risky d

“Being in the cold rain with a hot robot like this immerses me in a special feeling.”

@aberrantarchitect: some cheesy date somewhere? + double news update with the two of them

gotta protect the hot robot from the rain

i had way too much fun making this

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About ur tddk soulmate au, I immediately thought of like, what if Shouto and Izuku were already in a relationship, and endeavor finds out,,,and doesn't like it,,,and The Thing happens,,,like, Shouto going to Izuku first to apologize about it? can u imagine Izuku's reaction? Uh oh, flaming dick made a big mistake

It’d be risky as hell for endeavor to pull that crap if people already know where shouto’s soulmark is (if it’s on his neck, like I hc’d, then ppl will definitely notice). If he does, tho, I assure u it won’t only be Izuku who’s after enji’s ass

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If they could reset how are they dead now? Can a human not reset if their soul is absorbed/taken?

You can only reset if you have the determination to do so.

Die enough times, and your will weakens. It’s implied in canon that every human could reload (Toriel mentions that every time she meets a human, it’s like meeting an old friend, and Asgore isn’t surprised if you tell him you’ve died).

Also, the mage was a human. Only the one with the strongest determination at the time can reload. That is also a factor. This would make things very risky, as all it’d take is for one human’s DT to overpower the other’s for one to stay dead.

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☭ (doctor-higashikata)

Battle Intro: Higashikata…but older? Not that it matters; you’ll fall just the same.
You’re a doctor, aren’t you? Perhaps now you can stitch up your own wounds.
Half HP:
Close quarters combat with you is still too risky…
Low HP:
D–damn you…did you get stronger with age?! No…more skilled?!
I can’t accept…that I could lose to you…after all this effort…
Would you really let me die, as a doctor?! H–heal me already–before–!
So growing older has made you a little more cooperative, has it? How inspiring.
You should’ve died when you were younger. A child’s doctor being murdered is sure to be devastating.
Reacting to Taunt:
Snippy as always, aren’t you?
The smartest thing to do is to avoid you…I will continue to do so.
Reacting to Flee:
And so the nuisance finally turns tail. Perhaps growing older taught you common sense?
I’m so close–so close to getting rid of you completely!
Perfect Victory:
Finally…! Such fortune! And with you out of the way…killing your friends will be all the easier…
Low HP Victory:
A victory is a victory…and I’ve finally won.
Finishing Move:
I won’t let YOU lead a peaceful life, Higashikata Josuke!


Hectør Navarrø said M@rvel is undeniably ballsy and risk-taking for putting a talking raccoon in their films and I’m over here like “When is Over the Hedge gonna get the groundbreaking credit it deserves!!!

But honestly, saying it’s a bold and risky move for a D!sney company to put an anthropomorphic animal in one of their films? Are you out of your mind? Like, can you name a single D!sney film that DOESN’T do that??? 

been writing again

The water was uncomfortably cool- enough so to numb the ache in his chest, distract from the anxious shifting of his stomach and remove the hot stinging in his eyes.

Again. Twice a week is risky, he’d told himself. You’ll be caught and you’ll have to explain everything.

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today the day lads, another milestone hit

i feel like ishould offer something but lol?

a custom gif set of someones choosing is pretty much all i could offer which is rly lame idek

or maybe one of those fake instagram things/a mood board for an oc/favorite character or some shit idek making something for someone elses oc sounds like rly risky waters


So, the supernatural FiKi was for kinktober? But I’m not sure I did the fill justice because plot and such. So I’m doing a side bit, set far off in their future, that deals with knives, scarification, trust and fear play/kink, really poorly timed boners, and sex magic. And blood. 

And now, a teaser for @lhugbereth, who kindly allowed me to throw ideas and thoughts at them for this. 😚

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alive - black hole au

warning: angst (at least that was the goal lol), nasty injuries

pairing: jongho

rating: pg-13 (implied violence)

I was gonna write a drabble for this prompt that linnhe sent me. Then I made a whole new AU set in space in my head and this happened…. I have no self control omg.

Hopefully this is sad. I was going for sad….

i title all my shit after shinee songs bc i suck at titling stuff and i’m shinee trash :D

The hospital machinery droned in Minho’s ear, but it was nothing he couldn’t tune out after years of piloting a craft. His hand grazed the back of Jonghyun’s. Had he always felt this fragile? A beep sounded, and Minho stiffened momentarily as medicine began to pump into Jonghyun’s prone form.

A beep was all the warning they had had four months ago. It was supposed to be a patrol mission in controlled territory. He had gotten too lax. He had gotten too comfortable. His eyes slid closed. They had been in Sector Q1010, a small asteroid field. Jonghyun was riding gunner like always. They had done this hundreds of times before. They had swept the area two days ago. The alarm went off on the last pass. They came out of nowhere. Three of them. Minho only barely rolled the craft to avoid the Tragthar fire. Minho and Jonghyun were a skilled team, but so were these life forms. They drew Minho into a now painfully obvious trap. Jonghyun shouted through the radio to not pursue into the asteroid but-

He slammed his fist on his knee, trembling as the bursts of fire that ripped through the ship exploded behind his eyes. Jonghyun had taken worse damage than him as the explosive tore through the back of the craft. The body in front of him was short a leg and much of his skin was still heavily bandaged to let the skin grafting heal.

It had taken Minho four months to be well enough to stumble over to Jonghyun’s bedside. Four months later his partner hadn’t woken up.

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ironicagony  asked:

All of the risky asks >:: D

First of all, fuck you. Second of all, I take back my first statement because I love you and thanks for the attention.

risky asks

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

Uhhhh fuck: @veewolf4 @dantifanpage

2. screenshot the tabs you have open

3. the last text you sent to someone?

“We’re already trending on heckin tumblr again can we all just chill for a minute please thanks” -me talking about the current state of the markiplier fandom

4. do you have a nsfw blog?

Kind of yeah???? I have @woundfuckerr88 for my disgusting gore kink (BIG IRL GORE WARNING IF YOURE GONNA CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!)

6. screenshot the first page of your search history

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story

Tbh my entire existence is one giant embarrassing memory

8. how often do you take showers?

Like 1-2 times a week 

9.  what was your first blog URL?


10. if you draw or write, show some of your really old work

I’ll add pics later im lazy rn

REALLY risky asks (watch out!!! super Risky)

1. if you had to hug anyone who would you hug

Bro,,,, you,,,,,,,,,

2. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Fuck I have a tie. Chocolate, mint chocolate chip, or cookies and cream. I guess if it has chocolate in it it’s my fav.

3. whats your favorite color?

Cherry red

4. if you have pets, what are their names?

I have a cat named Spiderman, or Spidey for short!!!!

5. do you like a warm bed or a cold bed?

Cold bed so I can curl up in my blanket.

6. whats a really good memory you have?

A really good, pure, funny memory: how I met Jazzy. It was right when I started getting involved in the rp community, I was on Narra’s blog and Jeremiah (one of Jazz’s muses) was asking for people to kill him. I killed him, went back to tell Narra’s Host, then had to go back and revive Jere to punch him in the good ol dickle. Then I was like “hey this person is really cool” so we started roleplaying together and bam now we’re best buds!!!

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?

Without ice. When it melts it’s nyasty.

9. do you like to use correct grammar when you type or just type all lowercase?

I prefer to use correct grammar, but it’s not always my focus.

10. whats something thats made you laugh recently?

Badda bing badda bam now you all learned a bit more about me today

Pink Like Cherry Blossoms

This is from a Soulmate au where you can only see in black and white until you fall in love with allowances for deep friendship connections also allowing you to see certain colors.

This is the first of a set, from Jared’s point of view. 

The Nadeshiko family prided itself on the exemplary color choices of its head. Lovers everywhere claimed it to be the most wonderful thing. And those who weren’t in love had to trust on those voices. Ms. Knabenbauer insisted that Jared fell in love quickly, sending him on more dates than he could count when he turned 16. All girls from privileged families, but he could never see color.

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jesus-said-chill  asked:

6 and from the really risky asks, 10. :D

6. screenshot the first page of your search history
I apologise for being really lame and also that fireboy and watergirl thing is something my friend sent me i swear im not that weird

10. what’s something that made you laugh recently?
my friends and I were joking around in bio that we would get a 20 mark question in our final exam about the 500 functions that a liver does. It sounds lame like this but trust me when I say those were some wild bants.


History Challenge - Stone Age #6 - Birth Time

Umma gave birth to one two little girls! The first one is named Yaya (as in “YEAH!”), and the second one, as she was unexpected, has been named Gah (as in “Gah??!).
Grroa has been waken up by all the noise, shouts and cries, but he wasn’t specially hurried to see what was happening! :D
What seemed to make him happy is to find that he can woohoo with Umma again (not sure why they hadn’t for a while. I thought it was because of their mutual stinkiness, but when they rushed spontaneously to the bush to woohoo, they were still stinking.) I’m happy to not have set yet any risky woohoo! :D

(Game Notes)

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