rise up! & flashback…

look i have So Many Things in my hoard and as a person who prefers to have things beautifully organized, it drives me crazy to have all these dupes and things so basically Take This Shit Away From Me Giveaway, let’s go.

How to Enter

  • Reblog with your username and ID.
  • That’s it.
  • Oh, I suppose it ends at rollover tonight (September 29th).

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

There will be AT LEAST 9 winners, to whom I will dump the contents of my hoard. Each prize pack will be sort of thematic, but also I’m pretty lazy and don’t want to list the exact things that I am getting rid of, so the packs will vary in value and size. You could get 4 chests! You could get 1! You could be a random 10th winner who gets some accents dumped on your head! 


(you will get at least two things, though.) 

EDIT: Closed and prizes sent out!


idea: dragons lured into starwood strand experience extreme time dilation, n are never seen again bc they move too damn fast for anyone to see them

(the thing that lures them in would be the dragons zipping around at light speed)

also thru some weird magic, attempting to leave starwood will just make it loop on itself