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Herbs, flowers, fruits, wood: The substitutes you can count on!

You’ll probably be using at least one of the above things in most magical workings. Here’s a quick breakdown! 

ROSEMARY: Rosemary can substitute for any herb. Used for its own properties, it is a good component in cleansing baths, can be kept under the pillow to remember dreams, and things associated with memory: memorable impressions, recall, and enhancement of one’s own memory. In cooking, it makes a delicious addition to savory dishes and meats, while also providing a complex flavor to sweet applications. Rosemary infused in honey or tea is strong and tasty, and it adds a sophisticated edge to simple sweets like sugar cookies.

ROSE: Rose can substitute for any flower. Make sure to only get roses for culinary applications or grow your own, since those from a florist will likely contain pesticides! Roses are known for their uses in love spells, but are also used in many applications calling for happy, benign energy. Rose can soothe an angry heart, especially if the anger is due to relationship issues. In cooking, rose is a delicate floral note that can easily be lost under intense flavor, and is best highlighted in sweet or mild applications. Rose petals and rosehips make great tea, and can be jellied for a vitamin-C rich treat. Rose petals can be infused into oil, honey, sugars, and alcohol. Rose water can be used to enhance the flavor, but be sparing—storebought rosewater does not taste as light as homemade, and can overpower and ruin natural floral flavors.

LEMON/ORANGE: Fruit substitutions are less straightforward than others, but lemon, orange, and occasionally apple are considered solid go-tos. Pick whichever is right for the working or recipe, based either on intent or the other spell components! Lemon is associated with water and the moon, and used frequently in purifying and cleansing—both magical and non-magical. Lemon and honey in hot water is a great remedy for sore throat and indigestion, and the smell of lemon will perk you right up on a sleepy morning. Lemon (or any citrus) peel infuses fantastically in sugar, honey, booze, etc. Avoid using pith (the white stuff) and stick to the flavorful zest and juice. Zest is great in practically any baked good, and simply pouring hot water over used lemon rinds will make you entire house smell amazing.

PINE: Pine is regarded as a good substitute for most resins and woods. Pine resin is easy to collect, as are the needles, with a little reading on the species of tree. Pine is thought to banish sickness and bring in prosperity and luck, and often hung over doors or mixed into fragrant sachets to place under pillows. Pine needle tea is bitter, but rich in vitamins A and C; it should be incorporated sparingly to cooking applications, and you may want to enhance it with mint to avoid overuse of the bitter pine taste. In outdoor cooking, pine smells beautiful under a grill or in a fire.

CLARIFICATION: Some people have pointed out that pine can be dangerous to burn due to the high quantities of resin in the wood. This is not untrue! Pine can produce larger quantities of creosote and smoke, due to the resin and tar in logs. However, unless you cook with an all-pine fire regularly, it is not likely to reach dangerous levels (which you wouldn’t anyway, because all-pine fires will make your food taste like a BUTT). I also specified that it should be outdoor flame, since in a wood stove it can cause dangerous buildup. Also, not a great idea to use exclusively pine wood in a fire, as it won’t burn as well/won’t taste great; it’s best when cut with oak. Since pine burns hot, I like to start my bonfire/grill with it, and then pile apple or cherry wood on for the actual cooking an hour later. A few good pine logs/handful of chips will burn well, smell great, and be largely harmless. So like most spell components, research well and use in moderation! 

TOBACCO: Substitute for any poisonous herb. NOT FOR CULINARY USE. It is worth mentioning only in the case that someone is adapting a non-edible spell or ritual into an edible recipe that includes a poisonous herb—NEVER bring toxic plants into the kitchen, at risk of cross-contamination, and instead substitute tobacco by burning a cigarette near the pot (or, if you don’t want that in the house, burning it outside and catching a little smoke in a bottle to bring in). Do not add ashes to the cooking, as they are also poisonous. Don’t let this anywhere near your mouth.

QUARTZ: Not exactly a cooking ingredient, but stones are often used in magic and it is possible to bring them into the kitchen. Clear quartz is a good substitute for any stone you may not have, as it cleanly amplifies energies. While I wouldn’t ever put stones IN something you intend to eat, if you insist on soaking a stone/crystal in liquid recipe ingredients (water, tea, milk, etc), use quartz or another safe stone; malachite, copper, and many other minerals become poisonous when introduced to liquid environments. Don’t put any stone in something acidic, like juice, unless you are POSITIVE it will 1. not erode, and 2. not poison you. Don’t put crystals or stones in overly hot or boiling water, as this could cause them to crack and explode. And if they DO, don’t eat anything with sharp little crystal bits in it! Seriously, treat small shattered crystals like you would glass shards.

Most of these substitute ingredients are entirely edible (or at least mostly harmless) in some form, so if you’re trying to adapt a nonedible spell to baking or cooking, consider using some of these subs in the place of less…digestible…spell components. There are usually plenty of other subs with the properties you need, but these steadfast six are not only reliable, but pretty easy to acquire!

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Hey, I'm curious, is it possible to put your cat, dog, or any other carnivorous animal on a raw/natural diet? Where you feed them clean and safe raw food. Like if you could access rats or something that are safe, could you feed them to your animal? (I don't plan on doing this, I'm just very curous)

Raw diets can be done, but I’m skeptical that the average person could do it sustainably long-term. I know a professor of animal science who has fed a commercial raw/frozen diet to her dogs and had success, but at the same time, I am leery of the average person doing it. Why? Three major reasons: 

For starters, unless you add vitamin/mineral premix, you are setting yourself up for nitrogen/phosphorous imbalance (meat is high in N and low in P) and that can lead to a lot of problems down the line. 

In the wild, vitamin and mineral balance is mostly handled by the animals eating the internal organs and gut contents of the prey, and then chewing on the bones, but that’s harder to do in a domestic setting. Unless you kill the meat yourself, you may get the intestines, but their contents will have been cleaned out at the slaughterhouse. You would have to add premix but also feed a combination of muscle and organ meat, and that can get expensive and messy (I rarely see beef liver and tripe at the store, let alone lung or heart or other internal organs dogs and cats eagerly eat).

In addition to the vitamin/mineral issues, there is also the issue from a food safety standpoint - you need to be very careful that the meat doesn’t sit out long enough to cause health risks, and raw meat, especially ground raw meat, is at a higher risk for microbial contamination than kibble or canned food would be. (this is why steaks are less likely to give you food poisoning than a burger - exposure risk is a function of surface area and mixing, and ground meat has a lot more surface area to get contaminated). I’ve eaten steak that was essentially raw in the middle. I would never do that for a burger - the health risks are too great.

So starting out, you have to balance vitamin/mineral issues by adding premix and making sure that the animal gets enough of it, but also that the food is safe. And not just from a microbial standpoint either! Let’s talk about something that would be an issue for your rat example: parasites. Wild animals are, unfortunately, a lot more likely to have parasites that could be passed on to your pets. Domestic livestock such as pigs and cattle are given antiparasitics on a regular basis to prevent that, and their feed is closely monitored to prevent contamination. You are unlikely to get parasites from eating farmed meat. Wild-caught meat of any species? Even freezing won’t get everything - there’s plenty of freeze-resistant parasites out there that could be passed on to your pet even if you froze the carcass first. Even people who feed feeder mice/rats to reptiles have to be cautious and buy from reputable sources, and it’s a lot easier to spread parasites between mammals than from mammal -> reptile. Wild-caught and farmed fish are also a source of parasites that can infect you or your pets if eaten raw (unless frozen first in a commercial freezer, which is a lot colder than a home freezer, and frozen for a longer time period). 

SO, if you could find a safe, parasite-free source of feeder rats, and feed them whole to your pets. That’s an option, albeit one that would be fairly expensive on a per day basis (dogs and cats eat more than a snake would because of the warm-blooded metabolism) and could also be fairly messy, plus you’d have to make sure you cleaned up thoroughly after. 

Raw frozen diets that are meant to be thawed are a better option - they can be balanced with added vitamins and minerals just like other diets, and the freezing will eliminate some of the contamination concerns, as long as you don’t leave it out long enough that it would start to spoil. I would be more comfortable with someone feeding a raw/frozen diet that was already vitamin/mineral balanced (not all are!) than trying the whole prey route. But again, you have to be VERY CAREFUL re microbial contamination and spoilage risk.

Given that a lot of the people I know tend to be more comfortable putting kibble/canned food out and letting their pets eat the meal’s amount over time (this is more of a cat thing than a dog thing, admittedly, cats will eat multiple smaller meals while a dog will harf their meal down in one go most of the time), I would be more comfortable with people feeding more temperature-stable diets. I am much more comfortable with people trying it for dogs than cats.

That said, a raw diet that had been previously frozen could be an option for some dog owners as long as they were very clear about sourcing from a reputable company that provided balanced diets, and made sure the food either got eaten relatively shortly after being put out, or put any leftovers back in the freezer until the next feeding time. I would not be comfortable with feeding raw meat + a premix, or whole carcasses, unless I knew the person was being very careful about balance, sourcing, and cleanup. 

TL;DR? In most cases, not a good idea. I know people out there who have done it with commercial diets, and it worked out ok, but for most people? A lot of hassle, a lot of risk.

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I really want to call off sick since I haven't been getting any decent sleep and have been feeling like I'm going to pass out constantly, but I've never called off before and I'm scared I'll be told to bring proof or something or to just come into work anyway since if they're willing to risk food contamination by keeping me on the clock when I've had several bloody noses in one shift, they might not care if I were close to fainting when taking stuff out of ovens. Idk what to do. I'm so scared.

You won’t know till you call. You might be scared for no reason.



This is for those that have celiacs disease. I have it to. Your not alone. You never were.
Most people don’t understand . The difference between this disease is an auto immune disease. It’s not an allergy to Gluten.
That’s a totally different diagnosis.
There are several types of Celiacs.
We have to stay away from any type of gluten.
It’s in almost everything that isn’t a natural product.
That’s including make up and shampoos soaps.
You have to look up all the time to make sure something is actually gluten free. Cause it can make you so sick.
Shit I wish I could eat a cheese burger with a regular bun and sit and drink a beer that I love .
Or have more options if I wanted to go out and eat. And not risk cross contamination
It’s not some damn fad.

Diary of a Black Male: Entry #36

So, to cap off an already shitty weekend. I had to come home to a filthy ass apartment. Every single time I get home there is something else in the sink, there is something else on the counter, and the trash is piled up past maximum capacity. What pisses me off the most is the fact that every last pot, pan, plate, and bowl has been used. I would have to clean the entire kitchen just so that I can cook without the risk of contamination. Let me tell you how I do not have time for that.

I am hungry as hell, none of my roommates are home and I am ready to eat, but I am stubborn and I refuse to clean up after grown ass men. So I hit my boy up to see what he was doing. I called him or whatever and he’s just like “bruh I’m glad you called. I need to talk to you about something. I need your opinion. Better yet what you doing? You hungry, you trying to get something to eat.” I’m like hell yea I’m hungry as fuck and bet!

So I get dressed and I meet him at the sports bar or whatever. It’s early and there isn’t that many people in there. So basically we get there order food and drinks and shit and it becomes a vent session basically. He starts telling me about how fucked up his week was and I told him how fucked up my week was. I’m like the big brother and shit, so I’m giving him advice and shit like that. I told about how things were going for me and he was just like, “boy you too nice.” He told me to cut that shit out and I need to just go off. I swear I don’t be trying to go off but I felt that though. With everything that was going on I defiantly need to zap just one good time!

So as we are talking about our lives and shit, basically, a woman walks up to us and started complementing us. She overheard our conversation and was like y'all don’t deserve that, there is more fish in the sea, there’s always better alternatives, y'all just need to be around good people, better people, etc.

So I look at her and I’m like so you good people? And she’s like yea and y'all seem like good people, then she hit up with the B.I.G “ tell your friends to get with my friends, and we can be friends.” We looked at each other and we started rolling! Then my boy was like where your friend at? She point to them and wave them over to where we were.

Tell me every last one of them was fine as hell. Like they we OD gorgeous. I’m thinking to myself this is a set up. Shit like this doesn’t happen, ever! So all of us get to talking. We end up switching tables to compensate for all of us. And we start just started vibing. I was picking up on who was feeling me, who I was feeling, who laugh the most and shit like that. Then my boys was just like was this is crazy. We had a shitty as week and now we sitting at a table full of beauty ass women. I’m like bruh I guess this is where humble gets up.

So we talking or whatever and one of the girls puts up on snapchat and IG. So we all start following each other and I’m the only person at the table with like 200 followers. Everybody over a thousand and shit. I’m just like y'all niggas popping huh. Bruh come to find out, one chick was a legit ass singer, and the other two hosted their own radio show. I was like damn. We are just college students. The one girl, the singer was actually in grad school– she was the one to approach us. So immediately we clicked and kind of veered to the side a little bit. While my boy kept the other two girls entertained.

So I’m talking to her or whatever and shorty is blunt as hell and she’s like, “ I’m not gone lie, we were tryna fuck but I think I like you though. But I’m still tryna smash.” And I burst into this ugly ass laugh and she grabs my arm and pulls me in close to whisper in my ear and she’s like, sorry I just thought you were cute. She said she’s usually the shy one but she had a little to drink. Then I was like it’s alright, I was surprised to approached us, I thought we were about to try to sell us some shit. She starts laughing and then she was like naa, maybe tryna throw it back but she said it in a whisper. I give my boy the look and he laughs out loud and was oh shit I know what that means and her girls looked over at her and was girl you better get in. At this point we all rolling. We probably in there scaring all the white but we didn’t two fucks.

Then she was like come with me to my car I need to go get something. She was like it’ll be real quick. Her girls like where the hell you think you going and she’s like he bought to help me with something and my boy is like “aaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeee" that nigga was turnt. I was like aye you better do your thing boy. I know he probably got both of their numbers. I think he pulled it off. But we walk outside and she’s like I just need help with something.

I’m at the drivers side of the car and she’s in the drivers seat. She takes out all of these pins out of her hair and puts it in a pony tail, then she takes off her heels and put on some flats. And I’m like I thought I’m supposed to be helping and she was like you right. So she’s like oops and slips her shoes off and was like can you put my shoes on for me. My niggas she had on a damn freakum dress talking about help her put on her shoes. She leans back in the car and hold her legs out like she’s Cinderella or some shit. I couldn’t move. I was just stuck, like damn! Then she was just like never mind. She get up turns around and starts fumbling around the passenger seat all while her ass was out. Then she looks back and was like, are you gone help? So I reach in the car and she’s pull up her dress and was like tell me how that feels. My nigga I palmed both ass cheeks and I was like baby they feel like clouds. I take one hand and put it up her dress placing my hand right above her crack and I took my other hand and slid them fingers up in her.

Bruh, but tell me why like 2 minutes into playing in her pussy I hear somebody yell her name. It was a dudes voice, the next thing I know this random nigga shows up and starts turning the fuck up. Bruuhhhh I swear I jumped out the car so gotdamn fast. Son! This nigga told me to square up! This nigga was mad as hell! Come to find out she had just broken up with him like a whole ass month ago and this nigga was fucking psycho. I don’t know how the hell he knew where she was at but I was really about to swing on that nigga, not even because of the way he came at me but for the simple fact that nigga was blocking. But it didn’t take long before my boy seen what was going on. I guess when he seen that I wasn’t alone he backed off. Man, I’m still pissed the fuck off about that.

Doll Experiment.

Original Link By  mtspyte

Over the past few years I’ve read quite a few stories regarding dolls who seemingly come alive and torment the family who owns them. Since the first story I read I’ve been completely fascinated with the phenomenon. I worked through first hand accounts of ‘possessed dolls’ and many theories behind them before I finally decided to do an experiment of my own.

From what I’ve learned the age of the doll isn’t particularly important, its the amount of emotions you pour into it. Treat it like a living being and it invites spirits to take up resident, the theory being that they are jealous of the doll having the attention that they themselves cannot get. Another theory is that the amount of energy and emotion you pour into them creates a 'spirit’ of its own. These beings become violent when they are exposed to excess levels of stress, violence, fear and anger. It seems to be a perfect storm of emotions and energy which provides the spirit enough energy to manifest and attack those who are feeding it the unsavory energies.

My plan was to buy a doll (I decided on an American Girl Rebecca) who had no previous owner. Straight from the factory to reduce the risk of emotional contamination. This was important because I wanted to be the only being it received emotions from. When I received it I unboxed her immediately. I had a crafts room that my boyfriend who is very pediophobic never entered. He was effectively banned from the room because he tended to want to fiddle with the sewing machine and broke it more than once. The doll would be safe from him there.

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Clementine@Talos: Wait, you harness nuclear energy? I've never heard of a pokemon being powered by such energy. Does it have any specific perks? Like being faster or more stamina? Also, does it mean you are potentially a big black bomb? I have to ask because I know silvally can learn explosion.

“Yes, i can. Hmm…You might not understand it all, but i’ll try my best to explain it in words. I no longer require food and i can run for long distances and can withstand immense pressure, however… I cannot remain in one location long otherwise risk contaminating and possibly even mutating life around me. And…Well, when you put it that way… I do contain a reactor so i suppose…Yes explosion is a possibility.”

The Failed Gem Rebellion

I feel like this theory might upset people right off the bat.

I understand that the title might be a bit of a mean statement towards the Crystal Gems, but I hope that I will convince you by the end of this why I am saying this.


Now, the reason I state that this is a failed rebellion is going to first come from the differences between a Rebellion and a Revolution. The SU Universe only has ever called the Rebellion, just that. A Rebellion. Now, this isn’t something unheard of in a lot of films and shows as the context of a rebellion is often seen as overthrowing a government and making your own society free from them. This actually is NOT the correct use of the word rebellion, but I feel that Rebecca Sugar knows this. She is quite an intelligent woman and shows it through all the different facets of the show. The correct word that should be used if the Rebellion were successful is Revolution. But there is a lot more details than just that being why the Rebellion was a failure that I will go into later. Revolution doesn’t just mean to overthrow though, you need to also set up a new ruling power/government for a Revolution, which is kind of seen with the Crystal Gems. But it also needs to be able to hold its ground and even be acknowledged by the group you revolted from in order for this to be true. A Rebellion is something that is continuing to happen or it ends without any revolution happening. This is what is seen with the Crystal Gems, but for more reasons than just Homeworld not accepting them. They think that no gems remained on Earth after the war. Why?


Homeworld nuked Earth. Well, in a way. They nuked it in the sense that it is gem tech, so it would corrupt all gems, which is what happened. Except that the geode didn’t completely go off. Most likely what happened is that Rose tried to shield it from killing the Earth, but it backfired in a way, where the geode didn’t go off fully, but did enough damage to any not near her to corrupt them. If the geode were to go off now, it would kill all gems, but humans would survive. I would guess that the geode works for gems similar to how radiation is for humans. There is a period of time where you can’t enter or risk contamination. This would explain why Yellow Diamond converted Earth into a cluster planet since it was now contaminated, at least they thought so. 

Now, I know that this is a random tangent and doesn’t seem to have much to do with the Rebellion being a failure, but it does. Homeworld thinks that Earth is a “nuclear” wasteland where gems can’t live. The rebellion has been crushed and there is no fear of future rebellions. Which would explain why Peridot doesn’t initially know about the rebellion, it was a failed one where Homeworld is confident that they have stamped out future ones. This can even explain the behavior of the gems whenever something from Homeworld comes, they hide. They don’t want to be known to be alive. It is out of fear that Homeworld might return and possibly “nuke” again. At least, before learning that there is the cluster and Homeworld wants it alive. 


Rebellion is defined as an act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler. Revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. The Crystal Gems, for the course of almost 5000 years, were not fighting or showing an open resistance to Homeworld because, Homeworld was gone. Not by the Gems winning, but by thinking that Earth was no longer habitable by gems. Were the rebellion successful, there would be no need to feel that Homeworld might return and to hide whenever it showed up. It would transform from a Rebellion to a Revolution, but it didn’t. 


Homeworld won the war. The crystal gems lost the rebellion, but were allowed to stay on Earth due to Homeworld thinking it was over. They thought they wiped out all gems on Earth and that it would never cause rebellion within their ranks ever again. This means that Rose, Pearl, and Garnet, are the survivors of a nuke that should have corrupted them because of the war they caused. The rebellion failed.


My entry for @fashion-frame ‘s current contest: design fashion based on one of Warframes factions. I chose Infested! (with a hint of Orokin)

Not sure if i’ll get extra points for adding a story behind it but here we go:

Once the Empire fell, the few Orokin that managed to escape form being slaughtered hid themself from the System.

The most clever, or perhaps most desperate ones went to hide in the most unlikely place; straight into the Infested nest, coating their themself on the alien virus to blend in safely.

This was never going to work however, and one by one these Orokin refugees were consumed, leaving behind the ones not yet completely lost. With their time running out, these still-bright minds wrote up their knowledge of binding infested into yourself without the risk of contamination, and it’s thanks to these documents Tenno can now enjoy their Iliac armor and syandana without worry.

Because someone literally died for your fashion. 

Request: KH Sea Salt Ice Cream

Did you know that Kingdom Hearts was my first video game love? I’d played Mario Brothers, Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time at friends’ houses, but had never really been interested enough to get a console of my own. And then, in middle school, a classmate was toting around a gaming magazine, talking to his friends about the “new Disney game”. I. WANTED. IT. SO. BAD. It was the catalyst for my entire interest in video games from that point on.

This recipe was requested by asktherappinroboyfriends and booooy have I gone down memory lane in the making of this recipe. /sigh

Well, onto the recipe! The twist for this: no ice cream maker, no stove, no problem!!!

Let’s do this!


  • 2 cup Milk
  • 4 tbsp. Sugar
  • 2 tsp. Vanilla
  • 2 tbsp. Evaporated Milk
  • Sea Salt, to taste
  • Blue and Green Food Coloring*

For the “ice cream maker”**

  • 1 Quart-sized freezer bag
  • 1 Large Mixing Bowl
  • Ice, as needed
  • ½-¾ cup Iodized or Kosher Salt
  • 1 Towel

*At the time of shopping for this recipe, I could only find NEON food coloring in the store (weird right?). I think it worked out for the better, but you can use normal blue and green food coloring as well.

**While a formal ice cream maker is not needed, you do need to emulate the conditions of an ice cream maker. Luckily, this is possible for <$10. 


Step 1.) Leak check the freezer bag by pouring a small amount of water into it. If you find no holes, pour out the water and add all the ice cream ingredients EXCEPT the salt and food coloring. 

Step 2.) Press the air out and seal the bag. Shake slightly to make sure the ingredients are mixed together. 

Step 3.) In your mixing bowl, pour in about 2-3 cups of ice and the salt, and mix together. Place the bag with the ingredients in the bowl so that it is nestled in the ice. Lay the towel over the top of the bowl and let the ends drape down the sides (you will want some insulation because the bowl gets SUPER COLD!) 

Step 4.) Gently shake the bowl for about 15~ min. This is the part where having friends over to help is a really good idea. If this seems like a daunting amount of time for you, the recipe is easily halved and shaking will only take 5 - 8 min.  

(Optional step: appreciate your new-found bicep muscles.) 

Step 5.) When the mixture has taken on a decidedly ice-creamy texture, scoop the ice cream out of the bag and into another bowl (pouring it out risks contamination from melted salt and ice.) 

(oops inside lighting ^ D: )

Step 6.) Quickly stir in the food coloring: I did a ratio of 3 drops Blue, to 1 drop Green, and got pretty close to the in-game color! 

Step 7.) Even more quickly because your ice cream is starting to melt: start adding in the salt. Go only ¼ tsp. at a time, stir, and taste. It is VERY important that you taste to make sure it is a level of saltiness that you like.  For me, it was when the vanilla ice cream base began to taste more like cake batter.

Step 8.) Pour the ice cream into popsicle molds, or just dump it into a tub to scoop out later! Allow to freeze for at least 4-5 hours. Serve chilly and awesome!


Refreshing and easy to make: my two favorite things! Would recommend for a nerdy summer party anytime! Hope you enjoy it!

HEY PEOPLESSS: Don’t forget to link me in a post if you end up making something from the blog! I will reblog post haste!

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#55 'Do you have any piercings?' Can the ship be Steve, Bucky, and Tony? Thank you! :D

Steve hooked his fingers under the hem of of Tony’s shirt and began to lift.

Steve startled when callous fingers wrapped around his and pried his hands off Tony’s shirt.

Tony broke his kiss with Bucky and stunned Steve with his glowing smile. “Not so fast, Handsy.” He hopped out of Bucky’s lap and sashayed his way around the couch so he was behind Steve.

Tony wrapped his arms around Steve’s waist and peppered Steve’s neck with kisses. “I think it’s your turn to be in the middle.”

Steve was a little thrown by Tony’s decision. Steve didn’t mind his time in the middle at all, but it had been clear early on in their relationship that Tony was most happy when he was at the center of the relationship. Steve was just happy as long as he was with Bucky and Tony, and it seemed Bucky was of a similar mind, so Tony got to enjoy tucking himself between Bucky and Steve on the couch or in bed whenever the opportunity rose.

Before Steve could question Tony’s decision about surrendering the middle, Bucky had launched himself forward and was lavishing attention to the other side of Steve’s neck. Bucky’s hand gripped Steve’s thigh, hius thumb brushing across Steve’s crotch.

Steve moaned and tilted his head back, trying to give his two lovers better access.

He let any thoughts about Tony being in the middle fade away.

“You know…” Bucky’s stomach curled with anticipation as he pecked the corner of Tony’s mouth, not minding the slime that was covering Tony from head to toe (he and Steve were coated in the gunk just as much, so what did he care?). His hands slid up Tony’s hips to the bottom of his shirt. “Since we all have to clean up anyway, we should conserve water and take a shower together.”

Tony pressed his finger to Bucky’s lips and shuffled out of his hold. “And risk further contamination?” Tony shook his head. “Sorry, but I have a busy schedule and I can’t risk this crap getting me sick. You and Steve can share a shower if you want, but I am not doing it.”

Tony marched over to the showers with his head held high.

Bucky felt a slight sting at Tony’s rejection and turned to Steve, whose face was pinched with concern.

“Did I come off too strong?” Bucky asked.

Steve frowned. “I don’t know. Tony’s not usually shy, and we’ve seen each other naked before, so I can’t fathom why he’d push you away like that.”

Bucky frowned, something Steve said tugging at his brain. “Yeah.”

“We haven’t seen Tony naked.” Bucky marched into the gym and declared.

Sam spat out the water he’d been drinking and cursed. He shook his head. “I’m leaving now while the gettin’s good.” Sam rushed out of the gym.

Steve eased out of his low lunge. His brow was furrowed as he looked at Bucky like his boyfriend was crazy. “Bucky, we’ve had sex with Tony. We’ve seen him–”

“Without his pants on,” Bucky stated. “We have never seen him with his shirt off.”

Steve paused. His eyes shone with thought as he replayed memories of their intimate moments in his head.

“Shit,” Steve said.

Bucky nodded in empathy. “So how are we going to ask him about it? You know he won’t give us a straight answer right away.”

“Do you have any tattoos?” Bucky asked casually at the breakfast table.

Tony grumbled as he shuffled around in the kitchen.

“What does that mean?” Steve asked then sipped his orange juice.

“Why are you asking?” Tony raised his voice, his tone cranky. He needed at least one more cup of coffee before he’d be able to act cordially.

“You said you rebelled like crazy as a teen,” Bucky answered. “I was just curious if a tattoo was part of that.”

Tony trudged out of the kitchen with a cup of coffee. He rubbed the heel of his palm into his eye and sat in Steve’s lap. “Tried to. Howard found out and stopped me. Don’t ask how,” Tony said into his mug.

Bucky tensed, his protective side showing, but he trampled it down momentarily. “Do you have any piercings?”

“You two would know. You’ve seen me naked.” Tony drank his coffee, oblivious to his error.

Steve hugged Tony tight, hooking his chin over Tony’s shoulder. “We haven’t actually.”

Tony frowned.

“You never take off your shirt,” Bucky pointed out.

Tony tensed as realization dawned on him.

His eyes went wide with fright, which he quickly smothered. He shrugged nonchalantly. “You two must be mistaken.”

Steve strengthened his hold and kissed Tony’s neck.

Bucky grabbed Tony’s hand and squeezed. “We’re not going to force you to explain why Tony, but we are worried that maybe we’ve been pressuring you, or–”

Tony guffawed and shook his head. “There is nothing you two could ‘make’ me do. I just didn’t want to ruin the mood by grossing you two out.”

“Grossing us out?” Steve’s stomach churned. “You could never–”

Tony put a finger to Steve’s lips. “Don’t give me your Hallmark Channel movie bullshit, Steve. My chest is littered with scars.”

Bucky sat up straighter. “I have scars.”

“You have scar tissue around your arm that’s barely a blemish. I have massive scars that cover the entirety of my chest. It’s completely different.”

Steve and Bucky paused, neither quite sure what to say to Tony. Tony had a talent for hearing what he wanted from others. Bucky and Steve could rain down compliments upon Tony, yet he’d somehow turn them into proof of their disgust. They had to be careful when dealing with Tony and his insecurities.

Bucky sighed and leaned forward to kiss Tony. “Doll, I love you, and I know it won’t matter to you now if I say this since I haven’t seen your scars, but I promise, no amount of scar tissue is going to gross me out.”

“Same here.” Steve kissed Tony’s cheek. “But if you really think it’s that bad, then you don’t have to show us. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.”

Tony rolled his eyes and made a gagging face. “Ugh. You’re sweetness is cloying. Go back to whatever cheesy romance movie you two came from. You’re too much.”

Bucky smirked and kissed Tony again. “Never.”

“We’re not going anywhere,” Steve promised with a kiss to the corner of Tony’s mouth.

Steve was pleased when Tony didn’t protest further, and instead sank against him, his body relaxed and content.

[Sentence Prompt]

catbuses-and-dragonscales replied to your post: Reproductive justice means not expecting trans…

I mean I totally agree with the ableism that comes from that kind of genetic selection, but I can at least understand the HIV thing. It’s awful, but the risk of contamination is still probably high enough where they wouldn’t want to take samples from an infected person. Genetic diseases are one thing, but having a kid be born HIV positive is really hard. If you don’t have money to get them medication, they’re going to get AIDs very quickly, and die quickly too.

Okay… except you’re wrong. The probability of transmitting HIV from parent to child through the use of washed sperm used for IVF is as close to non-existent as you can get. If you’re going to go to these extremes you might as well declare that HIV+ parents who kiss their children goodnight are monsters who place their children at risk of AIDS. It’s Reagan era levels of ignorance and hyperbole.

The HIV virus simply does not exist in sperm cells so when you wash away the semen the sperm is HIV free. Not like the semen likely has a significant viral load to begin with provided the parent is receiving proper HIV treatment (and if they have access to IVF this is a pretty good bet). Combined all of that with PrEP given to the person who will carry the child to term and any viral residue that, however unlikely, manages to make it through the IVF process won’t stand a chance.

It’s just not a realistic concern.

You don’t get to declare that someone’s reproductive rights shouldn’t exist simply because you feel worried.

Blood Brothers

“Could you do a reader x Reid where they work together and Reid very obviously has a crush on the reader and he’s asked her out on multiple occasions and she’s turned him down every time for whatever reason but then one day he asks her out again and she finally says yes and they go and have a cute little first date and they both have a great time and just general fluffiness?”

“Could you do a little drabble where the reader and Reid were best friends when they were little, but the reader then moved. But later on in life, the team has a case and they have to call in a forensic science team and the reader is on the team? Then the reader and Reid go get a coffee after the case is solved and there’s a lot of fluff and bubbly excitement? Sorry if that’s hard to understand.”

Okay, so this is going to be a two or three parter. I haven’t decided. I just couldn’t force everything into one part.

Word count: 674

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the one where Magnus eases Alec’s pain and worsens Simon’s

based on this headcanon that came from a random fact I read about warlocks ((and im sickfic trash so i mean)) (((it just makes sense))) and thanks fearalltheumbrellas for helping me with this ily

“Alec and Magnus get the good couch!” Jace declared as he collapsed to the couch between Simon and Clary, an overflowing bowl of popcorn ready in his lap for movie night. His announcement drew immediate complaints from his couch-mates (Isabelle especially) but Jace silenced them with a wave of his hand. “Alec needs the good couch. It’s approximately seven feet away from this one. This way we won’t have to risk being contaminated by his germs.”

“Thanks.” Alec huffed.  

“Not a problem.” Jace smiled smugly.

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FFIX: Gysahl Pickles

What’s this? This isn’t mmorpg food! 

And you would be correct dear reader, though it IS from a video game. I’ve fiddled around with pickling things a few times, never really satisfied. Then one day, while replaying Final Fantasy 9, I got to the part where Steiner experiences the joys of Gysahl Pickles and thought to myself, “What if I did this? I could at least try.” And try I did, and I must say the results were quite tasty.

Since we had another recipe this week already, I thought instead of a mmorpg recipe, I would put this forth, another in the list of random encounter recipes, if you will. For those of you confused at the use of carrots and parsnips, the original version of gysahl greens in Final Fantasy games were carrot-like plants, so that’s what we’re using. 

This will make 1 large jar of pickles, or two smaller jars. I didn’t use the standard process for canning/jarring goods, so while there isn’t necessarily a risk of contamination, these pickles should be kept refrigerated at all times!


  • 1 cup Distilled/Filtered Water
  • 1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 ½ tbsp Kosher/Pickling Salt
  • 1 Handful (approx. 1 ½ tbsp) Black Peppercorns 
  • 1 Handful (” “) Hot/Red Pepper Flakes
  • 1 Handful (” “) Fresh Ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
  • 2 large cloves Garlic
  • 4-5 sprigs of Fresh Dill
  • 3 large Carrots
  • 3 Parsnips

Cook Time: 10 - 15 min.  |  Wait Time: Approx. 2 days

Makes: Enough for a BBQ or Spring Cookout!


Step 1.) Wash the jar(s) you will be using in hot water and soap, then set aside.

Step 2.) Wash, peel, and julienne the carrots and parsnips to fit inside the jar(s). Slice your garlic cloves into 3-4 large pieces. Stuff the carrots, parsnips, garlic, and dill into the jar(s) until full.

Step 3.) In a pot, combine the water, vinegar, salt, peppercorns, pepper flakes, and ginger and bring to a boil, allow to sit at a boil for 2-3 minutes or until the salt is completely dissolved. 

Step 4.) Carefully pour the brine into the jar(s) until the brine is about 1/2″ below the top of the jar(s). Tap the jar(s) or use a knife to swirl around the inside to free trapped air bubbles. Close the jar(s) and allow to sit for about an hour to cool.

Step 5.) Place the jar(s) into the refrigerator and allow to sit for at least 2 days to marinate. Lasts for about 1 ½ weeks.


The apple cider vinegar makes a milder brine than what you might experience with normal white vinegar pickles. Mixed with the ginger and red pepper, this makes for a uniquely refreshing and spicy (but not too spicy) pickle! 

Apple cider vinegar also serves to give the pickles a pungent smell that, en masse, could have been the same overwhelming smell as their video game counterparts. But trust me, they taste much better than they smell!

I will definitely be making this again over the summer!

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cheshagirl  asked:

I don't know if you've explained this before, but how does Bri become King Bri? Is it through genes or lineage that allow her to grow even bigger? How does she gain the title of King?

It’s a bit of an obsolete concept (and I can’t answer truly the question bc of spoiler stuff so just gonna be vague)

Chalkurites are usually paired with individuals or groups that ingest some of their ylem (the blackbody substance that they’re able to secrete/are made of) to bond with the chalkurite and be able to contain them should they berserk. It’s also useful in battle because chalkurites produce tons of ylem and it can be used in combat a lot.

Ylem is also a conduit for the ridiculous amount of energy/radiation they exude when pouring this substance and using it to shapeshift) and though it’s not able to absorb it 100% it keeps people from dying around chalkus bc of radiation output. Below an example of pint and marcel (both chalkurites) manifesting both ylem and radiation.

Consuming ylem is extremely dangerous and can lead to a body decomposing/being cannibalized by the semi-sapient substance. 

Gestalt can harness ylem in unique ways, manipulating it in various states of matter liquid/solid (gas is an unknown and almost extinct practice) and though they run a lower risk of being contaminated like humans, they’re still susceptible to being eaten by it if they don’t know how to handle its moods. Long arduous training is required before being in presence of a considerable amount. 

ie- Buo, one of the elite officials of Rajenlo is able to stand in a training pool of it and sculpt her armor and other structures but anyone else would be killed on the spot.

In some cases it leads to spontaneous body horror (namely with humans), and gradual decay that leads to death, though if done over time and with the right training one can harness the body horror to be beneficial though it’s impossible to reverse results. 

A lot of kings thus exist that have been mutated by the ylem of their chalkurite partners (or hostages whatever way you wish to see it) and were able to retain their sanity.

Bri however just passes this alleged condition off as just, ‘Oh turns out I was a lion all along!’ 

She Walks in Beauty, Chapter 2

Title: She Walks In Beauty

Rating: PG-13, just to be safe since I’m not sure how far I’ll take it.

Synopsis: A glimpse into how Earth 2 Barry and Iris could have met and fallen in love, with the slight change from E2 canon that they were already a CSI and detective respectively when they met.

Chapter: 2/?

Chapter 1

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Today on Fresh Air: America’s Test Kitchen shares some of their shopping/cooking tips for meat. 

Listen to the interview (and find recipes for the perfect burger, buttermilk mashed potatoes, and oven-friend bacon) here:

‘Test Kitchen’: How To Buy The Safest Meat And Make The Juiciest Steaks

• Don’t put much stock in “pasture-raised” or “free-range” Some companies really are letting animal graze outside but access to the outdoor can be highly limited)

• “Natural” is pretty meaningless (means no artificial ingredients); look for USDA “organic” seal instead Companies must comply with long list of regulations and inspections—animals not given antibiotics or hormones, feed produced without pesticides and or synthetic fertilizers.

• Don’t buy enhanced pork. It’s injected with salt solution and preservatives.

• Don’t buy select beef. You want choice or prime meat because it has more fat and more flavor.

• Buy air-chilled chicken rather than water-chilled, unless you like bland chicken and you like paying for water. 

• Never buy 99% lean ground chicken or turkey with no fat. There’s no flavor, and the meat is really, really dry. Go for 93%, which is made from mix of white and dark meat.

• Avoid mechanically tenderized meat It’s not tender and there’s a higher risk of bacteria contamination.

• Don’t put much stock in “no nitrates added” label on bacon. These products are often cured with celery juice (sometimes listed as natural flavor) and celery juice has high level of nitrates, which are converted to problematic nitrites by the bacterial starter culture in the cure. In our tests, some “no nitrates” bacon had more nitrites than conventional brands.

• Don’t buy stew meat. Instead buy a shoulder or chuck roast and cut up the meat yourself.

• Buy Berkshire pork whenever you can. Meat has higher pH which makes it darker, firmer and more flavorful. We found juicier and more porky than regular pork. Higher pH is because of genetics and farming practices—stressed pigs produce a lot of lactic acid which lowers the pH.

That's Not My Name

For @comehitherniall because I was supposed to do this yesterday but never had the chance to, my bad. Hopefully it’ll actually post tonight.


Niall has been coming to this coffee shop for nearly a year. He’s gotten to know the baristas, as far as their names and how well they make coffee, at least (never, ever let Rick make a latte). He knows that without a doubt he can count on coming in and they’ll have his order rung up and his change waiting as soon as he walks in. It’s a system, of sorts, and it works beautifully.

Until the new guy shows up.

At first, Niall didn’t really care. It’s not like it would hinder his morning routine too terribly, right? Wrong. Not only is this guy unbelievably good looking and, therefore, a distraction to every person around him and putting Niall’s blessed coffee at risk of being contaminated, he’s kind of an asshole.

Niall has told this guy–Harry, he learns from his name tag–what his name is. He’s told him probably five times. But it would seem either Harry is hard of hearing, or he just doesn’t care, because he never calls him Niall when his drink is ready. In fact, it’s anything but Niall. There’s been Neil, Nail, Nigel, Nathan–hell, he’s even gotten fucking Narnia. Not once has he been called by his actual name, and for whatever reason, that grates on his every last nerve. All the other baristas know his name. Why is it so hard for this guy to learn it?

Oh, and Harry knows. He knows how it makes Niall feel. It’s the fucking twinkle in his eyes, the mischievousness there, that gives it all away.

So when Harry calls him Neptune that he retaliates.

Niall marches up to the counter, taking his drink with a scowl in Harry’s smug direction. “Thanks, Harold.” It slips out without him even realizing, but when Harry’s smirk drops to a pout, a pleased thrill runs through Niall.

“It’s, uh, it’s Harry,” he replies, pointing to his name tag on his chest.

“Sure,” Niall says, maybe a little too condescending, but whatever.

He leaves before Harry can say anything else.

And he does it the next time he goes in, smiles brightly with a chirped, “Morning, Harriet!”

Harry squints his eyes at him, calls him Nancy in return. Niall can only grin.

“What lovely weather today, huh, Harvey?”

“This is an exceptional coffee, Harpy?”

“Hey, Harpoon! Didn’t know you’d be working today.”


It keeps going and going, until one day Niall walks in, wracking his brain for a witty name for Harry, but Harry speaks before he can come up with anything.

“Okay, wait,” Harry starts, hands up in surrender. “Look, I get it now,” he says, “It’s very annoying to be called something other than your birth name unless it’s a cute, endearing nickname given by friends and/or family.” Niall raises his eyebrows at him, silently urging him on. Harry sighs. “I’m sorry, okay?”

“‘Kay,” Niall shrugs.

Harry blinks rapidly, obviously not expecting it to be that easy. “'Kay? That’s it?” Niall nods, shrugs again. “You’ve spent weeks calling me horrendous names for weeks now, I apologize, and all I get in return is 'kay?’”

“I mean…” Niall trails off, glancing around the coffee shop, lips pursed. He looks back to Harry, who’s going a bit red in the face. “Yeah.”

Harry is quiet, staring at Niall so hard that he wonders if he’ll combust soon, before he finally bursts out with, “Why?”

“Bit of fun,” Niall says, smirking. “Can see why you did it so much.”

“I did it because I was flirting!” Harry nearly shouts, then claps a hand over his mouth, eyes wide. “Fuck,” comes muffled through his hand.

“You… That was your attempt at flirting with me?” Niall asks, incredulous.

Harry pinches the bridge of his nose. “Yeah, well, I’m understanding how that might have been misunderstood.”

“Ya think?” Niall laughs. “Why not just, oh, I don’t know… Ask for my number? Like a normal person?”

“You mean, I didn’t completely fuck up my chances?” Harry asks, perking up.

“If one of us doesn’t walk away with a phone number, you will,” Niall says pointedly.

Harry scrambles to dig his phone out of his skinny jeans and hand it over to Niall, who punches in his number, sets his name as NIALL (in all caps) and gives it back. Harry giggles when he sees it.

“Right, so, Niall,” Harry says, a charming smile stretching across his lips. Niall tries not to react to Harry saying his name, but he’s pretty sure he fails. “I’ll call you later?”

“I’d be very disappointed if you didn’t, especially after all the trouble you put us through.” Niall grins at Harry’s spluttering.



Over 140 Different Apple Cultivars on One Tree

The benefits of multi-grafted fruit trees:

  • Huge variety of fruit in a small space
  • Longer season: the fruits of different cultivars ripen at different times
  • Longer foraging season for bees and other pollinators: the flowers bloom in different weeks
  • Better pollination: cross-pollination happens more readily as genetically distinct plants are in closer proximity

The drawbacks of multi-grafted fruit trees:

  • Each graft constitutes a weak point, as compared to a natural joint
  • Each wound opened through grafting provides an entryway for disease
  • Each new scion carries the risk of disease contaminating the entire tree (the above tree was contaminated with Apple Mosaic virus through a scion wood exchange).

However, there is a bright side to the disease risk: after this tree
was infected with apple mosaic virus, the owner was able to identify which cultivars were best able to withstand the virus.

#Malus #grafting #fruit trees #DIY