yixing’s “lose control” mv explanation

ok so the mv begins like this:

What’s behind the text reminding us of the song’s title and the fact that it was written, composed, and arranged by the talented Zhang Yixing? Presumably the ocean? Foreshadowing perhaps?

Yes. Sprinkled throughout the mv are scenes of Yixing dancing on this water-like surface before the moon. 

We learn that this water-like surface is actually the ocean when Yixing falls deep into the water.

So what does this mean? Well let’s take a closer look at these two images, the moon and the ocean. From a scientific standpoint, the connection between the moon and ocean is that the gravitational force of the moon contributes to the rise and fall of sea levels. These are also called tides. Familiar?

Yixing endorses the detergent brand Tide. There you have it folks, endorsement king Zhang Yixing keeps his brand pure by dedicating Lose Control to Tide. Thanks for reading and purchase Yixing’s 1st mini album Lose Control on iTunes and purchase Tide at your local grocery store or Wallmart.

hamiltinion  asked:

Do you have before and after pictures of places affected by climate change or do you know where to find some? I'm highly curious

Hi hamiltinion,

There are thousands of before and afters out there. The most documented are high mountain glaciers in the Andes and Himalaya and other higher elevations with glaciers. In Montana, USA, for example, in 1910 there were over 100 glaciers. Now there are less than 20. The shifts in the water cycle affects ecosystems (and human developments) for thousands of miles down stream. See here for some before and after pics and video of melting glaciers: http://petapixel.com/2015/10/25/these-before-and-after-photos-show-how-glaciers-in-the-us-are-melting/

Islands are also a source of before and after. In Chesapeake Bay Virginia, over 500 islands have eroded away due to rising seas, erosion, and storms. Plenty of before and after photos. In fact, check out this really good report on Tangier Island, which is sinking before everyone’s eyes yet 450 people still live there. Incredible story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_5FXUKQx8E.

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The (West Antarctic Ice) Sheet Has Hit The Fan

Well, now we’ve done it.

This week, two scientific teams reported that the collapse and melt of large portions of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet now appears unstoppable. As in irreversible, inevitable, and more than partially our fault. There’s enough water in the unstable ice sheet to raise global sea levels by four feet on its own, and combined with other sources of melt, this could raise sea levels as much as ten feet over the next few centuries. 

I’ll give you a moment, in case that didn’t sink in.

As Chris Mooney writes at Mother Jones, “This is what a holy shit moment for global warming looks like.”

The acceleration of the ice sheet’s melting is due to warming ocean currents, destabilizing the ice from beneath and speeding up its collapse. Because of the particular geography of the region, this rapid chain reaction of melting can not be stopped. If greenhouse gas levels continue to rise, this melting will only speed up.

If there’s any silver lining to this news, it’s that it’s not clear how fast this will happen. Ice sheets move slowly (being made of ice and all), so the melt could play out over hundreds of years. Still, it’s the clearest sign yet that we have irreversibly affected the global climate, and we must do something.

Every day that we spend faux-debating the validity of climate change science is another day closer to an inevitably wet future. Would you rather build a boat or tread water?

For more coverage, check out the NY Times, these two pages from NASA, or just Google “West Antarctic Ice Sheet oh shit we’re fucked”

PS - The image up top shows what Times Square would look like with 6 feet or so of sea level rise. Just so you know what to expect. Check out more at worldunderwater.org

An American Village Is Being Abandoned Because of Rising Seas

For the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Native Americans who live in coastal Louisiana, climate change is a very harsh reality. They are fleeing their island reservation because of rising water levels.

The group has called the Isle de Jean Charles home for a century, but are now moving inland with the help in federal assistance. Over the last 60 years, the group has lost 98 percent of its land to coastal flooding, erosion, and other effects of rising sea levels. The entire population is now packed into an area less than a square mile. read more here

This quote hits the nail on the head:

Image credit: Karen Apricot, via Flickr


Here’s what certain big cities could look like if sea levels keep rising

On Monday, climate scientists from around the world published a report with a fiery claim: Over the last century, the rise in sea level “was extremely likely faster than during any of the 27 previous centuries.” The interactive versions of these photos are even scarier.

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I received this in e-mail today, from 350 Pacific. She’s describing an interesting demonstration of defiance:

My name is Milañ Loeak, I’m from the Marshall Islands, and I bring you a message on behalf of my Climate Warrior brothers and sisters from across Oceania.

You’ve probably heard it all before – that the climate is changing, that the ocean is rising, that my home in the islands will be the first to go. But the people of the Pacific are not drowning, we are fighting. And the biggest threat to our homes is the fossil fuel industry.

So here’s how we’re fighting back: there’s a coal port in Newcastle, Australia and it’s the largest in the world, shipping approximately 617,000 tons of coal every single day. If the port were a country, it would be the 9th highest emitting country in the world. That’s why I have travelled to Australia to shut it down for a day.

Using traditional canoes, I and 30 other Pacific Climate Warriors are going to paddle into the oncoming path of coal ships.Behind us will be hundreds of Australians in kayaks, on surfboards and whatever else they can find, united with us as we stand up to the fossil fuel industry.

But we need more than hundreds of Australians standing with us – we are going to need you too.

The fossil fuel industry will try to dismiss us. They will launch their PR machine to say that we are just a small group acting alone and that we do not speak for others. But we know that we are not acting alone. We are standing with front line communities around the world when we say it is time to end our addiction to fossil fuels before it destroys our homes, our communities, and our culture.

As the Pacific Climate Warriors paddle into the water on October 17th, show that you stand with us – click here to sign on to our call for solidarity.

Stopping one day of coal exports alone won’t keep our homes above water, but it marks the rise of the Pacific Climate Warriors, and the beginning of our defense of the Pacific Islands.

I ask you to join us in this fight – because we cannot save the Pacific Islands on our own.

Warm Pacific wishes,

Milañ Loeak, Republic of the Marshall Islands


‘HIGH WATER’ by Ross Murray.

This is the title story from the comics anthology ‘High Water’ presented by Faction Comics. It’s a collection of thoughts and stories about climate change by eleven New Zealand comic artists including Dylan Horrocks, Katie O’Neill and Toby Morris. Order here: http://factioncomics.co.nz

Change is coming!