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Monsta X Ideal Type!

Although the boys didn’t have a preference to their ideal girls’ style, I tried to match it as best as I could with the information given to me!

» Hyungwon: A sensible girl is good. A girl who is intelligent, good at judging and has a future - I think he means that he’d rather have a girl who was wise rather than risky. He’d like someone who’d be prepared for any situation to come and would be good to judge on the good or bad
» I.M.: A girl with good feelings/I look at the person’s feelings - I think he means that to him, personality is everything in a love partner. You could be taller or shorter, curvey or slim, have a pic cut or hair longer than your spine and he would still love you for your personality (so in the outfit, I paired pieces together that would fit his general style and that would fit with him better :))
» Wonho: A girl who makes ramen well, I have a variety of ramen at home - TBH I feel like from that statement, she has to he good at cooking. Personality wise, I think she would have to be laid back and chill and have a great sense of humor!
» Minhyuk: A chubby girl, it’ll be nice if it’s someone who the opposite of me - the old saying “opposites attrack” might be what he means haha. I think he’d like a girl who was healthy and not someone who tried to “perfect” their body compared to others! He wouldn’t mind if she has put on a little weight was a bit curvey than slim :)
» Kihyun: A girl who seems like a baby to me and has a lot of agyeo - someone who’d might call him Oppa TBH. But I don’t think he’d mind a noona either, as long as they seem cute and childlike. Soft, cute, nice, would fit the description (basicly like opposite of me half the time)
» Jooheon: A girl who suits well with jeans. All those people are my ideal type - he might appreciate a girl who’s more on the edgy or tomboy side rather than the girly side. I think he’d like a girl was chill and laid back but hardworking. Someone he’s comfortable with is pretty accurate.
» Shownu: A female who is simple and somewhat innocent but yet charming - A girls who isn’t too complex about things and who doesn’t overthink. A girl who is a bit straight forward and to the point rather than someone who beats around the bush. Someone who is nice and sweet and might be the last person you’d accuse of any bad doing. She must have good qualities that would fit his!

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risky: 2,3,6 really risky: 1,7,10 :D

2. screenshot the tabs you have open


3. the last text you sent to someone?


6. screenshot the first page of your search history

this is also embarrassing


1. if you had to hug anyone who would you hug


7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?

this obviously

(also if you want a serious answer: the disturbed sound of silence cover is so good)

10. whats something thats made you laugh recently?

idk I’m laughing all the time honestly XD!

IKON REACTION: To you being a Navy EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician)

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He’d be worried about you, but seeing that it made ​​you really happy, no matter how it was risky, Hanbin’d leave it aside some of his speeches and would only say for you be careful. But he’d be proud of you and of your bravery too.


“Y/N, you won’t go there!” he’d say, as if he was your father.

“But it’s my job!”

“It doesn’t matter for me! I only wanna know where you are and if you’re safe!”


He would be impressed with you and your career, and feel fear every time you had to go to work, not leaving from the phone or television to make sure you would come back for his arms.
“I’ll be thinking about you all day, jagi…”


“For your next mission I’ll go with you!” He would say, no leaving you answer, so he would want to take care of you.

This baby face!


“But it isn’t dangerous, right?”


“This isn’t work for you!”

“What are you saying?!”

“You have to stay here with me and nothing more!”


“What is this?”

“I save people, it’s what means.”

“Oh!! Like doctors?!”

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Soldiers au closed

Erie was the medic of a troup of soldiers that were heading deep into enemy territory for one of the more risky missions they’d ever been on. Unfortunately something terrible happened once they had finished the mission and were waiting for extraction, an ambush. In the dire fight she did her best to defend herself and her team but only she and one other person made it to the trees for cover. Every other person was either shot up or run through completely.

She was shaking a panting but had to keep herself together and she took her wounds into account to see if anything needed to be treated immediately, thankfully nothing was serious. She looked to the only other surviving member and nothing seemed to be an immediate need to fix. The cocky man she had often put off and rolled her eyes to was her only companion and she soon realized that this mission they were sent on, they were never meant to come back from. “Oi, we have t’ go… now.” She whispered to him and looked around, moving quietly to him. “This was a suicide mission, our governmen’ did nae tell us this… we have t’ make i’ back.”


My dad’s brother will get surgery for his brain tumor tomorrow. It’s a risky operation so it’d mean a lot if you’d send him a kind thought, a wish of good luck or a prayer.


Adrian wasn’t used to finding anyone similar to him in camp groups, and he still wasn’t sure if it pissed him off or gave him an enjoyable challenge. Nemo was not easy to manipulate, sweet-talk or scare, and there was a risk that if Nemo didn’t fall for whatever trick he was pulling, anyone else he was working on might realise too.

The last camp he’d robbed, about two months ago, had been risky. He’d upset a girl he was sleeping with there, and her tantrums were making things tense among his and others. He’d had to fill his backpack with every important thing he could find and pull a walker into the camp, making it look like he’d been taken. It was a cowardly plan, but there were too many people for him to kill and the place was already starting to look like a bust.

This camp looked like a more long-term solution. He needed more resources and was able to work comfortably with them. He hadn’t butted heads with anyone, and most of the girls reacted positively to his smiles and compliments and lingering stares. None of the men were as receptive so far, and Adrian made a mental note to work on the girls first.

Then Nemo showed up. Guy was smug and could see through Adrian’s bravado better than anyone else. He could probably have won him over with a sweeter act, but Adrian’s ego was bruised by the other man. Who the fuck did he even think he was?

Unfortunately, Nemo was now another person who was more than capable of going on supply runs. This meant Adrian was no longer as valuable or precious to the idiots hiding in this campsite, and that he’d be stuck with Nemo whenever supplies were needed.
“You think we should go East or West, next?” he asked the younger man over his shoulder as they trudged through the woods. It was bullshit; he didn’t care what Nemo wanted to do. But Adrian was still working here, and doing everything he could to get this guy even a little bit on his side. So asking for his opinion on stuff was a useful tool.

As he waited for an answer, Adrian sidestepped a tree and dug his boots into a thick pile of old, dead leaves that had rotted through the changing seasons. The sound of metal springing to life was delayed and so caught Adrian off-guard. When he did see the metal bear trap slam shut around his right foot, however, he made a sound far louder than the bear-trap.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Those idiots said they’d swept for shit this far out! What the fuck, man! My fuckin’ foot!” he yelled at his foot, following after the initial scream of biters. He shook his foot, apparently not yet floored by the pain, and gestured with open hands as he screamed at the injury. As he leaned forward with the injured foot sticking out, Adrian’s voice fell to a lower hiss. “Mother of fuck, I’m gonna take this thing back and see how they fuckin’ like-” as he inspected the weapon closer, Adrian found rust. “Ah, shit! Are you fuckin’ kidding me?! It’s rusted. I’m gonna die of fucking tetanus. Goddamnit…”

His foot didn’t hurt yet, and maybe it was shock, but Adrian picked at the trap curiously until he found that the bottom teeth had rusted so much that they didn’t even pierce through the rubber sole of his boot. The teeth on the top had managed to get through his boot, but sat wedged in the steel toe cap. After all the pain those toe caps had cased, they may have saved his life now.

“Hah, fuckin’ look.” he finally turned to actually address Nemo, holding up the broken trap after he wedged it off his boot. “I don’t think it even got through to my f-” eyes widened and the shorter man dropped the trap. “Biters. We got biters.” his hand pointed behind Nemo before he reached for both his gun and his knife. “Four- no, more.”

Well, he wasn’t wrong. There were far more than four; too many to count. They were drifting from one direction through the forest towards the source of all that sound.
Fuuuuuuck.” was Adrian’s commentary on the situation before he checked behind. “We can’t take all of them. C’mon!”

Thank God his foot hadn’t been injured, because the two of them needed to run. Maybe they could outrun the walkers or lose them in the trees. Maybe they could just loop back around and get back to the camp while the walkers just kept on walking in another direction. Maybe Nemo would get bit and he could leave the fucker out here and he wouldn’t be any more of a pain in the-

More walkers up ahead. They’d heard him too, clearly. Adrian darted in another direction, calling out as he saw something more solid in the distance. A house! Or rather a shack, but it was a shelter all the same. They could wait the walkers out there, and maybe find supplies.

Or not. The doors had gone the same way as the bear trap, rotted away and collapsed into the door frame. They’d get cornered in there by walkers who could easily push through any other barricade. A low ‘shit’ was muttered, before Adrian spotted a faded red set of cellar doors to one side of the building. Nemo had spotted them too, and they raced over to see if they were unlocked. Thank fuck they were, Adrian thought as he pulled his torch out and leapt in first, sweeping the emptied and barren basement. No walkers in there, at least. But also no supplies.

Scraps of ruined wood from what was probably once furniture were used to help secure the handles of the door shut from the inside, and then Adrian stepped back to catch his breath.
“Well, shit…”

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