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In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. This once abundant seed diversity — painstakingly created by ancient farmers and gardeners over countless millennia — has been drastically winnowed down to a handful of mass-produced varieties. Under the spell of industrial “progress” and corporate profits, family farmsteads have given way to mechanized agribusinesses sowing genetically identical crops on a massive scale. But without seed diversity, crop diseases rise and empires fall. Stream the film

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Can we talk about how Jungkook played Lie and blasted it just to get Jimin to come back to his room? The little shit knew what he was doing. He was all smiles when Jimin came back. He tried to peek into Jimins robe. This kid is so far gone and I love it. What was that stare down? Like Jikook was about to forget they were live with thousands of people watching lol. That subtle lean in? Just kill me now! No wonder Jimin said he doesn't want to travel abroad with Kook because it's dangerous lol

OKAY BUT JUNGKOOK IS SO WHIPPED FOR JIMIN ITS SO CUTE I GET HIVES BC OF IT!!! Like, it’s amazing what he does to get Jimin’s attention. Like I get baffled every single time he does something like this bc it just screams thirsty. 

Jungkook didn’t just try to peek, he legit stared Jimin down, his eyes did not leave Jimin. Like he was so obviously staring underneath Jimin’s robe I’m- just look



Like, Jikook get so wild when they go abroad. Like they adopted a little lizard together, Jimin literally rubbed Jungkook’s chest on stage and Jungkook got all flustered, they slapped each others butts like 194045 times, and now… they almost made out live on video. Iconic. 

Oh Cordy

Rewatching Angel and I’m having a struggle. The closer I get to the degradation and dismantling of Cordelia Chase the more angry I become. This character, played by this fantastic woman, deserved better. The fans deserved better. The story deserved better. For 6 seasons (3 on Buffy and 3 on Angel) we got to watch the evolution of one of TVs most fabulous Queen B’s. She went from spoiled rich girl, to reluctant sidekick, to Vision Girl, to all around hero. Few characters have been as relatable to me as Cordy, because her flaws and her weaknesses are also her greatest strengths. Cordy becomes empowered when she embraces her selfishness and her tendency to be shallow. She turns those bad traits into loveable quirks as she becomes more and more comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t transform into a different person, she grows into the best version of herself. It’s inspiring to watch and it made her the kind of woman I wanted to grow up to be. I loved seeing how strong she was, even in the early seasons, coming to frenemy Buffy’s aide, not out of love, but out of solidarity. Cordelia might have been the meanest girl on school but she will have your back when push comes to shove.
Which is why it killed me to see her story line so abruptly skewered in seasons (end of 3) 4-5 of Angel. When I watched the show on TV it made me feel frustrated and disappointed. I kept waiting for things to go back to normal. I kept waiting for the punch line or the “Angel saves the day” moment that would return Cordy to us. It never came.
When we finally got to see the real Cordelia again in all of her sassy, world saving, Angel baiting glory, it was just to say goodbye.
I felt cheated. Cheated out of the shows best character. Cheated out of the potentially series making love story, and cheated out of my time and energy.
Today, I’ve heard the stories and the rumors about what happened between Joss and Charisma. I’ve even heard Charisma’s own take on what happened. She doesn’t mince words. She flat out says that getting pregnant wasn’t on Joss’s agenda and that he was pissed off at her when he found out.
It’s hard to put into words how upset this makes me. When I first heard about it I was shocked by how little it shocked me. It confirmed some suspicions I’d always held about Joss and his brand of “feminism”. It also explained how a show that was so good could have fallen so far so quickly and in such a bizarre way.
However, it wasn’t until now that I watched these episodes over with this new knowledge. As I laugh and smile and swoon through the first two and a half seasons of the show, it’s tainted by the fact that eventually, Cordelia will go off the deep end only to wind up in a coma and unceremoniously killed off (unlike other characters whose turns to the dark side helped propel them towards growth and redemption).
It doesn’t help that every skimpy bikini, pair of low rise jeans, and crop top make me suspect that the loss of Cordy’s sex appeal via Charisma’s pregnancy played a role in why she was cast aside.

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Bad Romance [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga + Sebastian? As if she singing to him w/ maybe smut???

a/n: i cant with this song…….’Bad Kids’ remind me of him too. I DIDNT EVEN GET TO THE SMUT?? WTF

Sing-offs aren’t uncommon between two Glee clubs. It’s a civil way to settle something. And after Sebastian basically blackmailed most of the McKinley High Glee club, you decided to take justice into your own hands. Whether the stuck up Warbler liked it or not. So, when you had a free study hall during lunch, you snuck out of school.

Surprisingly, finding Smythe isn’t really that hard. As expected, Dalton is also on their lunch break; he’s munching on his…salad. You roll your eyes, fixing your hair before taking a breath. Now or never, you tell yourself while you hit play on your phone, which is hooked up to speakers. All of the Warblers’ heads whip around at the sound of Lady Gaga’s voice “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa!” you start, strutting through the dining hall. “Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance…

A few of the boys move out of your way and you twirl on the heel of your boot. “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa!” Sebastian wipes his mouth, green eyes watching you get closer. “Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance!” you sing, stopping a boy for a second, smirking at his shocked expression.

I want your ugly,” you wink at the Warbler as he stands up, strutting towards him. “I want your disease, I want your everything, as long as it’s free…” you lick your lips, grabbing his tie while you sing the next part. “I want your love…Love-love-love, I want your love.” you eye his face, batting your eyelashes and letting go of his tie.

He glares, watching your ass shake in your black short shorts. “I want your drama, the touch of your hand… I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand.” you step one of your feet up on the bright blue bench seat that’s connected to the table, peering back over your shoulder. “I want your love, love-love-love…” With each word, you take another step until you’re in the center of the lunch table. “I want your love…Love-love-love I want your love.”

Sebastian’s beautiful green eyes meet yours as you mutter the bridge. “You know that I want you.” you point at him, squinting. “And you know that I need you, I want it bad, your bad romance…” you mutter, chin ducked down.

At the chorus, you jump, catching most of the boys by surprise. “I want your love and I want your revenge,” you strut down the long lunch table, spreading your arms, white and black long sleeved crop top rising, making students clear their places. “You and me could write a bad romance. Oh-oh-oh–oh-oh!” you quickly glance at the Warbler captain, “I want your love and all your lover’s revenge, you and me could write a bad romance!” you belt out, halting in your spot, thumb pointed at your stomach.

The Warblers (along with Sebastian) follow you from the ground. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance.” you hum, spreading your hands to the side of your face, arms in a less than ninety degree angle. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance.” you repeat, squinting at the tall brunette as you lower your arms, sitting down.

Slowly, you lean down, back laying on the cool lunch table, face turned to the side to see the French boy. “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance!” you muse directly at him, feet pushing your body up the table.

His jaw sets and he starts to stalk towards you; rest of the boys creating a semi-circle. “I want your horror, I want your design,” you roll off the table, hair flying around your face when you stand, pointing at him. “‘Cause you’re a criminal, as long as you’re mine…” you gesture to yourself before smirking, spinning on a dime. “I want your love. Love-love-love I want your love-uuhh.” you make sure to sway your hips as you walk away from him, towards another lunch table.

Stopping at the end of the table, you turn back, stomach sucking in. “I want your psycho, your vertigo shtick,” you set your hands on the edge, bucking your hips. “Want you in my rear window, baby you’re sick.” you push yourself up so you’re perched on the table. “I want your love. Love-love-love, I want your love.” you cross your legs, pouting at Sebastian. “Love-love-love, I want your love.

The boys all stand when you spin on your ass, standing up. “You know that I want you, and you know that I need you, I want it bad, bad romance…” you whisper, playing with the boys’ ties while you sashay, brown boots clicking on the metal. “I want your love and I want your revenge. You and me could write a bad romance!” you shout, jumping off the table, facing the wall. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! I want your love and all your lover’s revenge, you and me could write a bad romance!” You make a beeline towards the green eyed Warbler, smirking at him.

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance!” you sing, squinting as you bend over, hands on your stomach. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Caught in a bad romance!

Unexpectedly, the Warbler’s join in, singing backup for the next verse. “Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance!” you grin. Sebastian crosses his arms, backing up as you continue to come closer. “Walk, walk fashion baby. Work it, move that bitch crazy…” you repeat a few times until you’re inches from him. “Walk, walk passion baby, work it, I’m a free bitch, baby…” you whisper, eyeing his lips.

Backing up slightly, you point your finger in the air, other hand on your stomach. “I want your love and I want your revenge, I want your love, I don’t wanna be friends!” you shout, hunching over.

Je veux ton amour, et je veux ta revenge. Je veux ton amour, I don’t wanna be friends!” Sebastian harmonizes with you, catching you off guard. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh! I don’t wanna be friends-

You shout at the same time as him, “Caught in a bad romance!

I don’t wanna be friends!” he fumes, shutting his eyes. “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh! Want your bad romance…Caught in a bad romance. Want your bad romance!” he spits, grabbing you by the waist, pressing his lips to yours. Your eyes widen and you don’t move, holding your breath. With a deep sigh, he pulls back, panting slightly. “I want you too.”

Summer Nymphet Tips

* wear heart shaped sunglasses

* eat lots of ice cream

* wear pretty floral sun dresses

* tan a little for a youthful glow

* red lipstick

* bright nail polish

* saddle shoes and flip-flops

* swim as often as you can

* drink water and stay hydrated!

* pretty playsuits

* high rise shorts and crop tops

* braids, braids, and more braidsssssss