risky graffiti

You grew up in a neighbourhood where life wasn’t always easy and graffiti has always been something your friends could use to express themselves. They usually do that late at night and you sometimes tag along when you believe it’s worth it.

Seokjin – He’s extremely tired when he receives a call from a police officer telling him to come and pick you up at the police station. It’s one in the morning and he doesn’t understand why you’re there and what you’ve done and he’s too worried to even ask before he hangs up the phone and gets ready to drive to get you. He’s a bit upset but he’s worried more than anything and only scolds you a bit before taking you home.

Yoongi – He’s pissed. Like, really pissed. It’s not the first time he gets a call like that and you had promised you wouldn’t get caught again and he’s just mad at you. It diminishes a little but when he picks you up at the police station and you seem scared and upset. He loves you and no matter how much he’d like to give you a piece of his mind, he’d rather put you first once again and wait until tomorrow.

Hoseok – He panics basically. The moment he gets the call, he runs into the living room where the others are watching a movie and asks Jin to drive him to the police station. No one asks questions. Once at the station, he runs to you and envelops you in a warm embrace. He’s so worried he forgets why you’re actually here and doesn’t say anything except for «Yah, don’t ever scare me like that again!»

Namjoon – Same as Yoongi, he’s pretty mad at you. He supports your actions, as surprising as it is, because he understands perfectly what you and your friends are trying to do with graffiti. It’s risky though and he had told you to be careful but you had to get caught. It could be bad for the group’s reputation but it’s not what he’s thinking about when he gets the call. He’s mad but also worried because he knows despite your tough demeanor you’re very sensitive. He comforts you when he gets to the station but doesn’t wait to speak his mind, wanting you to understand. «I promise, it was the last time. None of them actually defended me when it was their fault we got caught…»

Jimin – He doesn’t care what you did or if he should be mad at you or not. He’s just scared the moment he gets the call and hurries to Jin’s bed to wake him up and asks him to drive to the police station. Even though he’s tired, the older member accepts in a heartbeat and Jimin runs to you when he gets there. You’re tired yourself and a bit shaken up but his embrace feels great. He takes your hand between his and kisses it while looking at you sweetly, making you feel better.

Taehyung – He’s sitting on the couch with Jungkook when he gets the call. Surprise shows all over his face. He doesn’t understand he has to make the police officer repeat. «What did you say? She got caught doing what ? Nevermind, I’m on my way!» Jin is asleep and he doesn’t want to wake him up so he calls their manager instead. He picks him up and drives to the police station. Taehyung is shocked to be honest, he’s never got a call like that before and he doesn’t know how to react. Since when do you do stuff  like that ? That’s one thing about you he ignored and he feels a bit betrayed and stupid. The moment you see him, you apologize and promise it won’t happen again, but he can’t just forget about it even though he pretends to. 

Jungkook – He’s the maknae and you’re his first girlfriend. He’s never gotten into trouble before and has never known someone who has. So it comes as a shock when a police officer calls him about your situation. He’s too young to know what to do so he goes to the other members as soon as he hangs up. He explains the situation, feeling really stupid and down. Jin ends up driving him to the police station and as soon as they enter the room, you try to hide from him. He sees you though and walks to you slowly. «What happened ? I don’t get it..» «I did something really stupid.. I’m sorry, you won’t ever get a call like that again, alright ? I’m sorry Kookie..» he looks like a lost child and you hug him.