risky brothers

Imagine being rebellious with the boys after dating one of the greasers.

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“I-is that Y/n?” Sam asked his brother as they exited the impala.

“Where- oh no.” His jaw clenched. “It better not be.”

The trip to town was supposed to be quick and easy, get the groceries and leave, but now it was going to turn into a nightmare.

One, you weren’t even supposed to be down in town, especially not with Dallas, and two, you had decided it was time for a make over. Well, more like a complete change in looks and attitude. You looked like you just walked out of the 50’s with the bright red lip stick on your lips with red heels to match.

“Hey! Y/n!” Dean yelled as he approached you.

You whipped around quickly, your eyes growing wide. Dallas took the cigarette out of your hand quickly, then took a long drag on it, blowing the smoke in both of your brothers faces. Risky decision.

“New look?” Sam asked sarcastically.


“I can’t believe it.”

“Well dig it, babe.” You looked him up and down before continuing on. “You need a new look too.”

“Okay, now hold up.” Dean said as he stepped in front of you. “No one is getting a new look! Go change back into your other clothes and go get in the car!”

“What? No!” You scoffed.

“If you don’t go get in that car, I swear.”

You turned to Dally and you both began to laugh as you propped your arm up on his shoulder.

“Ooo, You’ve got me shakin.” You said.


His voice was dangerously low and you could tell by the fire that was flaming in his eyes that he wasn’t playing around. You didn’t even know why he was so mad! After all, it was your body and your heart! You should be able to wear what you wanted and love who you pleased!

With a sigh, you turned to kiss Dally good-bye, but it was interrupted quickly as Dean grabbed your arm and started towards the car. Even with your struggling you couldn’t wiggle free from his grip. Your insults or sharp slaps didn’t even help you in the slightest.

You climbed into the back seat and slammed the door closed before Dean ever got the chance to close it for you. Both brothers climbed in and immediately looked back to you, jaws clenched.

“Okay listen here, Sandy 2.0, I don’t know what had gotten into you, but fix it! No more bad boys, no more bright red lipstick, and no more greaser girl attitude, you understand me?” Dean yelled.

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, whatever.”

“Yeah, what ev- Excuse me?!” Dean took a breath and looked over at Sam. “I’m gonna kill her.”

“Dean, no.” Sam said sternly. He stopped and sniffed the air. “Wait, do you smell that? It smells like- Y/n, have you been smoking?”

You shrugged.

“Oh, hell no.” Dean said. “Now you’re dead.”

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