risotto risotto risotto!

How did Prosciutto come to be chosen as Risotto’s second in command?

It was more than just the fact that it was a convenient option when Risotto was first assigned Sorbet, Gelato, and Prosciutto to work with. The recently-promoted Capo immediately saw potential in him - both stand and person. 

Risotto is definitely no stranger to finding unique and creative ways to use his stand. Think about it: At the surface, Metallica controls metal. That already supplies a lot of obvious and powerful options for attack. But Risotto took things further and zeroed in on the most precise, deadly, and terrifying way to use his stand. Not only that, he did even more to experiment with his abilities and found a way to use his stand as a cloaking device. He covers sheer power, precision, and defense very well instead of just sticking to messing with metal in the area. 

Back to Prosciutto-

By no means did he lack confidence, but he had some doubts about how well his stand could be used for assassination. But Prosciutto was determined to better himself, and by teaming up and training with Risotto he was able to refine quite a few strategies. 

Recognized imperfection alongside a drive for improvement was what impressed Risotto. From the Prosciutto was not only able to admit his own faults, but he was also a responsible man at his core. He possessed a charisma that Risotto lacked as well - That made him a perfect person to carry his orders and communicate with the rest of the group.

To this day Risotto is confident in his choice. Had Prosciutto not fit the role, he could have easily been replaced with someone else. But their duo of command is one of the best in Passione, and the friendship that has developed between them helps to maintain La Squadra’s strong dynamic of brotherhood.

Today’s excellent character of the day is Risotto Nero from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!!!

Risotto is the leader of La Squadra di Esecuzione. He’s a serious and focused man who wears one of the weirdest hoodies I’ve ever seen. You do you, Risotto! He is prone to outbursts of violence but usually appears calm and collected. He’s very perceptive and good in a fight! Keep on being excellent, Risotto!

Nicknames for Jojo Characters Part 5

Giorno Giovanna/Joestar/Brando: Donut Boy and his stand Flower Child and his stand Requiem Loop

Bruno Bucciarati: Deadly Tongue and his stand Tight Leather Zipper

Leone Abbacchio: Beta Goth and his stand Useless but Aesthetic

Guido Mista: Fourever Fool and his stand Brat Pack

Narancia Ghirga: Precious Knife Son and his stand I’M AN AIRPLANE 

Pannacotta Fugo: Traitor! *Spins stick* and his stand Fucking Cancer Mate

Trish Una: How does my hair work and her stand Solo Tour

Older Koichi Hirose: I’m gonna murder you in your sleep and his stand Crushing Force

Older Jean Pierre Polnareff: THEY TOOK MA LEGS and his stand I still Have My Legs and his stand Requiem Araki Made Me After Watching Freaky Friday

Slightly Older Jotaro Kujo: Stop Giving Me These Cameos and his stand Doesn’t Even Get To Ora This Part

Coco Jumbo: Josuke True Foe and his stand Green Room

Polpo: Fat Bastard and his stand Darth Stabth

Mario Zucchero: Let’s Be Honest Most Of You Forgot About Me and his stand Deflation

Sale: I’m Selling Free Mista Asswhoopings and his stand Just Chill

Illuso: I’m Not A Freaking Michael Jackson Impersonator and his stand Who The Fuck Said There’s No Such Thing As A Mirror World

Pesci: Punk Boy and his stand Dad’s Hobby

Prosciutto: I’m Not A Silver Fox…Unless I Want To Be and his stand Portable Sauna

Formaggio: Cat Man and his stand My Feet Aren’t That Small

Melone: Call Me Daddy and his stand Parental Issues

Ghiacco: I’m Done With This Frozen Bullshit and his stand Not A Fucking Catsuit

Tiziano: Give Me Your Mouth and his stand Tongue Sucker

Squalo: Curly Fry Hair and his stand ARE THOSE FUCKING PIRANHAS

Carne: Just Fucking Kill Me Already and his stand Could I Beat Ultimate Kars

Secco: Dirty Boy Take A Bath and his stand Shovel Suit

Cioccolata: I Look More Alien Then The Actually Alien and his stand The Moss

Risotto Nero: Alpha Goth and his stand That’s Fucking Metal Mate

Vinegar Doppio: Thought To Be A Sweet Boy Actually A Salty Boy and his stand It Kind Of Wasn’t My Stand

Diavolo: Mister Faceless and his stand Drunk Time Travel