates evocant.

Et vespertilionem volant super capite meo.

Et super caput volitant vespertilionem caris meis.

Signa potestatis ut cera saecula teneantur.

-          Put a spot of molten wax over your third eye to be only removed after circle closing.

-           Fill a bowl with water to the point where its not to far from being shallow. Place the lit candle in the center of the bowl. Place the three lit black candles around the bowl in the shape of an inverted triangle. Pour black die/paint around the white candle into the water visualizing all your negativity flowing from out of you as well as from out of your environment, pull in all the negative energy you can transfer and dispel it into this bowl of water. Take the picture of the person of interest and hold it in your hand of power as you recite the incantation…
“Hear my power call out to thee,
O'Mighty Goddess Queen Hecate,
Move against him/her as she/he to me,
Thus she/he blaspheme ever my name stub her/his tongue upon thou teeth,
Thus she/he move thou hand or foot against me immobilize before thou reach,
Thus she/he bid me found bewilder her/him unto foreign land,
Thus she/he raise enemies against me mutiny upon her/him alone shall thou stand,
Grant me courage to fear not my adversary nor weapon he/she bear,
For thine is my Goddess Queen Hecate so doeth to take care.”

Sprinkle tormentilla onto your enemy’s picture and roll it up and recite: “By might and By magick, By Light and By Darkness, So mote it be.” Then burn the tip of the picture with the white lit candle. Then burn the middle of the picture with the black candle closest to you. After much burning extinguish the picture in the dark water.

Tormentilla = Cinquefoil or Cloverflowers

When cutting the service of this spell, make the symbol of the bat over the flame as you extinguish the bat candle and the candles of Hecate. 


A Day Through a Deaf Person’s Eyes

-directed by Rachel Soudakoff-

This explores some of the different aspects of daily life that deaf or Deaf people face, such as encounters with the police and the advantages of ASL. 


@okimi79aka SilentSinger’s Compendium of Sin


Thesis is finished, posted, and ready to be shared with the world! Thank you so much to everyone involved and who supported me on this year and a half long process. Enjoy!