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The story starts in 1918 during the Spanish flu epidemic in London. The British capital has become a ghost town because of the disease and the rise of violence. Jonathan Reid, the character you play, is a renowned surgeon who is also a war veteran, the twist being that he was turned into a vampire against his will. The developers want to emphasize the duality of the hero who will be torn apart between his desire to save people and his need for blood. Since drinking blood will be his only way to evolve and gain new skills, he is bound to kill innocent people in the process.

Guardian Angels on the NYC subway, 1980

Guardian Angels first made an appearance on the New York subway in 1979 in an attempt to quell rising levels of violence. As in all of New York, crime was rampant in the subway in the 1970s. Thefts, robberies, shootings and killings became more frequent. The subway cars were very often graffiti-painted or vandalism-damaged both inside and outside.
The subway system became New York’s most ravaged symbol of urban decay, deemed un-patrollable and unsafe even for the most street savvy commuter. In 1979, a group of angered residents led by Curtis Sliwa began taking crime prevention into their own hands, donning red berets – looking very much like a gang and calling themselves the Guardian Angels. Their membership were mostly young men, black and Latino, who had eschewed gang life in their own neighborhoods to better their city.

Thoughts: Pit bulls were once considered American symbols, used as a mascot for the American military and considered family dogs known for being good with children. They gained notoriety when they started being bred for dogfighting and were vilified as symbols of violence, giving rise to a different generation of American dogs.

MENA people really seem to not give a crap about ethnic and religious minorities within their region tbh. A lot of them cry about Islamophobia in the West (and rightfully so) but don’t really care that many Muslim majority countries pretty much treat non-Muslim minorities as second-class citizens. How Coptic Christians get treated in Egypt, for example, is awful. There is growing religious intolerance and a rise of sectarian violence. Many moved to the west as a result. Armenians and Kurdish minorities face persecution in Turkey, and there are still many political prisoners. In Iraq, the Shia prime minister pretty much only cares about protecting his own sect and disregards everyone else. Many Iraqis are also really racist against Kurdish people and see them as inferior, and often uphold the stereotype that they have low IQ and are not intelligent enough to be able to even run their own country, so that is often used to say that the Kurdish shouldn’t have their own sovereignty. In Saudi Arabia, they literally do not allow churches there, even though it’s the land of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - he clearly taught that Christians and their places of worship should be respected. Lets not even get started on the anti-Semitism, and how under the ba'ath Saddamist regime in Iraq, so many Iraqi Jews were displaced and forced to move to Isr**l. Today there are only four Iraqi Jews living in Iraq.

When all of this is said, MENA people tend to scream “This is Western propaganda!” No it isn’t, sit down.

This evening at the Whitney, artist Danny Lyon will speak with Congressman John Lewis about his lifelong advocacy of civil liberties and his current leadership on issues including gun control and voting rights.

Tonight’s conversation takes place amid wrenching events for this country: the shooting of forty nine people at a gay nightclub in Orlando on June 12, followed weeks later by shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Dallas, and Brooklyn. These tragedies have shaken communities across the country, demanding that we acknowledge and address the racial, social, and political divides that plague our country and that have given rise to decades of violence and loss.

Congressman Lewis and Danny Lyon first met in a related period of turbulence and change in the 1960s: Lewis was serving as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Lyon was a principal photographer of the Southern Civil Rights Movement and a staff member of SNCC.

Tonight’s program pays tribute to their more than fifty years of friendship. At a moment when national action is urgently called for, it also brings together two men who—whether through political leadership or through image-making—have dedicated their lives to social activism and to bringing greater equality and empathy to our national culture. 

Follow the conversation on Twitter, and check back on whitney.org in the coming days for footage of the event.

Danny Lyon (b. 1942), Arrest of Taylor Washington, Atlanta, 1963. Vintage gelatin silver print.  9 7/16 × 6 ¼ in. (24 × 16 cm); Collection of the artist. © Danny Lyon, courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York

⚖️ Do Not Touch Him. ⚖️ // @redeyestakewxrning

The gunman looked at the dark-skinned woman like she was insane, “Get the fuck outta my way, bitch,” he snarled, sweating.

Jack’s raised hackles loosened, ever so slightly. If this ‘assassin’ was worth his shit, then he would have shot her immediately, without hesitation, just to get to Jack himself. Obviously, this was an amateur.

“Picked the wrong day to come after me, man,” Jack rumbled, low in his throat.

Clotilde sighs in annoyance. These so-called ‘assassins’ that Jack dealt with from time to time are nothing short of disgusting and annoying. A true assassin would have even went so far as to attack Clotilde to get to their primary target. To one, they should have been seen as an obstacle to get rid of.

Yet this pathetic man stood in front of the Plenipotentiary with a gun in his hand, sweating despite the cool air of the night and afraid.

They wanted to say something, but did not. Instead, in a flash, they are behind the man. Whatever effort the man made to shoot his gun is in vain as the gun is unable to fire. Clotilde’s hand grasps the man’s back, and nails dig into the skin like knives. Clotilde, literally, rips the skin of the man’s back off thus making the man scream in such a way it could deafen the ears.

All of this, they do with one hand. Clotilde grasps the man’s spine and pulls it out in one motion. He is no more, and falls to the ground. Their clothes are now bloody, as well as their hands. Clotilde snarls, showling a rare display of anger as they clean themself off.

Building off of this post a little…

TFP!Megatron’s whole shtick was that he started as a revolutionary leader, giving voice to a downtrodden caste and speaking out against the unequal system in which they lived. He then seeks the power of Prime-hood solely for himself to become elevated above others. Whether this was his true motivation all along or simply a result of corruption over time is debatable. But the fact remains that Megatron wanted to be a Prime. As the war continues, Megatron creates an army around himself which moves to his whims mostly comprised of faceless grunts which he presides over with absolute authority. His most loyal and trusted general, Soundwave, deliberately lacks personal ambition or any expression of self whatsoever beyond serving Megatron. Megatron’s other named followers cower beneath him or tend to end up dead.

Optimus, meanwhile, does gain the power of a Prime. And it causes him to sacrifice his individuality for the needs of the Autobot collective while also being distant and “above” his followers… though seemingly by necessity rather than choice. It’s also established that this distance is extremely emotionally taxing on Optimus, but he bears through it.

By the end of Predacon Rising, Megatron has been touched by the divine (a dark god, but a god nevertheless) and been given the power and form to defy death and stand on equal ground with the Matrix-Infused Optimus Prime. IE: Megatron is now as awesome and untouchable as he’s always wanted to be… But he takes no joy in this revelation, in fact he seems sad and maybe even disgusted by what he’s become. And thus, in a way, he does follow the path of a Prime, by choosing to forgo personal ambitions, and walk alone with his massive power away from the public.

Meanwhile, Optimus joins the All Spark with Cybertron. At once regaining his right to individuality while also uniting with everyone.

Me, watching Daredevil: I recognize that the system is completely messed up and does a completely shit job at protecting the people it was theoretically designed to take care of, but what else do we have if not the nominal rule of law and a system to punish transgressors against it?

This week: *happens*

Me: I’m not a douchebag like Phoenix Jones, I could make it work. Let’s fuck some assholes up.

The worlds mental health worries ma

The following leap into the 2000s we’ve witnessed an increase in mental health issues, but here’s my question what if it’s always been this way and we just now bothered to care? With the rise is bullying and violence in schools mental health is becoming a big issues which brings back to the question of now we decided to care because I think now we do because the days of the 1900s people simply hid things or closeted everything to the point it started. Punching line of mental instability, if I’m wrong please correct me but this has been bugging me for a long time. What do you guys think?

anonymous asked:

Your blog reeaally motivates my friend and I to do activism. I'm a 21 yo outspoken black woman, and tumblrs like yours are sources of inspiration ❤. We haven't decided yet but Thank u!

Thank you, sweetie! I’m happy to inspire you all to be activist on the behalf of black women and girls, with the rise in discrimination and violence against us, we must fight for ourselves cause no one else will. My hope is that as the generations pass more and more of us will be more willing and unafraid to fight for our femininity and humanity. 😃

How We Can Resist


Trigger Warning// Fascism, totalitarianism, self-defense, violence.

Here is why we need riots, ANTIFA, and violence.

The rise of the fascist Right, in the form of the Donald Trump administration, warrants self-defense and the protection of our ideas from criticism by any means necessary. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES against the violence of the Trump administration, the Alt-Right, and the Neo-Nazi thugs running the country.

Here’s the thing: TRUMP has already been elected. The Nazis have broken our democracy and are now running the country.

THERE ARE LITERAL NAZIS AND FASCISTS EVERYWHERE. At this point, anyone who isn’t a true intersectional feminist is basically a Nazi.

This is the beginning of the new Nazi Germany.



The future of the country and the world is in our hands. We must not let them down.

Here is what we need to do.

We must unite around genuine intersectional feminist principles and start a political uprising in this country by any means necessary. This means destroying all the institutions in our society who oppress the marginalized and destroy all those who support them. We cannot allow fascists and Nazis to have their rights as well. They DON’T have the right to speak, they DON’T have the right to be free from violence, and they DON’T have a right to their own opinions.

If you see a Nazi, punch them. They deserve it.

If a Nazi is going to speak, shut him down.

If you know a Nazi, permanently cut off all contact with them.

If a Nazi holds a job, get them fired.

If an institution like a university tries to defend a Nazi’s rights, riot and burn that place to the FUCKING GROUND.

These steps are the ONLY WAY to act in a truly feminist manner and to uphold American principles. Otherwise, you are complicit in a Nazi regime.

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Legend - Official Teaser Trailer

The film is based on the book ‘The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins’ by John Pearson, which deals with the rise and fall of the Kray twins; the relationship that bound them together, and charts their gruesome career to their downfall and imprisonment for life in 1969. 

The film focuses on the life of Reggie Kray, as he seeks to control the psychotic tendencies of his twin. [x] [x]

The Numbers

6 dead.
50+ wounded.

Over the course of three days, the count continues to rise, all from gun violence. Do I live in a war torn area? One would seriously think so. 

This weekend was yet another blood bath where I live (and if you pay attention to headlines I’m sure you can figure where that is). Men, women, children – all dead or injured from the almighty gun. And for what? Because of mistaken identity? Because the shooter doesn’t like your face? Because you are from the other side of the street?

I’m tired of putting patients younger than myself into body bags. I’m tired of pouring coolers of blood products into half dead gang members. I’m tired of wiping brain matter off the walls and floors. I’m tired of consoling mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and more. I’m tired of talking to the police, detectives, and DAs.

I’m tired of the utter lack of respect for life. When will it stop?