rising tide

She moves in waves, like the ocean during the rising tide: volatile, moving all that try to touch her. Her convictions as strong as the storms that arise in the murky waters, clear of her intentions but blurred in the revealing of herself. Enigmatic yet transparent; a paradox all within itself. There are times that those who see her glimpse into her true being, as the sun shines on her waters, allowing those who venture forward to see all of what she holds and what she shall hold in life. Though she denies all parts of herself she cannot see or understand, she fears her own being, scared of her own incomprehensibility. Her laughter is as boisterous as the seagulls that pass by the shore, searching for the remnants of what she has thrown out of her being; her sadness as cold and devoid as the rain falling upon the abundance of water already existing, no escape from the sorrow for days. Those who have learned to love her have accepted all of who she was, is, and will ever be.
—  s.f.; crisp leaves and empty trees; 31.10.2015
I hear the words you whisper,
The ones you share with storm clouds.
You doubt me? Watch me rise with the
Sun, clothed in gold
Stretching my influence across the globe.
You mock me? Watch me pull with the
Moon, rising tides and
Sweeping currents to and fro without end.
The next time you seek to tear me down
I will show you my place in the universe.
The one who sits at the
Right hand of God proclaims me his own.
Take your storm clouds and release them
They will melt into my skies and
Further develop my beauty.
—  2/11/17
Come Hell or Highwater Spell 🌊

a spell to prepare you for difficult times ahead, and give you the power to rise. 

🌊  gather: a jar, twine, high tide sea water, honeysuckle, lavender, lime peel, black salt, wax, and a self representative object.

🌊  prepare and dry the herbs, in the oven or naturally

🌊  charge with personal energy, and add the representative object  

🌊  ring the jar’s lid with black salt and seal thoroughly with wax, bind bottleneck with twine, secure with a strong knot. 

🌊  go to the beach when the water is at high tide, hold the bottle in the water as it comes in, letting the waves wash over it. while doing this, chant:

“come hell or high water
i rise with the tide
this time and after
the sea will be on my side.”

🌊  do not litter the bottle in the water, take it back with you, keep in case you need to perform the ritual again. 

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This puzzle just got personal.

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