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17, Again - Chapter 03

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, smut, angst (In that order)

Word count: 21.026

Summary: You go on vacation with Jungkook and things turn unexpected.

Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic.

Note: She´s 17 all through this chapter.

Warnings: graphic smut.

Here it is, the 20k + chapter no one asked for. I worked really hard so please give it some love. Also if there´s any mistakes or typos please tell me because I wrote this whie being sick.

Jungkook was an exceptionally private person. He had immediately declined your petition of helping him pack with an indirect statement, saying you should go through your own things instead to make sure you weren´t forgetting anything. You didn´t know where such radical distrust came from, but you were not in the right position to protest as that had been the closest he had come to communication in the last forty eight hours. He was extremely tired and, in a way, so were you.

The ride to the airport had been completely silent, but not necessarily a discomforting one. Maybe sleep could value as an excuse for all the unspoken words, maybe there really was nothing to say. After all, you never knew when the two of you were in good terms or when was he too annoyed to bear with your temper tantrums. By now it was clear that he was willing to try and that he cared about you. The fact that he didn´t show it was a whole different story, one you couldn´t blame him for.

“Would you stop looking at my passport photo?” Jungkook asked in annoyance as he watched you caress the picture with one of your fingers “You didn´t let me see yours”

His words surprised you a bit, but you were quick to react before he could realize how much him taking notice of your actions was affecting you, how his eyes lingering on your hands was enough to make your heart skip a bit.

“Sorry for worrying about your opinion about me” you sarcastically apologized while giving him the document back, your lips suddenly pouting “I look awful in that picture”

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“Being in the cold rain with a hot robot like this immerses me in a special feeling.”

@aberrantarchitect: some cheesy date somewhere? + double news update with the two of them

gotta protect the hot robot from the rain

i had way too much fun making this

So, regarding the Pokémon Direct that was on air earlier! I was sleeping when it was being broadcasted, but all my friends were quick to catch up and tell me everything they announced. I woke up to my husband summarizing the news, tbh. People were wondering what exactly out of all the expected stuff would be announced and oh man, didn’t they just announce EVERYTHING. 

My personal opinions on the Direct are under the cut! Beware with minor spoilers from Sun and Moon post-game.

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Interlude VIII

I know you’re not really the type to actually listen–let alone answer–but… ugh, I can’t believe I’m actually praying to you. How fucking desperate must I be, right?

The forest gave way to open fields, and in the distance, a village. Over the gates, the Queen’s banners flapped in the cold wind.

But… I have to believe that you did all this to me for a reason. Other than just as a practical joke. I’m not sure I could actually deal with that right now.

“We will make it before night,” Wolf-puncher said. “Reindeer is with us.”

Just… please watch over those kids. They’re scared, alone, and lost in a strange land, like I once was. They could do with a bit of help from a fellow wanderer.

Naeris sighed, and slipped the holy symbol back under their coat. Ahead, Snowbridge waited.

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☭ (doctor-higashikata)

Battle Intro: Higashikata…but older? Not that it matters; you’ll fall just the same.
You’re a doctor, aren’t you? Perhaps now you can stitch up your own wounds.
Half HP:
Close quarters combat with you is still too risky…
Low HP:
D–damn you…did you get stronger with age?! No…more skilled?!
I can’t accept…that I could lose to you…after all this effort…
Would you really let me die, as a doctor?! H–heal me already–before–!
So growing older has made you a little more cooperative, has it? How inspiring.
You should’ve died when you were younger. A child’s doctor being murdered is sure to be devastating.
Reacting to Taunt:
Snippy as always, aren’t you?
The smartest thing to do is to avoid you…I will continue to do so.
Reacting to Flee:
And so the nuisance finally turns tail. Perhaps growing older taught you common sense?
I’m so close–so close to getting rid of you completely!
Perfect Victory:
Finally…! Such fortune! And with you out of the way…killing your friends will be all the easier…
Low HP Victory:
A victory is a victory…and I’ve finally won.
Finishing Move:
I won’t let YOU lead a peaceful life, Higashikata Josuke!


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ive sent several submissions in the past but they've never been posted... is it because ive tagged it wrong or like, forgotten a tag on it?

If you submitted them tagged as “anonymous submission”, that is 100% why they haven’t been posted yet. I have a huge backlog of anonymous submissions I still need to save and repost, and I haven’t done it in many months.

I still keep that tag because I feel like it’s important to have that option available to people, but I haven’t had the spoons to handle it. Tbh, it’s the #1 reason I’m seriously considering taking on mods, even though it’d be risky with how my account is set up.

If not, I may have accidentally skipped them somehow? *shrug* I’m not terribly organized.

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Any idea why aron didnt join pd101??

my guess is that either everyone thought it’d be risky having him on the show because he may do or say “controversial” things like how he has in the past and it may not be suitable for the show OR he just didn’t want to go on it which, y’know would be fair enough he’s probably aware of the bullshitery that is mnet and pledis and he’s probably sick and tired of it all, if we went through what nu’est went through, i think we’d be too.

I think only he and the rest of N’uest would know his true feelings and reasons which is fine.

sorry if i was late replying and, I hope you have a lovely day and/ or night!!

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Hello! Since so many people are throwing asks out at you about VLD, I just want to take the time to appreciate your drive to answering some of these & that you're super cool B))

should I start answering all the spoiler-risky asks with B-D now?

Hectør Navarrø said M@rvel is undeniably ballsy and risk-taking for putting a talking raccoon in their films and I’m over here like “When is Over the Hedge gonna get the groundbreaking credit it deserves!!!

But honestly, saying it’s a bold and risky move for a D!sney company to put an anthropomorphic animal in one of their films? Are you out of your mind? Like, can you name a single D!sney film that DOESN’T do that??? 

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[press] + [guide]

Considering they’d spent an entire bell and the better part of a second one flirting at the counter of the Forgotten Knight, it should not have come as any surprise to find his back fetched up against a cold stone wall.

Ishgard still wasn’t the most comfortable place for Riski - old habits die hard, after all - but after a long and head-spinning day a drink had been much needed. So needed, in fact, that it had seemed like a better idea to head to the local tavern instead of queueing for the aetheryte and waiting to return to Limsa Lominsa.

He honestly couldn’t remember who’d started the banter in the first place, though that really didn’t matter. His companion - had they exchanged names? Riski wasn’t sure - was attractive, well-spoken, and clearly interested. What did it matter which of them had spoken first?

The white-haired man was even drunker than Riski when they’d finally paid their tabs and stumbled for the door. It had been some feeling or another like chivalry that led Riski to offering to escort him home. Whether it was from imbibing less or a higher tolerance, Riski was a little more alert. It made him feel like maybe there was some possibility that he could ward off anything that might happen between the tavern and the Pillars.

Of course, he hadn’t anticipated cold stone against his back and searing hot kisses pressed drunkenly to his lips. The rough masonwork bit into the back of Riski’s head as he tried to pull away. Hazy violet eyes met equally clouded ice blue and Riski grinned.

“Really?” He asked breathlessly. He moved close again, putting them cheek to cheek so that his words sent a steaming plume of warm air over the other man’s ear. “Kissing strangers in a public thoroughfare - don’t you have a reputation or a family name to uphold?” It was a reminder, couched in casual teasing, that even ducked down an alley as they were there were always eyes in Ishgard.

( @istolin )

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Also since you have Lindsay's number maybe you should message her. She would probably want to be friends with you since Arzaylea has clearly dumped her! I think she dumped her because she talked and spilled the beans about blackbear.

Arzaylea hasn’t dumped her, and even if she ends up doing so, I won’t ever text or call Lindsay. For one thing, I’ll never trust her no matter what and it’d be risky as hell, and for another, she obviously wasn’t the one who gave me her phone number, so contacting her on it without her permission would be wrong and creepy.

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HEY THERE BUDDY >=D risky asks 1, 5 practice self care and tell yourself you love you, super risky asks 7, and 1

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

aaaa all of my mutuals so @angexlos @snippypoppy @saltygayshark @dreamingpink i hope im not missing anyone?? but no honestly i just want to be friends with every single person that is following me ksdhgdf ily guys

5. i dare you to _____

ihdsioghdfi THANK YOU???? omg kjfhgdf

risky 7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?

aaa i’ve been listening to this album a lot lately because of that one music video, my favorite song from it is probably this one tho

idk i change my favorite song like every week kscghidf

risky 1. if you had to hug anyone who would you hug


honestly binding is damaging and actually top surgery is fucken risky too it’d be nice if we like normalized men having breasts but i know that’ll never happen because cis people actually hate trans bodies 

alive - black hole au

warning: angst (at least that was the goal lol), nasty injuries

pairing: jongho

rating: pg-13 (implied violence)

I was gonna write a drabble for this prompt that linnhe sent me. Then I made a whole new AU set in space in my head and this happened…. I have no self control omg.

Hopefully this is sad. I was going for sad….

i title all my shit after shinee songs bc i suck at titling stuff and i’m shinee trash :D

The hospital machinery droned in Minho’s ear, but it was nothing he couldn’t tune out after years of piloting a craft. His hand grazed the back of Jonghyun’s. Had he always felt this fragile? A beep sounded, and Minho stiffened momentarily as medicine began to pump into Jonghyun’s prone form.

A beep was all the warning they had had four months ago. It was supposed to be a patrol mission in controlled territory. He had gotten too lax. He had gotten too comfortable. His eyes slid closed. They had been in Sector Q1010, a small asteroid field. Jonghyun was riding gunner like always. They had done this hundreds of times before. They had swept the area two days ago. The alarm went off on the last pass. They came out of nowhere. Three of them. Minho only barely rolled the craft to avoid the Tragthar fire. Minho and Jonghyun were a skilled team, but so were these life forms. They drew Minho into a now painfully obvious trap. Jonghyun shouted through the radio to not pursue into the asteroid but-

He slammed his fist on his knee, trembling as the bursts of fire that ripped through the ship exploded behind his eyes. Jonghyun had taken worse damage than him as the explosive tore through the back of the craft. The body in front of him was short a leg and much of his skin was still heavily bandaged to let the skin grafting heal.

It had taken Minho four months to be well enough to stumble over to Jonghyun’s bedside. Four months later his partner hadn’t woken up.

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