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The Violence - Rise Against 



The story starts in 1918 during the Spanish flu epidemic in London. The British capital has become a ghost town because of the disease and the rise of violence. Jonathan Reid, the character you play, is a renowned surgeon who is also a war veteran, the twist being that he was turned into a vampire against his will. The developers want to emphasize the duality of the hero who will be torn apart between his desire to save people and his need for blood. Since drinking blood will be his only way to evolve and gain new skills, he is bound to kill innocent people in the process.

Any anarchist who looks at rising neo-nazi violence and doesn’t realize that we absolutely need to work with Leninists/ “authoritarian” communists in order to fight against it is oblivious tbh. We need tactics, we need organization, this threat isn’t going to go away because you’ve liberated yourself by embracing purity of thought or whatever

7 things you need to know about the trans military ban

by L’lerret Ailith, Communications Manager for Black Youth Project 100 and a Black trans woman.

  1. We have to focus on the bigger picture. This isn’t about the military. It’s an attack on the dignity and humanity of trans people and our right to occupy space and navigate authentically.
  2. Politicians are ending the ACA with no viable alternative. They’re creating a faux complication of trans people’s healthcare costs being a burden to taxpayers and the government and moving bigoted legislation in order to seem like they’re helping American economy.
  3. With the military budget at near $50 billion and trans healthcare costs at only $9 million, this is clearly a rouse to get folks to attack the legitimacy and necessity of trans healthcare. I mean, they spend upwards of $40 million on viagra but that isn’t an issue, right?
  4. With the rise in violence and harassment of trans people lately and consistent picking at trans validity (bathrooms, pronouns, etc), we can prepare for a war on trans folks by the American government.
  5. This is less about choice and more about stripping away at resources and protections. Trans people will be scapegoated as the burdens of society.
  6. There is also a clear and present danger for current trans military folks and vets relying on resources to get the money or medical care or education they needed.
  7. This will extend further than the military. It will affect Americans on the large scale and we can prepare to continue to see rollbacks against our community. If the “burden” affects military budget, who says they won’t use it to affect federal budget. And then use that as a primer to a replacement of ACA that is shitty and shuts out all protection and accommodation of trans people and probably other marginalized communities.

BYP100 is an activist member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. They do this through building a collective focused on transformative leadership development, direct action organizing, advocacy and education using a Black queer feminist lens.

The Violence music video

Listen up, wolves!

As many of you have heard, Rise Against were planning to shoot a music video for “The Violence”, and then something happened.  A lot of people seem to think we’re not gonna get the video at all now.  I think we are.  First, for anyone who hasn’t seen, here’s Rise Against’s full post from Facebook:

As far as I can tell from the text, the video itself wasn’t shut down, they were just denied the location they wanted.  The denial came from the Board of Directors of the location.  Those people certainly doesn’t have the power to cancel the whole project, and I can’t imagine Rise Against - Rise Against - going “oh no, we can’t have our first choice of location, better call off the whole video”.

In the end, there are exactly two things I can picture possibly stopping these guys, when they have a message they want to put out.  

  • Actual governmental action - and not only do we not seem to be at that point yet in the US, thank goodness, but I’m sure we all would have heard a lot more about it by now.  The ACLU would be all over that shit, just for starters, and we’d probably hear a hell of a lot more noise coming from other corners of the music world, and the political world, and there’d be a hell of a fight coming because direct government censorship like that would not fly.
  • Action from their label, or some other power that has legal control over the band.  I don’t know much about the music industry, but contractually speaking, I’m pretty sure that stuff is supposed to stay between the band and the label, not be posted publicly on social media.  There’s also no way Rise Against simply ignored their own political outspokenness when they were looking for a new label.  I would be amazed if there was no element of “You need to let us stick to our message” in whatever negotiations took place. So label action also seems unlikely.

The piece finishes:

Renewed attacks on the most vulnerable in the world in the year 2017 has strengthened our resolve. We plan on being unapologetically loud about it no matter who tells us to pipe down. In that respect, we wear the boards rejection as a badge of honor. We will just find another door to claw at… 

I think we’re alright.  I think this video is still happening.  It’s not going to be exactly what they originally imagined, and the change of plans is probably causing a delay - possibly a long one - but we’re still going to get a video for “The Violence”.