Edwina says: My top ten –

This post inspired me to pursue the idea of “unschooling”, making me realize there are infinitely more options to get an education. 

I LOVED this post!! It made me so happy that someone else supported our/my decision to drop out, and that there IS life beyond being called a “drop out”. 

This post was slightly frustrating at first, however I realized that it frustrated me because it was a combination of support, but also a kick in the pants as well. We dropped out yes, but now we need to make plans!

This post was small, but inspiring. I appreciate the message. 

I REALLY related to this post, mostly because I am older than most of the Ed Zeds, and I am nowhere near the same person I was when I was eighteen. I have different ideas, goals, and different sense of reality. 

This video is FANTASTIC!! Really supports the idea of independence, learning throughout your lifetime, and the idea of the FREEDOM to learn what we want. 

Yes, who did decide that?

Another one of those small posts, but something that both made me laugh and made me say, ABSOLUTELY!

This post I loved because it was after our first event at the Walker, and they left a message at a corner of the map that I felt was an important aspect of high school that people remember, usually in a negative way. 

I definitely could continue on with more of my favorites, this one was a reflection of a drop out of college, also a visitor of our map  :-)

Weezie Yancey-Siegel of The Eduventurist Project runs a resource and storytelling site geared for the uncollege crowd (applies to any self-directed learning, including high school and beyond college). How it all started: “Last year, as a 19-year-old passionate student of life, I decided to step out of formal schooling and design my own experiential and self-directed learning journey. I launched The Eduventurist Project in which I have been interviewing countless pioneering young people and adults around the world who are currently taking or have experienced their own “eduventure” in order to gain the skills and knowledge they need for the future."