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June Wrap Up

June is over and I’m so sad because that means we’re that much closer to school starting. Even though I read 10 books this month, which is more than I’ve read of any month it still felt like I should have read more. Mostly because I wasn’t reading for like three weeks because of a certain book; which I’ll get into. The majority of the books I read were really great but some weren’t…

The first book that I read this month was a reread of The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson:

I like this a lot more than the first time I read it. I bumped it up from 4/4.5 stars to 5 stars because I realized how much I loved the romance and the story. I thought Wax being pissed at Harmony was going to make this book annoying so it kind of tainted how I read the book the first time. The second read through, I was excited to reread the Steris moments and there were a lot more than I remember. Steris and Wax are just life.

Next was The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler:

This was such a disappointment. I loved What Light and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher but this book was just awful. The female lead was a horrible person and I hated her. Even when she did things that are horrible. She never apologizes for them and the authors never treat like she’s in the right for doing these abhorrent things. The story was weak, plot points were dropped and it was just a mess of book. I gave it one out of five stars but it wasn’t the worst book I read this month.

Next I read East of West Vol. 2 by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta and Frank Martin:

I really loved this book! I thought the writing was stronger than in the first one and there were some really great lines. This was one of my favorites in the series. I gave it five out five stars.

Then, I reread Secret History by Brandon Sanderson:

Knowing some secrets that I didn’t know my first read through and a little bit more about the cosmere made this really cool. It was cool to see Era 1 characters again and I can’t wait for Lost Metal. I gave this novella five out five stars.

I’ll talk about East of West, Volumes 3 & 4 together:

I gave both these books five out of five stars, I enjoyed both of them but I don’t have a lot to say. Vol. 3 had a lot of Babylon and the evil Balloon manipulating him, we also see Orion descent into madness begin. Then in Vol. 4 it was very much set up for the world leaders meeting and then for war to break out. I continue to be concerned about Babylon but great books.

Then I read East of West Vol. 5:

This was probably the weakest of the series. At points it just really did not keep my attention and I had to push myself to get through it. That’s not to say it was bad because I still really enjoyed some parts like the assassination attempt scene but there was just some dull parts. I ended up giving it four out of five stars.

After not reading for a very long time I read East of West Vol. 6:

This was another favorite of mine, it’s the end of the second year of the apocalypse and it’s a game changer. There are so many major events that I won’t get into but it’s just leaving me really excited for the next volume and I can’t wait. I’m considering reread this series before volume 7 comes out mostly because I love them so much.

And then, I read When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon:

I question how this book was published because it had so many glaring flaws. It felt like this author thought she was writing this quirky yet complex story from a different perspective. In reality it was a hot mess. Characters like Dimple’s parents have inconsistent personalities and motivations. Dimple herself is inconsistent as well. She’s both this really socially awkward and introverted person but also like to go to parties? But that’s small potatoes compared to Dimple’s other problems. She has no problems, partly because her parents are so inconsistent and they’re the driving force of the conflict and because the author lets Dimple get everything she wants. She’s also hypocritical and abusive, yet she never gets called out on these extremely bad behaviors. I really didn’t like this book and it was worse than Future of Us. At least I finished Future of Us in a day, this story took me three weeks to read and put me a slump. Probably my worst of the year, one out five stars.

Finally, I read Saga Vol. 1 by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples:

I really enjoyed this book and I’m mad at myself for waiting so long to pick it up. It was bizarre yet it has a complex and interesting story. I really enjoyed the characters and colors, the line work is a little weird for me but I’ll probably get use to it. I can’t wait to see where this story goes!

Those are the books I read in June! There were a lot but I still felt like I could have read more. I’m hoping to continue this pace next month because I won’t be having too much time to read when school starts and I want to complete my Goodreads goal this year.