How they react to your death - The Mikaelsons

Klaus Mikaelson:

You were the only person who was there for Klaus unconditionally, regardless on whether you believed he was in the wrong, you would never turn your back on him, you loved him and in his millennium on earth he had never met someone as unique and special to him,as you. Klaus reacted as expected when you were taken from him, initially he lashed out at those close to him, he blamed himself for what had happened for you and for introducing you to the danger and chaos within his life. But eventually Klaus began to see that his destruction and rage would not be what you wished for him, he began to support those who were close to you and carried out your wishes as you would have done had you been around to fulfill them yourself.

Elijah Mikaelson:

Elijah considered you a sister, he felt he could turn to you whatever his situation, whether it be an oh so often rist with Klaus or your opinion and advise regarding Haley he knew you would be there for him to offer your support and your honest opinion. For this reason when you died Elijah felt lost, he no longer had anyone to turn to, in fact when he learned of your death it was you he needed to talk to, to seek refuge from the horror which had occurred, it was clear to him not he nor his family would recover from your loss for quite some time. While he maintained his strong and collected manner within the public domain, behind closed doors he let himself go. Elijah would turn to Haley to relive his experiences with you and keep you alive within his memory.

Rebekah Mikaelson:

You were Rebekah’s best friend, you offered her someone to vent to when Klaus had stepped out of line, a shoulder to cry on during a feud with Marcel, but more importantly, someone she could go out with and let go of all of her worries regarding New Orleans and the Mikaelson family drama which.seemingly followed her around wherever she went. After your death Rebekah no longer went out, she couldn’t let got because she felt she was betraying your memory, she had pushed Marcel away and for a time, blamed Klaus for your death.

Kol Mikaelson:

When Kol had returned to his vampire form you helped him to control his hunger and bloodlust, you were an ear to listen to him when he felt excluded from his family and he also looked to you for advise when it came to making Davina happy, When you died he became further estranged from his family as you helped to unite them so without your support he found himself alone. Kol became a monster. With no one to keep his bloodlust in check he devoured entire towns full of people with little remorse.

Why taking honey doesn't harm bees

Bees actually dont spend their entire lives collecting honey! Bees only collect honey for storing at the very end of their life. For most of their lives they are nurse bees, or collecting pollen and nectar for short term storage (like feeding their brood) Baby bees actually eat a mix of uncured nectar and pollen, not honey.

A bee colony in an area like texas will need about 50 pounds of honey to make it through winter with more to spare. Because these bees were bred to store more honey than they naturally need, colonies often produce upwards of 80 pounds of honey a year.
A good beekeeper will not harvest honey from a first year bee colony because they need a surplus to build comb with. After the first year the bees will produce very little, if any, brood comb as it is already large enough to sustain a good population. A second year bee colony will produce far more honey than necessary.

Lets say you were to just leave the bees alone, letting them build up honey.
Firstly, your bees would swarm. Swarming is a dangerous thing for bees, very few swarms survive. They risk being sprayed by humans or moving into bad places (such as inside someones house)
Another thing that can happen when youre colony swarms is small hive beetle. Small hive beetles take advantage of any unguarded honeycomb (after a swarm there will be less bees guarding the comb) and they will wreck havoc. I have seem this first hand and its is awful. Too much honey is not a good thing.
It’s irresponsible to let the bees run out of room like that, which is why taking honey is useful. You take a box of honey, and you put an empty one on. Now that the bees have more space to build comb, their swarming instict will be surpressed. A honeybound hive is easily at rist of collapse.
Although it sounds nice to “leave all the honey for the bees” it honestly is not helping them. They have absolutely no need for such a surplus they were bred to collect.
I know this sounds like a dumb human who acts like they know more than the bees, but its true.

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Robin Roberts voices character on ‘Doc McStuffins’ for National Cancer Survivor’s Day

The Cancer Episode of Doc McStuffins

As soon as Doc went on the air we realized we had an audience of the bravest kids on earth - the ones facing cancer, chronic illness, the kids who’d had accidents and faced surgeries and long hospital stays. They called us, and wrote us, and behind the scenes we have been sending them voices and notes of encouragement. Most of our kids have made it. Some haven’t. When they don’t, I get in touch with their parents.

Over the years we’ve considered this silent part of our job a privilege, and I remember so many of these kids and their stories. George who was wheeled into heart surgery with his Stuffy in his arms (and with a recording from Robbie Rist to help him be brave) and of course Riley who fought so hard, and didn’t make it.

I knew we needed to do an episode for kids for whom a kiss and a cuddle weren’t enough. They deserved to see their struggles represented on screen. And we had to be the ones to do it.

It took four seasons for us to have earned the trust to make this episode. And we couldn’t have thought of anyone more fitting to make it with us than Robin Roberts. —————— Chris Nee (Creator Of Doc McStuffins)

I’m trying to imagine how my Warden would look around the time of the Inquisition, because he has changed a lot from the teenage brat he was in Origins. He would be an apostate now, travelling around with Jowan, looking for a way to stop the calling. He left the Wardens and the Circle, and no one knows exactly where he is. 

He’s half elf, half human and I do not give a damn about Dragon age lore saying that all human/elf children look like human. My warden looks mostly like an elf, but with slightly smaller than average elf ears and the ability to grow a beard, although not a very thick one.

After the Circles of Ferelden rebelled, the Hero of Ferelden disappeared along with the blood mage Jowan. Jowan, whose life had been spared after the newly appointed Warden-Commander had taken him under his protection, swearing that he would be responsible for the mage.

Most people claimed that Jowan had the Warden-Commander under a spell and had forced the hero to disappear with them, but some spoke of darker things. People with more knowledge of the Grey Wardens spoke of the Hero of Ferelden turning to bloodmagic, since no warden can kill an archdemon and live to tell the tale.