cutehomosexual  asked:

Time heals everything because ignorance slowly dies and doesn't get passed down to the younger generations

Don’t remember the racist chant from a University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) chapter? Where do you think they learned it? These young people are the future judges, lawyers, doctors, and educators of white America and they are perfectly comfortable with white supremacy. 

Of course this doesn’t even touch the surface of black, brown, yellow, and red face on university campuses (and elsewhere) across America. Young white people love to appropriate cultures they know nothing about because white supremacy is, in part, about entitlement.

Remember this guy, Darren Wilson, the killer cop who killed 18 year old Mike Brown? Wilson is in his twenties, even younger at the time he decided to unload six rounds into a black child. Wilson is just one cop of tens of thousands of cops out there enforcing a system of white supremacy, being taught to shoot now and deal with court later. Might I remind you of how many black, brown, and indigenous people police kill.

To top it off, Brown was portrayed as anything but an innocent child. Which brings me to this guy:

Dylann Roof, the 21 year old who murdered nine black people at a South Carolina church on June 17th, 2015. Roof entered the church and sat through a whole portion of the service before getting up and gunning down six black women and three black men. Where do you think he got the motivation to commit mass murder? 

And even with his monstrous acts the media still treated Roof more kindly than it did Mike Brown. And then there is this case:

Three white teens from Brandon, MS, including Deryl Dedmon (pictured above), went “hunting for black people” in Jackson, MS. They found 49 year old James Craig Anderson and subsequently ran him over, then repeatedly backed over him to ensure he was dead. Where – no, from WHO – do you think these teens developed the hatred in their hearts to carry out such an odious act against another human being? 

It is dangerously naive to believe that simply letting time pass somehow will rectify racism in America. It’s been 500 years already! Yet the genocide of indigenous peoples continues, the brutalization, marginalization, and dehumanization of black and brown people continues, and the tokenizing, appropriation, and subjugation of nonwhite people shows little sign of slowing down or halting. 

Only active resistance can bring an end to white supremacy – and its co-habiting systems of oppression. This requires understanding its resilience and scope while waging war against it at every possible juncture. I asked over and over from where, and from who, did these young white people learn their hatred. The answer is they learned it from other white people, their elders, and their history. I want to see that history interrupted, constantly, because as Cutcha Risling Baldy recently wrote:

“[H]istory is about power. The ability to tell the story is a very powerful thing. And the history we have learned in the west, is about justifying, maintaining and supporting the illusion that western civilization, western control of, western ownership of this land was inevitable, beneficial, and destined (manifestly).

From a different perspective, history is not so benign. In fact, it is a constant presence meant to deny Native people’s very existence. Because if Native people exist, then all that history comes in to question. Who we will be, it’s not so set. And we are a country, not so settled.”

I don’t want to passively wait for history happen to us. I want to be in it, changing it, and creating it in a way that embodies liberation and justice.