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Hey! Do you by any chance know of some good royalty au fics?


Out in the Cold by Lachrym0se
Hoseok is married off to a prince he doesn’t know in an unfamiliar kingdom. Will he manage to win his new husband over or will their differences be too much for him to overcome?

These Heavenly Bodies, How They Weep For Us Down Below by XiaoMaoBao
Their love grew in the few hours when the sun and the moon danced together across the dawn sky. He was the respite Yoongi needed when the throne grew too big and the crown too heavy. He was his last mistake. Major Character Death.

by hobipd
Prince Hoseok of The High Mountains has a gift for his beloved servant Yoongi.

under the sun by CaptainButts
“What I mean is,” Suga leans in close, tip-toeing to whisper in Hoseok’s ear, “I’ve never sucked royal dick before. And I’d very much like to find out what it tastes like.”

(or: hoseok is a prince who meets a siren in an underground club, but soon learns that there are things far more dangerous than suga’s addictive voice and hungry eyes.)

it’s too evil, it’s too sweet by hobisbuttcheeks
As the next in line to the throne, Prince Yoongi is supposed to have found a wife already. The one person that would reign beside him until they die. But what if he’s already found the love of his life? A love so beautiful one would only see in fairy tales. A love so forbidden one would only hear in secret. Major Character Death

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Now, when you awaken, remember the swan’s last
dance. Did you dance with cherubs while
you were dreaming? Did the butterfly illuminate you
when it burned with the eternal light of the rose? Did
the phoenix appear to you clearly…and did it call you
by name? Did you see the dawn rise
out of your beloved’s fingers? And did you touch the dream
by hand, or did you let the dream dream alone,
when you became aware of your absence suddenly?
Tell me how you lived your dream
in some place, and I’ll tell you who you are

—Mahmoud Darwish, from “Now, When You Awaken, Remember” (tr. by Fady Joudah), in The Butterfly’s Burden. Copper Canyon Press, 2006